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  1. June 11th pictures

    Pictures from the June 11th event are now online https://flic.kr/s/aHskY2WUUH
  2. Summer 2017 - Calgary Trip

    I can't commit yet but if anyone is looking for a co-driver, keep me in mind.
  3. It's been a busy week but the pictures from last weekend's test and tune are now online. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/albums/72157681365253611
  4. September 11th pictures

    AX-8568 AX-8835 AX-9232 AX-9070 AX-9096 AX-9100 AX-9114 AX-0982 AX-0799
  5. My pictures from September 11th are all finally up. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/albums/72157673383858901 AX-1031 AX-9506 AX-9532 AX-9550 AX-0936 AX-0941 AX-0950 AX-0965 AX-0973
  6. great pics as usual. How much to get all pictures of briget and me?

  7. My pictures from Sunday are online. It was good to see you guys! https://flic.kr/s/aHskD67CNN AX-0561 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr AX-3518 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr AX-3608 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr AX-4432 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr AX-4608 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr AX-4729 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr AX-4387 by Steve Carmichael, on Flickr
  8. Some test and tune pictures are up from Saturday. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/albums/72157665472555804
  9. Mike's wedding social

    Less than a month to go! So far it looks like it will be a good turn out from the autocross group. If anyone still needs tickets just let me, Kerry or Mike know..
  10. Mike's wedding social

    Will do! I'm sure I'll see you plenty of times before April.
  11. Mike's wedding social

    Perfect. Stop by there tomorrow night. We start at 7. Sorry. I missed your reply. I can be there next Thursday.
  12. Mike's wedding social

    Thanks Mark, Mike will get in touch with you. If anyone in the Speedworld leagues wants tickets I can deliver there too. It's close by for me.
  13. Mike's wedding social

    It's at Sir John Franklin Community Center and the capacity is around 300 so I can't guarantee tickets will still be left at the door. I've already sold or I'm holding tickets for about 30 right now and there's about 8 others selling tickets.
  14. On Saturday April 2nd 2016, Mike (mzf) will be having his wedding social. I know there's already a group of autocrossers planning to go. If anyone else is interested in tickets just let me know. I can deliver anywhere in the city or meet up downtown during the day. Kerry will also have tickets available if you expect to see him.
  15. Sept 12 pictures

    It was good to get back out to Gimli! It's been awhile! I do sell the photos. I can do prints or digital copies. Print prices 4x6 - $4 5x7 - $8 8x10 - $12 11x14 - $24 Steve