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  1. I am very frustrated as I have searched both here and on the WCMA website on several occasions and have yet to located the solo sprint / time attack application form. Pretty much every related link on this topic or related info is broken and have emailed the WCMA Solo Sprint/ Time Attack director informed him what I needed and gave him all my info and still have not heard back from them. I had driven out last event to Gimli on the assumption I would be able to race and get my application at that time and send it in that week. I was turned away and told to somehow get both internet access and a way to download and print out said application early morning on a Saturday out of town. Real nice! How are we supposed to race when the director for time attack does not take any applications with her to the track and there are no working links. I also was not informed that I had passed said High Performance driving school or the written test even though I had provided all my contact information for that purpose, or provided any information on how to get this application. I am sending yet another email to the WCMA director again tonight. I would love to be out there racing with you guys but until I can get my hands on said application, I guess I will have to wait yet another year. If anyone can post or email me the application it would be greatly appreciated. Thanking everyone in advance!
  2. Thanks for the clarification Wayne. I double checked and it shows the Time Attack registration for this event closed 2 days ago. LOL! Well guess I will see if I can drag myself out of bed in the morning and chase you around the track tomorrow. I take it they will still do cash on arrival.
  3. Yeah Sorry guys, I have been very busy at work and was not able to make it out to the first event. I would like to come tomorrow if it's still on? I still have to get my 20 bucks sent out to WCMA for my License. Just checked out the DLB racing site. What the hell has happened in the last couple years? It says registration for this event is $280 for one day of racing? I thought the entry fee for the day for Solo one AKA now time attack was $100 bucks plus the cost of renting a transponder etc.. I would love to come out but not at that price.
  4. Well I am registered for the HPDE yet again. LOL!
  5. I have 6 teams confirmed and waiting to hear back from 3 new teams. Also 3 of the teams from last time cannot make it out this time round. Sorry but I am still not able to copy and paste to this site, using pretty much anything. So looks like I may have to do some training with the website guys. LOL!
  6. Date is being changed to Sunday March 30th 2014 Event to be held for 1 p.m at Frontier Subaru on Pembina hwy. Teams need to arrive by 12:30 in order to be able to start 1st car off starting grid for 1 p.m.
  7. Thanks again to Steve for coming out on such a chilly afternoon. I wish this would of gone better, but going forward it gave me a better understanding on how to design and set up a Rally X course and the time and expense required for such an event. Also thank you for the shots you did take which turned out fantastic as usual.
  8. Sorry to hear that, yes you are welcome to attend, I honestly don know how many vehicles are coming and trying to get all these wishy washy people to commit is like playing Russian Roulette. Steve the photographer has confirmed he is coming and Al Marcoux is sending me another fellow and I think I have about a half dozen who said for sure and a dozen more I can't confirm at this time. Temperature is going to be perfect at around -10 or thereabouts so hopefully it won't get too muddy.
  9. Made the trek out to Red River College and paid the $10.00 they charge to put up 6 flyers on their bulletin boards. Have been able to have a few businesses put them up, but it's been pretty quiet considering event is 3 days away.
  10. I have created a Facebook page to make it easier for people to post questions etc.. https://www.facebook.com/WSCC.RALLY The first event is on March 15th and will be held in the Stony Mountain area. We are meeting at the Esso Station 5 km north of the perimeter up Hwy #7 for 12:30 P.M The track will be a combination of snow, dirt and grass as the course degrades over the afternoon is will be mostly snow by the end of the day. If it is your winter beater then should not be too bad if you have some decent AKA stock ground clearance or better. But if this is your all year round daily driver then there is definitely potential to do some damage to the front plastic bumper cover and surrounding plastic trim pcs etc.. This being said there is no insurance coverage so if you break something it will come out of your own pocket. If that is too much risk for you don't enter or find something else that might handle the course. I have talked to Al Marcoux the Ice Racing Director and I have asked him to invite the ice racers down for this event as well. FYI vehicles do not need to be insured to participate but must be in good running order. RE: Don't bring a vehicle you know has a bad oil leak etc.. or not structurally sound etc.. Costs will be $20 for members and $30 for non members. Unless we get a lot of people out I will be running this event as a deficit as I have already spent over $100 in diesel creating the track and will have to clear the track prior to the event which will cost me more in fuel costs etc.. So spread the word I am still waiting to hear back from a few places in regards to having poster made for the event.
  11. Thanks for posting I will update my list next week and post it here. I have also created a Facebook page if people find that easier to use. https://www.facebook.com/WSCC.RALLY
  12. I have started gathering info from over 4 teams already and hope that we get at least 10 teams this time around. I am going to make it a little tougher this time as I think a few more people need to get lost along the way. LOL!
  13. The Rally X event will be held in Stony Mountain,Mb and drivers will be asked to meet me at the Esso station just north of the city up Route 90 / hwy #7 for 12:30 p.m on March 15th. I think the helmet has to meet SNELL 2010 specs but I will have to find out exactly what will pass for this type of event. There are several motorsports shops within the city, best bet would be either Enns Brothers on Lagimodiere blvd just south of Dugald Rd or there are a couple places on Dugald Rd just east of the over pass. Can't think of the names off hand. Yes by all means if any of the ice racers etc.. want to come out and give this a shot, I am all for it. FYI Would have to put you guys in your own class etc to make it fair for the street driven cars. The car does not need to be licensed, but must be in a good state or repair, with functioning brakes, brake lights etc. So what I am saying is if you have an old project car or something you don't care if you break it, bring it out. How you get it there is up to you.
  14. Next TSD Rally will be on Saturday March 29th 2014 at 1 p.m at Frontier Subaru on Pembina across from the U of M. Please post your team here indicating using first names of Driver and Navigator as well as vehicle being used and team name. I will update the list as I receive info.
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