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  1. Sunday was an amazing contest. To see how close it was, here are the scores at the end of the morning runs: With the exception of Ryan, the rest of us in the top 15 or so were only hundredths of a second apart from each other. It truly was anyone's game on Sunday afternoon. Then Cam W and Tom K put down some serious runs, leaving the rest of us to fight it out for the remaining spots. Here are the afternoon-only times: Curtis and Tim out drove me in the afternoon, but not quite enough to make up for their morning deficit. Fun, serious fun!
  2. My runs (cheap cam BTW): Sunday AM (unedited): PM (unedited): apparently likes to play them in low res. If you want full 1280x720 resolution, right click, save to disk, and play with VLC or some other useful video player.
  3. I forgot to post direct links to the scores for each day. Saturday: Sunday:
  4. Scores for June 18, 2017 at YYC: Alberta drivers successfully (mostly?) held off the Winnipeg invasion today We were really happy to see you guys at our event; you created some serious competition in the top ten, which is always makes for a fun time.
  5. Scores for today:
  6. We will try hard to get you that 18+ runs for the weekend
  7. We do have live scoring, but it isn't to the internet, just a local wifi connection point.
  8. Sure -- why not?
  9. Most clubs have stopped issuing membership cards We accept a cell phone pic of your membership email. Or I can vouch for you guys myself if you wish.
  10. No requirement for class letters, and masking tape is allowed. So if 14 is reserved, you can always go with 114 and 411 (masking tape for the extra 1), with only the 4 being moved for driver swaps. You can change your numbers in MSR yourself -- no need for me to go in an do it for you.
  11. Those numbers are the ones I threw in there. You can go in (update/change registration) and pick a pair of numbers that work better for you and are easier to change between runs. We insist on unique numbers for each driver, but there is no other requirement.
  12. Registration is open: Those of you that registered early should go into MSR and edit your registration to select a car number of your choice. I added car numbers to everyone, with a few random choices where there was a conflict with reserved club members.
  13. The entrance to the lot is 22 St NE, Calgary. Google maps shows it as a dead end cul-de-sac, but there is a gate there into the lot.
  14. Jo and I can put up some racers for a few days at our place -- one full spare bedroom+bathroom, and one library that can hold a sleeping bag or two. And an entire basement Don't let your trip be held up due to expensive hotels..
  15. Here is an interesting video where a guy compares (mathematically) an increase of 10% in lateral grip vs a doubling of horsepower: