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  1. When the windchill is like it was yesterday I am always blown away by the dedication of all the volunteers. Thanks Dason and all the corner Marshalls/volunteers that help put on these events!
  2. Wow. If that’s the tow vehicle then I can only imagine what the camaro will look like! When you say you are building a “track day” car that you want to race at Gimli you will need to be more specific on your expectations. Were you thinking door to door road racing? If so, with the camaro’s hp and modifications at Gimli you will likely be racing (and winning) a one car class....yours. If you plan on racing time attack there is a “classing” system that scores your lap times based on your specific vehicle and it’s respective modifications and there is a wide range of high horsepower cars currently competing in that discipline. The good people involved in Time Attack could likely provide more clarification on this if you repost your question under their forum with more details regarding your car. Looking forward to seeing your car and that tow vehicle in Gimli next year! Cheers.
  3. Late reservation for 2 more please. Mike & Helene
  4. Sorry for late response Pete - I'll take one. Thanks.
  5. My ticket requirement has increased to 4 for sure...possibly 5. Thanks.
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