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  1. ☝️agreed, very simple diy project. Save yourself money and time by doing the simple jobs at home. The very first time I ever did the brakes on my civic it took me probably 45 minutes. I can now swap pads and rotors in like 10 mins.
  2. I'm pretty sure 6 is the minimum age. I've seen some pretty young kids flogging the gimli track
  3. I'm in. Can't make the last track day tomorrow so I figure this is the perfect way to finish off the season. One last rip before the insurance expires and she officially becomes a race car. The usual whiteshell route?
  4. Just take the decals off. That's what I'm doing. Why put a blank sticker on when one can just leave it off. Why are they even wasting money on printing white decals when they could say hey on March 1st take your decals off.
  5. Keep it the same. Too much rich heritage to start changing it up. Maybe little tweaks to the existing logo but not a full scale revamp. Imo anyway. So many great leagues, teams, clubs, etc that have kept the same logo for decades with nothing more than little tweaks and they're doing just fine.
  6. Due to an unfortunate change of plans on my end, I will not be attending:(
  7. How much for a league race. It's been a very long time since I've been.
  8. As much as I love the whiteshell part of the drive, for time constraint reasons I'd prefer Selkirk, skinners, etc. That's just me though .I'm down either way. Don't let my plans change the days events. It's always a great time no matter what route is taken .
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