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  1. LittleBlueGT

    level 1 autocross school question

    It says be ready to race at 8:30 am. So then, what time would you recommend I show up? 8:00 am, earlier? Thanks
  2. LittleBlueGT

    level 1 autocross school question

    When can we register for the level1 school?
  3. LittleBlueGT

    Knock knock

    What gas are you using?
  4. From those rules I would conclude that a car with a LiFePO4 battery starter battery would be ok. It is not a hybrid, but just has the normal lead-acid/AGM battery taken out and a Lithium iron Phosphate battery installed. " The LiFePO4 batteries are the safest type of Lithium batteries as they will not overheat, and even if punctured they will not catch on fire. The cathode material in LiFePO4 batteries is not hazardous, and so poses no negative health hazards or environmental hazards. " https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/articles/battery-articles/lithium-battery-overview.html
  5. LittleBlueGT

    Race Schedule

    First off, I have searched, but can't seem to find it. I am curious the 2017 schedule, not that I am racing, but I like to come out for the lapping on Fridays, and for the life of me I can't find it. Thanks
  6. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    Just found out have Friday off! Can I still pay at the track?
  7. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    Hmm. Good thing I checked for replies before I completely swapped my brakes and suspension over! Thanks
  8. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    My dad is in town and I am trying to convince him to come with me for lapping this Friday (tomorrow). Can I still just show up and pay, 80% sure we will go, but I won't know til tomorrow morning? Thanks Ben
  9. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    Thanks for the quick response!
  10. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    So just make sure I renew my WSCC membership tonight, then bring $60 with me?
  11. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    Can I still come for the 4:30-7:00 open lapping? on DLB racing it looks like registration is closed for that?
  12. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    I actually meant WSCC membership. I have lapped there 5 or so times in the past, but I could always use some more instruction. I am dailing in my 3-way adjustable coil-overs, so I can really screw up my handling now! If I could get an instructor that can help not just with my driving, but also making small adjustments between sessions that would be great! more info on the school?
  13. LittleBlueGT

    Summer 2016 Hotlap days

    Does one require a WSCC license to do the lapping days?
  14. LittleBlueGT

    Corner Scales...again

    If you could bring your water level and extra tiles that would be great! I greatly appreciate the oppurtunity to use the scales to get my car set-up. Thanks!