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  1. I've used super dot 3 for 25 years, zero brake fade. 17 bux for a liter at PS or CT. Even after a 30 min race. Hard pedal . I also crack my front bleeders for a couple seconds (gravity bleed) if i take wheels off just to make sure.
  2. A.M. Service. Framed Gilles Villeneuve image from gimli 76. Metal garage wall art. Datun 510 die cast.
  3. Getting repaired already. Thanks anyway.
  4. I remember a white with blue stripes vette in and around 88. See if I can find an image.
  5. WSCC cages must be dom as of a couple years ago.
  6. 2 tix please. Pay at the door. I have a silent auction prize also.
  7. Hi Al,

    Are you doing tire installs again this year ? I have 2 sets that need changing.

    Let me know



    1. Al Marcoux

      Al Marcoux

      Yes I am . I'm avail everyday pretty much.  Lmk 291 7006

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