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  1. Hey Pete, add one more ticket please. Me, Jen and Henri
  2. vintage 1988 era 19666 corvette racer at Grimly

    Is this the one? June 88.
  3. vintage 1988 era 19666 corvette racer at Grimly

    I remember a white with blue stripes vette in and around 88. See if I can find an image.
  4. POT LUCK!

    We'll bring some pies.
  5. Race Schedule

    Can wscc put up a thing for event schedules on the front page or every page? Click here for all schedules. I've been told at least 20 time this year that they can't find any schedule. I've texted the back of Bryce s wscc volunteer business card many times.
  6. I'm in for Friday eve.
  7. Next ice race is next weekend at water ski pond. Lake Shirley on Murdock Rd.
  8. Open head light for air intake is good. , no cam is great and 200 treadware tires sounds good too.
  9. 2017 ice race decals

    To anyone ice racing in 2017 . Everyone will need a new windshield decal. WTE winnipeg truck exaust will replace the old windshield sponsor. Thank you Jim! We really appreciate your sponsorship. Thank you to the rest of the 2017 sponsors. SolutionsIT.ca , Jakes Service AutoCare , Classic Motorworks, Blatz, SAR and Lakeview Gimli. Sponsors keep the costs down for everyone . If it wasn't for sponsors entry fee would double. Contact me for decals. 291 7006 Al
  10. Nasa classing

    5 tires lol.
  11. Nasa classing

    Maybe it's time for the club class as Don said . We could make our own rules blending pte it3 and some other rules. This would allow the odd stragglers to be able to run in the same class such as Yogi in the vr6 and the green rx7. We don't need wcma points races.
  12. Nasa classing

    We all stepped up the game. The whole PTE class has moved up 3 seconds. I'm not the only one . Instead of 1.10 lap times we're up to 1.07 for the front guys. The slower guys in the class went from 1.13 to 1.10. The gap between fast and slow guys is the same except this years gap cost more. I used 3 sets of new nt01 and 2 sets of new azenis. 4 sets of new pads and 4 sets of new rotors. So 20 new tires, a set of tires and brakes per weekend not a bunch of used under sized tires as you stated. VS last year 12 azenis and 2 sets of pads and rotors. This is what 3 seconds a lap looks like. This is not affordable racing. Wait til your car hits 1.07s. You'll be eating at least a set of 17 inch R comps per weekend possibly more cuz heavier. How much are 17 inch R comps? I don't even want to know what that will cost you for the season. 14 or 15 inch are way more affordable. Nasa has cost us all in the pocket book. Fuel. 3 or 4 cans for a weekend from chudds. My van eats more fuel than my racecar and I intend on keeping it that way. The competition as in the top 4 or 5 are all doing the same thing spending more to go faster. We're all trying to keep up with the Joneses. Eventually we'll all be racing 30 to 50 k toilets that aren't worth more than scrap value. More dollars less reliability . Last year we couldn't add power. The top guys were maxed out and the only upgrade was rubber. This year was unlimited. Unlimited . anything goes . I see big problems here. I won 1st in class by a good gap. The gap is too big. I won the most races too. Probably too many. We need more drivers winning . Invert the top 6 like ice racing. The old civics are too light . The ratio is out. Your vehicle is still in the wrong class PTF max your car is way to heavy and being top heavy not helping for PTE. Not saying this to insult you at all. You brought a knife to a gun fight. I only hope and want you and your car to race together with the rest of the cars because that is the whole point to race together in the same class. The old Hondas need to be heavier so the bigger heavier newer cars can compete with. How bout the vr6 vw. That thing should pull on the civics on the straight np. But it doesn't because it's a bit of a tank. yet it's classed as PTC or D. Oops. We need to have a lower class instead of PTE we can call it PTS. The S is for slow. The faster we go the more it costs. Just because we're going faster doesn't mean better racing. The racing was better and cheaper last year. As for competition. I only want more competition. Competition is what racing is. Against time or persons. I think you'll find that I help more drivers get faster so they can win. This is called helping the competition. I hope one day those people I helped, will kick my butt. Winning isn't everything but having a car and skill that can help you win is key because if you do win one, now you know you CAN do it again.
  13. Nasa classing

    After a season of road racing under the new nasa classing I've come to realise that this was a huge mistake. Wscc still has 3 classes. Nothing changed here except the spending. AB still has four 3 car classes? like wth? I thought nasa rules was supposed to fix that. What has changed is the amount of money that the drivers in pte class had to spend to stay competitive. I'm very disappointed in this new system. In order to stay up front now , R comp tires are needed. At one set a weekend at gmp that's not economical at all. New weight specs. Add power cost money then add weight to compensate costs money. Go with lightening the car instead of adding power ? To meet minimum spec you need cf hood trunk and doors . That costs more than adding power. The PTE class is now 3 seconds faster than last year's IT3 class. this does not make for good cheap racing anymore. Now the cars are more expensive to build. I know racing cost money but this year was rediculous. PTE is gt racing without slicks and tube frames. We need to limit the power, tires and weight. Light small cars don't need to be lighter. Nasa is about spending money not better racing. WSCC is the real grass roots racing. NASA is not and never will be. Not sure why wcma did this but what a waste of time and money. Bring IT3 back now!
  14. DOM vs ERW

    WSCC cages must be dom as of a couple years ago.