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  1. Doh, that last weekend was supposed to say Winnipeg Ski Pond again....with the change we are only in Beausejour the 1 weekend. Mar 7th Winnipeg (WSP) Race Event #5 As well, seeing its the last planned weekend, depending how the other weekends go this might turn into a double header event. Stay tuned...
  2. Update: we are still optimistic that restrictions will relax in the new year and we will be able to safely race. With that said, all we can do is wait and adjust our schedule accordingly and it appears the first adjustment has occurred - we will need to change our planned venues for our dates as the Beausejour CPTC track has indicated they will likely not have enough ice formed for us to race on until mid/late January. Our adjusted/planned schedule is now: Jan 9th Winnipeg (WSP) Ice Race School & Test/Tune Jan 10th Winnipeg (WSP)
  3. Please find attached the 2021 WSCC Ice Racing Supplemental Regulations (Supp Regs) Just as a reminder, these are the regulations specific to our club that we have defined on top of the WCMA Regulations. All racers should review the Supp Regs along with the WCMA Technical Regs and WCMA Sporting Regs whose current regulations are dated 2020 and are located here: http://www.wcma.ca/new/racing/racing-forms/ WSCC_Ice_Race_Supp_Regs_2021 - FINAL.doc
  4. Just a heads up to those choosing to purchase tires as part of our discounted bulk order....the tire supplier, type and size has changed. I have secured a great price for a bulk order of Goodride A/S tires that are 155/80/13
  5. Please note that we are finalizing and proceeding with a bulk tire/hardware order. See the "Spec Studded Tire Order" post in the General Discussion forum for information and feel free to contact me in you have any questions. Thanks, Mike ice@wscc.mb.ca
  6. Hey all, important message for those who are interested in running in the studded class for ice racing this winter - I want to pull the trigger on our proposed tire/hardware order. For those that did not receive a direct email on this please contact me with confirmation of the number of tires you require and the size of tires (13", 14", etc). As well, please make your pre-order payment as soon as possible by sending the required amount via eTransfer or any other suitable payment arrangement to me. payments can be sent to either my phone (204-471-4126) or email (mikedemchenko@yahoo.co
  7. Normally I would say your Volvo “brick” would potentially be a great ice racer however currently our Fire on Ice racing series does not have enough RWD cars to warrant its own group/class and everyone else is currently running FWD cars. A suggestion I would make would be for this year to bring it out to our events and run it in the streetcar class with the hotlapping sessions. This requires no special preparation to the car and allows you to get the same amount of track time as the caged cars. This will give you an opportunity to learn and practice your ice racing skills while you decide if
  8. With the planned changes toward a more affordable spec studded tire we are looking at doing a bulk order of both tires and stud hardware in order to run quality but affordable homemade studded tires. Please note that any racers that have Black Rocket tires still from last year will be allowed to continue using these tires. It is however worth noting there is no guarantee that the Black Rocket tires will be as competitive as the new spec studded tires. Tires: The tire we are currently looking at ordering are Ovation W586 Winter Tires. 175/70R13 175/65R14 Tire Shaving: T
  9. As the province unfortunately goes into pandemic lockdown it feels awkward announcing our planned race dates for the 2021 Fire On Ice Racing Series. Having said that, we must remain optimistic and still plan for the potential easing of restrictions that will hopefully allow us to race this winter. Please note that the dates and plans are subject to change and will be continually reassessed as the Covid situation evolves. · Jan 10 - Beausejour CPTC - Race Day #1 · Jan 23 & 24 - Winnipeg Ski Pond - Race Day #2 & #3 · Feb 7 - Beausejour CPTC - Race Day #4
  10. Hey all, apologies for tardy responses here...thanks David for noting the link to our current ice info document for newbies. I am looking at updating that post to provide more info for people who want to start sliding sideways with non caged streetcars. For now there’s some info regarding the questions asked.... Yes, however we are looking at options for day memberships for first timers who want to first try it out without any commitments. Yes. We will also have helmets available for rent. Most definitely! A high mileage Honda beater will fit in perfectly.
  11. Greetings all, here's an update on some of the key changes we are planning for this year's ice racing. Caged car class - due to the low number of caged cars running door to door we are proposing running a single "studded" class of cars. This class would be expected to run either Black Rocket tires or a new spec bolted tire design. So far it looks like about 7-9 cars are expected to compete in this class (with hopefully a couple more deciding to jump in as well). Hotlapping - we plan on running RTI cars and cageless cars in between the studded races similiar to how the Time Attack gr
  12. Thanks for the kind well wishes Jordan. It is fair to say you are responsible for me getting into the wonderful world of ice racing - your offer to sell me “old swifty” for such a ridiculous (alcohol induced) price that night was something I couldn’t pass up! Lol. The time, dedication and hard work you put into coordinating ice racing over the years cannot be understated and is much appreciated. Cheers, Mike
  13. Kudos to both Mat and Steve for jumping in when needed!
  14. To all the corner marshals, flaggers, tow operators, gate controllers, laptime managers, race officials and the many other volunteers and organizers required to put on a quality race event....thank you so much for your time, effort and support! Looking forward to the next event with hopefully a higher car count. Stay healthy everyone and see you all then. Cheers, Mike #88
  15. Mike Demchenko - #88 friday hotlapping and sat/sun road racing (ST6)
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