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    I own a '72 scamp and 2010 Genesis Coupe, new to driving competitively, but I'm enjoying it!
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    South Winnipeg
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    Buying cars... I have bought/sold way too many.
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    Shaw sales rep
  1. From the HPDE in 2010 when you were filming inside my Genesis Coupe, and I hit the tire wall. I've finally decided, after much deliberation, that I'd like to watch it. If possible, could you send me an email (stacpsh "at" gmail "dot" com). If it's only a physical copy, I can come out to selkirk sometime and grab a copy if that's ok.
  2. Classing help (old)

    I'm having trouble figuring out where my Hyundai genesis coupe fits in. It's the 2.0T base model. I'm not a very good driver (yet, hopefully), so I really don't want to be in a high class. Can anyone help me figure out which class to run in?