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  1. RyanB

    Racing Games

    I've been playing good ol GT6 on my ps3 setup pretty hard. At the point where I'm going to step up to GTsport and a ps4
  2. I've gone for laps on the ice with Al before and spent a lap watching his feet. It's quite the dance.
  3. ☝️agreed, very simple diy project. Save yourself money and time by doing the simple jobs at home. The very first time I ever did the brakes on my civic it took me probably 45 minutes. I can now swap pads and rotors in like 10 mins.
  4. Bummer. Great location for spectators as well.
  5. all the best Jordan. So glad to hear youre going to be ok. Wishing you a quick recovery.
  6. In regards to the all season tire question, I am pretty positive that winter tires are mandatory for lapping, or at least they were at one point. Can't see that changing.
  7. My thought/question, is the WSCC not it's own club? can we not make SOME minor rule changes that would effect our racers only and not have to have WCMA have a say? we still obey all rules set fourth by WCMA but just have a couple tweaks that only effect WSCC racers.
  8. I'm pretty sure 6 is the minimum age. I've seen some pretty young kids flogging the gimli track
  9. Yup, was a great drive. Ingolf is such a fun stretch.
  10. And due to unforeseen circumstances, I will now NOT be there today hate I have to miss the last flog of the season.
  11. I'm in. Can't make the last track day tomorrow so I figure this is the perfect way to finish off the season. One last rip before the insurance expires and she officially becomes a race car. The usual whiteshell route?
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