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  1. Despite an unfortunately low car count this season there continued to be an exceptional commitment from our group of dedicated organizers, officials and track volunteers. Given that this was apparently the coldest winter in 40 years a huge shout out is warranted to all those that helped make this season happen. Much appreciated!
  2. I have to pass on an extra special thanks to Lee McRae who allowed me to run his car in the enduro and rev the living bejesus out of it. Almost makes me want to buy a Ford! RIP Suzuki Swift #88
  3. If that is what a "Roval" is then I would definitely support that as well (already voted for road course....). Basically its a road course with one big sweeper..... Mike
  4. Running a full 6 race RTI races on the final day does make the final day hectic for all involved. I agree that it started partly to compensate for a missed event a couple years ago however I think it was also an alternative idea to running an RTI Enduro race (which most were not in favor for). Seeing the current Enduro race is specifically for studded racers is there still room for some kind of lapping event for the RTI racers? I still believe having an enduro for RTI is both painful to drive and likely watch as the ice polishes up however maybe still having 3 final RTI races on the Sunday would be an alternative instead of 6? Could also have some Streetcar or Studded lapping in between to break it up. Just a thought. As with Damon I'm okay with what the group decides. Cheers. Mike
  5. Fair enough Jim. I guess it will be up to Trevor and I to keep it interesting for the 2 studded guys by forcing them to drive around us. Lol. Hopefully there are a few late entries that show up on Sunday.
  6. Seriously? Only 4 cars in 2 classes? Was it because I accidentally registered my Datsun and scared people off? Cmon people lets get with the program. It's gonna be a great day for racing on Sunday.
  7. Good to hear we are one step closer to racing as a group. This is the reason I got a crx! Several racers have already indicated their preference towards PTF however is it possible for others to weigh in to confirm that this will be the predominant group? I'm starting my car from scratch so I need to know what to build or budget for. I'll throw my hat in for PTF as having only 12 penalty points to play with will keep it simple.
  8. Looking at Steve's calculation examples it seems apparent that most cars will be challenged to all go PTF without removing modifications. Obviously running PTF is possible for all our cars however I strongly suspect many won't "un modify" their car by removing a LSD or going back to stock suspension. This will inevitably break the group into some PTF and some PTE. Then comes the aspect of being PTE with 39 points to spend (for the civics) which will result in a broad range of options that inevitably costs much more money. I'd be curious to know many cars last year were running at the max points allowed. I like the idea of the structured points and hp/weight classing system developed by some very knowledgable and experienced people at NASA. I do however suspect our group is just stuck between the 2 classes. One a bit too hot and one a bit too cold.... For these reasons my vote would be to fully utilize the NASA classing however with a limited points cap (10?) for PTE. (Option 2)
  9. As a racer who is about to join in on the fun this summer with a Honda CRX, I would like to throw my 2 cents into this debate.... I like the idea of keeping things simple and cheap within a "spec" classing system (however the feedback from last year's CCC seems to indicate that the car to car competiveness was inconsistent for a true spec class) I like the idea of having a classing system that is open to "non-Honda" cars mainly to attract possible more entries and larger class group. The idea of using the PTE class but with a limited number of modification points seems promising. The idea of having 10 points to "spend" in PTE might keep things in check however I can't help but think this would allow a lot more variations of modifications and weight between cars so I suspect will also be more challenging to keep the performance consistent like a true "spec class". Having said that, the result might in fact create a tighter and larger field. The biggest expense throughout the season (assuming you don't blow poo-poo up) is with tires. It is also likely the biggest performance influence between true spec cars. If the goal is truly to even the playing field then in my opinion an obvious decision is to run a spec tire. Pretty much every form of spec racing runs an agreed upon tire for a reason - to keep an even playing field. Whether you like how the tire performs or not it will be the same for everyone. Lets pick one and be done with it. Let's decide this soon...my CRX's engine was replaced some time ago with stock single cam ZC engine and I am hoping to run it as it is. I have lots of work still to do to prep it for its new life as a road racer however I do need to plan out the end game for it. I guess to sum up my opinion: - if we can generate an acceptable car count to have a true "Honda spec class" I am onboard since that is the car I now have and I don't want to make a lot of modification decisions...I have a Datsun for that. -if we want a class that is flexible (yet still cheap) then lets look at the "limited points" PTE classing system. That's my 2 cents plus an extra nickel thrown in. Mike #88
  10. Thanks Dylan! As usual another very cool looking poster.
  11. I will add my gratitude to all those that helped make the 2017 ice race season happen. As usual wIthout the dedicated and supportive volunteers it wouldn't have been possible.
  12. I thought the track layout was great. For the rubber guys I thought it was definitely challenging and the sweeper was a blast. It was kind of neat how the layout and grip was constantly evolving . Maybe it was just me but i also feel there was one small "gotcha" chicane that was cleverly hidden just past turn 1...
  13. Lol. Didn't even think of going online.... Booked saturday at Westgate for $94. Easy Peasy super squeezy..
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