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  1. Thanks everyone! The WSCC was nice enough to have me come out for the school and all the photos can be downloaded from Flickr. Brian, I'll let you know how my summer goes! Your RS would be fun! The remaining pictures from Saturday's afternoon session are now online. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/albums/72157690762383160/page1
  2. The morning pictures from Saturday's HPDE/Race school are now online. I'll have more up from the afternoon sessions this week. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/albums/72157690762383160
  3. great pics as usual. How much to get all pictures of briget and me?

  4. Less than a month to go! So far it looks like it will be a good turn out from the autocross group. If anyone still needs tickets just let me, Kerry or Mike know..
  5. Will do! I'm sure I'll see you plenty of times before April.
  6. Perfect. Stop by there tomorrow night. We start at 7. Sorry. I missed your reply. I can be there next Thursday.
  7. Thanks Mark, Mike will get in touch with you. If anyone in the Speedworld leagues wants tickets I can deliver there too. It's close by for me.
  8. It's at Sir John Franklin Community Center and the capacity is around 300 so I can't guarantee tickets will still be left at the door. I've already sold or I'm holding tickets for about 30 right now and there's about 8 others selling tickets.
  9. On Saturday April 2nd 2016, Mike (mzf) will be having his wedding social. I know there's already a group of autocrossers planning to go. If anyone else is interested in tickets just let me know. I can deliver anywhere in the city or meet up downtown during the day. Kerry will also have tickets available if you expect to see him.
  10. A few interior and engine shots from the other night. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/sets/72157648733221931/ DSC_2130 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2128 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2119 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2102 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2035 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2065 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2146 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr
  11. Nissan liked these too. They contacted me last night and will be using a few of the photos on their Instagram and Twitter account. https://twitter.com/Nissan/status/522476760936771585/photo/1 https://twitter.com/Nissan/status/522155148010086400
  12. Some photos from Sunday morning of Nish's new GTR. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/sets/72157648733221931/ DSC_1841 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1868 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1873 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1858 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1927 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1956 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1946 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1997 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_2023 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr DSC_1987 by SoloSnapshots, on Flickr
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