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  1. FYI there is a supplier in Colorado that has thousands of these studs that are in shortage right now. He also has the BR41 tires we run. Lee and I have an order in right now for some. He will stud them at his location and can pretty much supply as many tires as we want until he runs out of studs. His name is Brian and his company is called Rocky Mountain Autosports. He is unable to ship across the border so we are just getting shipped to the border parcel depot and getting them from there. Brian. Ph# 970-282-3446 http://www.rm-autosports.com/black-rocket-winter-rally-tire-br-41-155r13/
  2. Colin Mckee will take 2 13 inch black rockets also please.
  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery Jordan from the Mckee's!
  4. I agree!! You guys and gals are the ones that make this possible!!!! Thank you!!!!
  5. How soon you need one Chris? I prob have a few that would get you running again! Shoot me a text 871-3198
  6. Awesome work! Love how it displays the previous years champions.
  7. I like 1 the best but if need be due to close point race then 2 also works well.
  8. I will need a base and number plate please! Number 23.
  9. PM me your email address and I will fwd you the tire rule email.
  10. Agreed!! Super fun day for us racers and thank you to all you who braved the cold for us! It was nasty out there!!
  11. I seen the article about 15 minutes after it was posted so I sent a message to the editor and asked for the names to be changed to the correct spellings and most have now been changed! It is awesome to see an article like this out there!! It sure gets the word out on what we do in our ice race division.
  12. Yes Jordan I beleive it is!!! Lol, that's what happens when you drag race someone down the straight to the checker flag and then realize you don't have studs under you!!!! Ha
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