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  1. Henri Marcoux is donating 2 pillows
  2. Woodcock cycle is donating stuff
  3. A.M. Service. Framed Gilles Villeneuve image from gimli 76. Metal garage wall art. Datun 510 die cast.
  4. Al Marcoux

    HUGE Thanks

    Well said Jim . Couldn't agree more!
  5. Found a fishing rod and breaker bar with socket against the garage door of concession building. 291 7006
  6. Al Marcoux

    Wheel lock found at gimli

    Found a wheel lock on friday hotlap day on the concession ledge. Most likely from a Honda 291 7006.
  7. Al Marcoux

    Fix my CRX frame?

    Getting repaired already. Thanks anyway.
  8. Al Marcoux

    Broken bleeder screw

    You're welcome.
  9. Al Marcoux

    Passengers During Lapping

    They'll need to sign the waiver and wear a current helmet. If you need a helmet, we rent them at the track.
  10. Call or text me to make arrangements to pick up your windshield decals 2917006.
  11. Al Marcoux

    2018 Membership Process - MSR

    I wonder if wcma gets kick backs from msr . If they do shame on wcma.
  12. Al Marcoux


    Friday lapping need a full membership and a valid driver license.