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  1. BAT also seems to create some bizarre bidding frenzy especially for the 240z. Case in point is the one that sold in January for $310,000!!!!
  2. School is canceled and the first event is moved to February 13th....hopefully.
  3. I'm happy to say that all the tires are now shaved and the WSCC tire shaving machine has been put away till next winter. The production line for bolting the tires is in operation however is still operating at a covid reduced capacity. lol Here's hoping things improve in Feb/March and we will be able to put these babies to use!
  4. Weather dependent....this is our planned season ending event for our ice racing series and ice attack drifting action. Questions? ice@wscc.mb.ca
  5. Unfortunately with the ongoing forced cancellations of our racing plans due to covid restrictions we have decided to cancel plans for a ice racing school this year. If restrictions are softened to the point we are able to still race we are planning a hotlapping/test & tune day at the Winnipeg Ski Pond venue on Feb 13th and if any newcomers are looking for some complimentary coaching/feedback please feel free to reach out to any of the event coordinators and we will try to help coordinate some assistance for you.
  6. Shaving the tread flat provides a more stable base for the bolts which removes the flex which often causes the inner core to deteriorate and cause leaks or the bolts to tear out. The other advantage is it creates a consistent width of rubber so once the bolts are tightened they are the correct length sticking out which eliminates an ugly step of grinding down each bolt to the correct length. On ice the tread holds little grip anyways however the disadvantage of this process is the shaved tires will be a bit slippery in the snow. Something we will all need to be aware of...however it will be
  7. Here is a taste of the first couple studded tires that are rolling off the assembly line. For those that were planning on building their own or assisting with the building stay tuned for a planned work party in early/mid January pending lifting of restrictions....
  8. Here is the latest copy of our poster with the current proposed dates. - as with all things impacted by covid restrictions please check this site often for current info and/or changes to our schedule. Worth noting is the recent changes to the date we are at the Beausejour CPTC track. March 6 & 7 is the Canadian National Snowmobile Championship and our group of studded cars will be racing there as well that weekend! WSCC 2021 ICE RACING.pdf
  9. The thing we noticed about the black rockets is the varying differ locations of the tread blocks, and that is we what we tried to copy to the proposed bolt pattern with 9 different line locations of bolts.
  10. Thanks Scott. Once I plot it out on a full tire template I’ll double check it. At a high level a 69” tire with 9 per foot allows for 51.75 bolts so I’m hoping our plan with 50 works okay. In the end, this will be our spec tire and each one will be the same for everybodY.
  11. I’m looking for feedback from members who have experience with building or running bolted tires in the past with regards to the bolt pattern. Our tire plan is to use 50 bolts per tire, and the tires shaved have a circumference of 69” and flat tread width if 5”. At first we were thinking a simple zigzag pattern however it was noted by one of of our expert ice racers that our pattern only had 3 “lines” of bolts. Attached is a picture of our revised bolt pattern. (Pattern is repeated 5 times per tire). Let me know if you think this is an appropriate pattern or if there are other optimal
  12. Thanks all. I was so looking forward to hosting a couple tire building work parties mixed with an assortment of Christmas cocktails for lubrication. Unfortunately I believe Covid has rained somewhat on that parade and I feel we need to put everyone’s health in front of a desired social gathering at this time. If this changes in the near future I will welcome having people in my garage again! cheers.
  13. until
    This is a special studded tire only event with our Fire on Ice racing series taking part of the Canadian Power Toboggan Championship race weekend. Stay tuned for more details on this potentially very exciting race weekend! Questions? ice@wscc.mb.ca
  14. This Race Event includes the "Fire on Ice" studded cars and the Ice Attack hotlapping/drifting for streetcars and RTI cars. Questions? ice@wscc.mb.ca
  15. Mike

    GMP Ice Attack 2021

    Come out and test your winter driving and racing skills on the famous Gimli Motorsport Park racetrack! The inaugural GMP Ice Attack event will be a first for our ice racing club. All streetcars and closed wheel race cars are welcome as we race on the frozen 1.3 mile long paved road course. Please check the wscc forums & facebook as we get closer to the event for additional details. Saturday - Hotlapping/Practice and Test & Tune Sunday - Racing! Various car groups will include lapping, time attack competition and door to door racing. Note: This is a rubber tire event
  16. This is an open lapping day for everyone to shake down their race cars and practice their drifting skills with their streetcars. Questions? ice@wscc.mb.ca
  17. Season opener! Race Event includes the "Fire on Ice" studded cars and the Ice Attack hotlapping/drifting for streetcars and RTI cars. Questions? ice@wscc.mb.ca
  18. Shaving tires is a lot more relaxing and less stressful than dealing with the administrative uncertainty of planning/scheduling right now! Given the correct amount of fluids it is almost pleasant...almost but not. lol.
  19. A few tweaks and modifications and we are in business. We are spitting out consistent shaved tires now every 25 minutes. Stay tuned for an update on how the planned drilling, bolting and sealing process develops.
  20. Please note with the cancellation of the first planned weekend in January the school will now be held at the Winnipeg Ski Pond (WSP) on Jan 30th (pending approval and lifting of current restrictions). Hopefully 2021 is a better and brighter year!
  21. I am so very pleased to announce that we have secured a title sponsor or our 2021 Ice Racing series!!! Please join me in thanking CLD Excavating for their planned support for us to hopefully slide around on the ice again this winter! For anyone that has been at an ice race event in the last few years it would be hard to find anyone that has been more generous and friendly to other competitors and exemplifies the spirit of grassroots ice racing - who else brings tiki torches for an overnighter camping on the ice! Both Peter & Marlene have always exemplified great sportsmanship on the
  22. The tire building process has begun and the clock is ticking...it is hard to say if the clock will actually run out on Jan 9th as planned but we must proceed as if it is going to! After some creative fabrication done to mount a router to Al's old tire balancer it was time for it to shave its first tire. Immediately it was clear that some re-engineering was required. The small motor in the tire machine just didn't have the torque and the router bit was grinding much more than cutting. Steve donated a larger motor and a different carbide bit was found. Second attempt p
  23. Hey all, spread the word...the 2021 Ice Racing School is open for registration. If the pandemic situation improves in Manitoba and covid restrictions are relaxed enough to have an event we plan on putting on an ice school on the Saturday of the first planned race weekend. Currently this is planned for Jan 30th at the Winnipeg Ski Pond (WSP). Note: registering on MSR currently just reserves a spot and will not charge your credit card until just prior to the event and only once event is confirmed. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2021-wscc-ice-competition-license-school-hpde-lake-
  24. Winnipeg Sports Car Club Ice Racing – What is it? This action packed winter motorsport has 2 key components – the Fire on Ice Racing series and the new Ice Attack drift action -whether you are looking for adrenaline packed door to door racing competition or the excitement of full on winter drifting in a streetcar with others on a frozen track the WSCC Ice Racing has it. If you want to get involved and still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our club members on the WSCC forum or by emailing ice@wscc.mb.ca How do I start? Got an old car sitting in the ba
  25. Please find attached the 2021 WSCC Ice Racing Supplemental Regulations (Supp Regs) Just as a reminder, these are the regulations are specific to our club that we have defined on top of the WCMA Regulations. All racers should review the Supp Regs along with the WCMA Technical Regs and WCMA Sporting Regs whose current regulations are dated 2020 and are located here: http://www.wcma.ca/new/racing/racing-forms/ Note: Supp Regs have been amended to clarify helmet requirement rules for Ice Attack cars. Drivers with non-caged cars are allowed to utilize Snell rated either "M" cl
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