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  1. Bump to the top.
  2. Just found out have Friday off! Can I still pay at the track?
  3. Hmm. Good thing I checked for replies before I completely swapped my brakes and suspension over! Thanks
  4. My dad is in town and I am trying to convince him to come with me for lapping this Friday (tomorrow). Can I still just show up and pay, 80% sure we will go, but I won't know til tomorrow morning? Thanks Ben
  5. Thanks for the quick response!
  6. So just make sure I renew my WSCC membership tonight, then bring $60 with me?
  7. Can I still come for the 4:30-7:00 open lapping? on DLB racing it looks like registration is closed for that?
  8. I actually meant WSCC membership. I have lapped there 5 or so times in the past, but I could always use some more instruction. I am dailing in my 3-way adjustable coil-overs, so I can really screw up my handling now! If I could get an instructor that can help not just with my driving, but also making small adjustments between sessions that would be great! more info on the school?
  9. Does one require a WSCC license to do the lapping days?
  10. If you could bring your water level and extra tiles that would be great! I greatly appreciate the oppurtunity to use the scales to get my car set-up. Thanks!
  11. I should be at Gimli on July 8th (Friday) for the open track time (like last yr, right?). Will the scales be set-up then? I suppose if I could just get corner weights, then later at home I could do some math and guestimate how to adj my coil-overs to make it close (or at least close then what it is now).
  12. I also would like to come to the Gimli AutoX event. I haven't done AutoX in 20+ yrs (but I have done some HPDE and Solo sprint stuff). What do I need to do to go the Gimli event? It is OK that it is essentially my first time AutoXing in 20 yrs?
  13. Do we still have the open track days on Friday for $60 - $100 like last year?
  14. I understand. Really hoping there will become some way to corner balance my car in the near future......