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  1. Al Marcoux

    Broken bleeder screw

    You're welcome.
  2. Al Marcoux

    Passengers During Lapping

    They'll need to sign the waiver and wear a current helmet. If you need a helmet, we rent them at the track.
  3. Call or text me to make arrangements to pick up your windshield decals 2917006.
  4. Al Marcoux

    2018 Membership Process - MSR

    I wonder if wcma gets kick backs from msr . If they do shame on wcma.
  5. Al Marcoux


    Friday lapping need a full membership and a valid driver license.
  6. Al Marcoux


    Ice race license is good for time attack. Must still attend the hpde
  7. Al Marcoux


    Confirmed with wcma . An ice race license can also be used for Time Attack.
  8. Al Marcoux

    Ice race trophy

    Jared come get your trophie. 291 7006
  9. Al Marcoux

    Time attack trophies.

    Can Jeff Ehlers and Martin Wasik please contact me . 2 NINE 1 700six I have your trophies and I don't need more trophies I have enough. Lol.
  10. Hey Pete, add one more ticket please. Me, Jen and Henri
  11. Al Marcoux

    vintage 1988 era 19666 corvette racer at Grimly

    Is this the one? June 88.
  12. Al Marcoux

    vintage 1988 era 19666 corvette racer at Grimly

    I remember a white with blue stripes vette in and around 88. See if I can find an image.
  13. Al Marcoux


    We'll bring some pies.