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    Wow! I LOVE Gimli! Smooth, open course design possibilities, grippy, and part of the bigger WSCC club event so you have a constant background of road racing just behind us. I vote to move as many events out there as possible! Food is complicated (I'll pack a lunch next time), and you're kind of trapped until there's a break in the action. Still worth it! My 4th run: (52.3) My 3rd fun run: (51.3)
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    Winnipeg Sports Car Club member Frank Mancini is being inducted into the Manitoba Motorsports Association Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Frank is a founder member (member #4) of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club back in 1952 and still attends our events. In 2016 he was at our booth at World of Wheels, the vintage race weekend at Gimli and our annual banquet. I believe the induction ceremony will be at the convention centre and more details will be posted here once we know the time, the room, etc. Please plan to attend and support Frank and his motorsports achievements.
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    I don't normally post something like this but I have to from what I saw during race weekend. Those of you that had the excitement of running the track this past weekend, did you notice that the grass areas are the best you have ever seen them groomed? Did you notice you can see from corner 3 to corner 5? Did you notice the nicely cut workers flag areas? Did you notice the pits where already trimmed and ready? The grass was even cut where the braking cones are on Corner 3. I want to give a shout out to Mat Leveile and Interlake Yard Care for taking care of the GMP track areas, camping areas, sweeping the track, sweeping the overrun areas, washing my truck and whatever else he does. Thank you Mat and IYC. Have you thought of moving closer to Portage and my yard?
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    Hello everyone, thanks for the get-well wished from all of you. Had my back operation on Thursday and I'm told it went well. Basically I close my eyes in one area and wake up in another area 14 hours later. They are trying to get my off my IV today and do excertcises in prep so I can leave. Hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday I'm told that Portage is proceeding as normal and we should be good to go. Thanks everyone
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    Time to say thank you to the Autoslalom Executive and all other volunteers for all your hard work. The racing this year has been great. Salutè
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    Let’s take this opportunity to train the next generation of volunteers with open arms. The road race crew is looking forward to 2018. A new outlook on how important our volunteers are and how to compensate the massive commitment they make coming out to Gimli and dealing with the various extreme conditions they endure. Scott & Mat
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    I think that was when I was E-Stock. 185 Azenis at the end of their life most likely. No spins from me yesterday. Karl's car was a lot of fun to drive! Predictable with great turn in and some nice heated seats to keep you warm while waiting for marshalls to clean up after Curtis' run.
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    Hi Sandra, now that you are retired, can I interest you in a raaaaace caaaaar? How about a Honda Civic? We can have it ready for you on next race weekend.
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    I keep trying to post in this thread but keep getting errors. It appears that when the forum software tried to embed the video it fails. Here is my fourth and fastest run of the day (until I shaved another 2 tenths off on my 1 fun run of course): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DktREMrrMXk Here is a link to my various course map files. This is the first time I have shared documents like this so please let me know if you can see them. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8B9UShCfDHAMDJ6RkJOSEY5Z1E?usp=sharing If you look at the Excel file that I used to build the original map (yeah I know, not very fitting software), I actually had to strip 300' out of the design just because I ran out of time to clean that portion of the track. Like St. Andrews there are certain things that we have to look out for. Some of the cracks are patched in the middle where the drag strip run-out area is and we got lucky for the most part that the course lined up with it. I think we could go up to 1600' next time if we can clean the track of more grass; this time we only went to 1300'. Lunch I think is an easy work around, we can simply start racing at 1 so that we can join Road Race for their lunch break at 12-1. Problem solved. Or we can start racing at 11 so that we end the first run group around noon, but I figured with being even further out of the city, I didn't want to force people into waking up too early. Either works for me as I was on site by 7:15. There actually is a different access road and we were planning to us it. Mat from road race was busting his ass trying to get it done for us but I told him to just leave it for this event. On Friday night at 9:30 he was heading back out to try to finish in the dark at the expense of getting his race car back together so he could race. So a huge thank-you to him. I will post up a map of the road but that road will give direct access to our site so we can come and go as we please. Part of the road is heavily potholed which is what Mat was fixing and by the time we get back there in August it should be finished and have had some traffic on it from the drift crew to pack it down. For those that don't want to use that access road can continue to use the main entrance and we just have to coordinate with race control. Speaking of that, like Corey said, I enjoyed the racing atmosphere out at Gimli, although talking was difficult sometimes when cars are accelerating out the front straight...damn some of those cars are loud. I also enjoyed to formality of coordinating with race control to time crossings to and from the gate and the general race chatter over the radio. And a big thank-you to all the road racers and crew that shared the day with us and guiding me through the processes...I think it worked out well. Regarding repairs, we should totally talk to road race and drift about this. As part of the rental agreement we have we pay toward venue development. I would like to see some of the development happen on the skid pad since that is the surface we use and drift uses. We can look at spending some (all?) of our venue refurbishment budget out at Gimli too and I suspect we should get a small committee of our own together to see what we should spend and where. I have been working on a plan for fixing some of St. Andrews and in fact have a proposal from St. Andrews regarding that, but I think now that we have had an event out at Gimli and it is not as horrible as some suggested it is, we should discuss options. Shawn
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    I found some time to have a thought about Club Class. I'm not completely sold on the spec tire idea. I think it would work if every car was the same, running a true spec class, but we are not that. I would suggest the following three options. 1- The current NASA rule set, exactly as written, running in class PTF. For most PTF would allow a total of 19 modification points, current CCC competitors may be required to remove modifications. 2- Club Class which follows the NASA rule set, but simply limits the points allotment for PTE. (no arbitrary minimum weight, NASA includes base or competition weights for each competitor). 3- No change, NASA rules, full PTE points. $$$ Proposal: Create a Club Class which reduces the NASA points allotment. Reducing the points allowance would eliminate the purchase of expensive motor mods, there is simply no points allowance for it. It solves the issue of unrealistic competition weight, there is no longer unused points available to apply drastic weight reduction. Maintaining the current NASA rules would allow for a more inclusive club class, hopefully a larger group, other makes and models would "fit". Rather than a strict spec class, there is room for some modification, you can tinker, but need to be very selective as your points allotment is limited. If everyone currently in CCC uses a base class from NASA of PTF. This allows a points allotment of 39 to move from bottom of PTF to the top PTE. Everyone should have the WCMA/NASA spreadsheet used to class their car. What if we limit the points total to a maximum of 30? Of which only 11 may be used in PTE class. You would get your full allotment of 19 to use in PTF, at which point you are bumped up one class to PTE where you are allowed a further 11 points. If your car is classed by NASA with a base of PTG (it's a heavy under powered slug), you would use the 19 points for PTG, 19 for PTF, and 11 for PTE. Below I built a model around the CRX Si ('88-'91), base weight is 2174, 205mm tire size with the following modifications. I think the standard setup for all the Honda's with small variations. I set a minimum competition weight of 2174lbs, chosen because it is already assigned by the NASA table of vehicle weights for CRX. If you don't have a CRX and can't get to 2174, you then have a few weight reduction points to use elsewhere. No Club Class car would be allowed a competition weight below 2174lbs. I suspect actually requiring a set lower limit would not be required, as there simply will not be excess points available to apply. Honda CRX Si 88-91 Base Class - PTF Asterisk Points +7 (because you showed up with a CRX, we don't like you) I think NASA rules give CRX +7, because base weight is 117lbs less than 89-91 Civic, 89-91 Civic is allowed to remove 117lbs using a points allotment of +8. A8 - DOT-Approved (non-R-compound) tires with a UTQG treadwear rating of 120-200 +2 Section B - WEIGHT REDUCTION Base Weight 2174 - Min Comp Wt 2174 = 0 lbs reduction = 0 points C4 - Modification of the BTM air intake/box +1 C22 - Modification, porting, or replacement of the BTM exhaust manifold or header(s) (includes any/all other exhaust and catalytic converter modifications) +5 D5 - Added limited slip differential or welded/locked differential +3 E3 - Non-BTM or modified/re-valved shocks/struts/dampers +3 E5 - Non-BTM or modified coil springs, bump stops, leaf springs/spacers/brackets, or torsion bars +2 E7 - Add, replace, remove, or modify anti-roll bars (swaybars - front, rear, or both). +2 E9 - Replace, modify, or remove control arms +4 Total modification points = 28 Honda Civic Si 89-91 Base Class - PTF A8 - DOT-Approved (non-R-compound) tires with a UTQG treadwear rating of 120-200 +2 Section B - WEIGHT REDUCTION Base Weight 2291 - Min Comp Wt 2174 = 117 lbs reduction = +8 points C4 - Modification of the BTM air intake/box +1 C22 - Modification, porting, or replacement of the BTM exhaust manifold or header(s) (includes any/all other exhaust and catalytic converter modifications) +5 D5 - Added limited slip differential or welded/locked differential +3 E3 - Non-BTM or modified/re-valved shocks/struts/dampers +3 E5 - Non-BTM or modified coil springs, bump stops, leaf springs/spacers/brackets, or torsion bars +2 E7 - Add, replace, remove, or modify anti-roll bars (swaybars - front, rear, or both). +2 E9 - Replace, modify, or remove control arms +4 Total modification points = 29 Honda Civic HB 96-00, Classed as Wt/HP Base Class - PTF A8 - DOT-Approved (non-R-compound) tires with a UTQG treadwear rating of 120-200 +2 Section B - WEIGHT REDUCTION Base Weight 2350 - Min Comp Wt 2174 = -176lbs reduction = 13 points D5 - Added limited slip differential or welded/locked differential +3 E3 - Non-BTM or modified/re-valved shocks/struts/dampers +3 E5 - Non-BTM or modified coil springs, bump stops, leaf springs/spacers/brackets, or torsion bars +2 E7 - Add, replace, remove, or modify anti-roll bars (swaybars - front, rear, or both). +2 E9 - Replace, modify, or remove control arms +4 Total modification points = 29 Apply to Spec Miata... Base Class - PTF Asterisk Points +14 (because Miata's are awesome, but everyone hates you, here's some points) A8 - DOT-Approved (non-R-compound) tires with a UTQG treadwear rating of 120-200 +2 Section B - WEIGHT REDUCTION Base Weight 2185 - Min Comp Wt 2300 = 0 lbs reduction = +0 points C4 - Modification of the BTM air intake/box +1 C23 - Any modification to the BTM exhaust piping and/or catalytic converter (includes muffler modification or replacement) +3 D5 - Added limited slip differential or welded/locked differential +3 E3 - Non-BTM or modified/re-valved shocks/struts/dampers +3 E5 - Non-BTM or modified coil springs, bump stops, leaf springs/spacers/brackets, or torsion bars +2 E7 - Add, replace, remove, or modify anti-roll bars (swaybars - front, rear, or both). +2 Total modification points = 30 Apply to 2010 Toyota Matrix Base Class - PTG/PTF Asterisk Points +7 A8 - DOT-Approved (non-R-compound) tires with a UTQG treadwear rating of 120-200 +2 Section B - WEIGHT REDUCTION Base Weight 2770 - Min Comp Wt 2480 = 290lbs reduction = +19 points C4 - Modification of the BTM air intake/box +1 C22 - Modification, porting, or replacement of the BTM exhaust manifold or header(s) (includes any/all other exhaust and catalytic converter modifications) +5 D5 - Added limited slip differential or welded/locked differential +3 E3 - Non-BTM or modified/re-valved shocks/struts/dampers +3 E5 - Non-BTM or modified coil springs, bump stops, leaf springs/spacers/brackets, or torsion bars +2 E7 - Add, replace, remove, or modify anti-roll bars (swaybars - front, rear, or both). +2 E9 - Replace, modify, or remove control arms +4 Total modification points = 30
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    OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TITLE ICE RACE SPONSOR And now the moment you have all been waiting for, our 2018 Title Fire and Ice Sponsor is: Our good friends at: S.A.R. Sports and Recreation Steinbach In the past Randy Wolgemuth and his team have supported WSCC not only as a recurring silver sponsor to Ice Racing but they have also stepped up many times providing track signage and banners for Ice Racing and Road Racing. The Ice Race Management team is proud to make this announcement and proud to have SAR Steinbach as an association partner. I would like to ask every proud Ice Racer to take 4 minutes and go to SAR’s Contact-Us page at give Randy and their team a high-five comment for their support for our sport; http://www.sarsteinbach.com/send-us-an-email-or-give-us-a-call--xcontact Windshield decals are being designed and printed this week and should be done by Friday and will be taken to Al Marcoux. Part of the sponsorship package is going to be a ticket sales raffle to get your Race Car decaled/wrapped. More on that in a different post later.
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    Well done Pete. Banquet was awesome. Food was great. Venue was great. Staff where awesome. This one is up there with the one we had at The Assiniboine Park. Deffinatly a go back to Venue.
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    Can you guys (and girls) believe the amount of food that was there? And the variety? I haven't had that much good food in a very long time, everyone came out with their a-game. Thanks to Spencer for heading this up, good work.
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    To Sandra - thank you for all your help over the years specifically in doing registration. I know keeping us race car driver's organized is worse than training goldfish. Really appreciate it. To Cheryl - Sucker!!! AAAAHAHAHAHAAaaaaaa!!! Just kidding. Thanks for stepping up to do the registration and we'll promised to be as organized as possible for you.
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    Not too much left to do before the next event .... Right on the usual schedule.
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    The surface far exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to go back.
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    Quattro Tires in Canada Paid $1064 including taxes and delivery for 4 - RE71R's in the 245/40/18 size... and I still can submit for the $70 rebate... Forms are on their site. They called me before shipping them to confirm my address and advise when they would be delivered and then sent me a FedEx tracking number... They should arrive on Tuesday. http://www.quattrotires.com/
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    Just picked up the new whip: ... I know, I know. Another one. I have to admit they are pretty fun to race! (for those of you wondering, yes this is Murray's old car)
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    Hello everyone, sorry for the delay on the details although I wanted to be sure that I had all the info before posting the rest. 1) Had to cancel race day tomorrow because of Mother Nature. We were able to deal with the warm weather fine although a 20' long crack did appear on the track and it started pumping water like a geyser with 5" of water in the corners. The organizers tried what they could do to re-route the track but it just wasn't possible. 2) The weather in the next while is not promising so our next race is currently the one two weeks away on Feb 4/5 weekend. 3) For those that registered online via MSR, I want to that you for making our registration process easier for the workers. I will email you the discount code to use for Ice Race #3 to use so you do not have to pay. Steve L Colin M Andre T Jim A Damon S 4) Next Venue; At this moment we are not 100% sure where our next venue will be for the Feb 4/5 weekend. Later this week Al M is going to grab some cohorts and do a drive to both Maz and WSP to see which one will be our best bet. 5) Volunteers: I want to thank all the volunteers and organizers for their work on this and I know it's a lot of work.
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    I guess I'm the most vocal defender of CCC at this point. Let's swap the content for CCC CCC prohibits the expensive parts in PTE. It can't cost more. Based on learnings from last year: CCC should have a spec tire – we really only had 3 different tires represented last year anyways a minimum weight – just base it on the heaviest reasonably prepped car
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    I sent this to Don last year to help him come up with his ruleset. I did a bit of research based on a regional PTE champion selling his class-winning CRX a few years ago. I am against an all-out PTE ruleset because of the parts listed below: The prices were sourced last year, so they may be inaccurate now. The total is approximately $5500 CAD (based on cheap tires, no dyno tune, no machine shop costs, no shipping costs) to purchase the parts on this wishlist. Everything will also wear out much faster because we're going faster, so be prepared to buy more wear parts (Hoosier a6 will last a couple races? a day?). Some racers are already changing their Hawks every weekend, better bring two sets now. By contrast, last year I swapped in a $150 MPI salvage motor and raced on it for 3 weekends (it's still alive and strong). All I did was change the oil and bolt-ons. I'll take a $150 single day swap over a $5000 build (+ donor engine) any day of the week.
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    Hello guys and girls, I wanted to drop a little note saying we're finalizing some details right now for a major announcement for 2018 for Fire on Ice for our new Title Sponsor. This is big news for us and we will be very proud to work with a sponsor like this. Once the details are finalized I will post here. Stay tuned
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    Well done Pete. Everything was AWESOME!!
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    2 for 1 deal, turn 1 only...
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    Sandra, I trust you know I loved what you did for the club and especially getting the registration process under control. You've created a lot of ways of doing things that I am sure will last and all of which make my job so much easier. Thanks for putting up with my many sometimes annoying character traits. You were very patient. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director
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    When you have 75-100 drivers show up for a local event you are bound to attract a few guys who like to wear gold chains.
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    I see where you are going and I understand what you are trying to say but I suspect that if you looked at every car in your class that you would find other cars that have similar deficits. I would also say that you are looking at just one small aspect instead of the bigger picture. What I mean is, you are looking at just HP to weight but what about torque curve and gearing? You are gaining 10% displacement which could mean extra grunt down low which might be more advantageous in autoslalom. I sympathize with you on seeing your name down the order because of a crappy PAX. I felt the same way when I was running in SP last year and the only change I had done to my car was brake lines and front brake caliper guides (basically a hard plastic sleeve in the caliper that the pins slide through that I replaced with a brass sleeve). Is there a measurable difference from that change? Yes if you take a dial gauge you can see the caliper deflects several thousandths of an inch less under full brake pedal pressure. Could I feel any difference or did it change my brake modulation? No. Did it impact my times at autoslalom? No. But those mods aren't allowed in Street class so I moved. Sorry I am digressing. The point is, unless it is something truly minor like adding a side skirts, a fake hood scoop or things of that nature, I can't see making an exception. But that's me and I seem to have a thing for running an under prepped car for any class I am in. One last thing, since you like running the numbers, you can always run the numbers after the event to see where you would have ended up if you were classed differently. I actually have an Excel spreadsheet that I have used to see how PAX affects times so I could compare a specific class to all the others. Shawn
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    Ok let's Talk Nexen Tires, Quick Background, the current top tires are the Bridgestone RE71R and the BFG Rival S. All other current tires, Kumho V720, Dunlop ZII SS, Falken Azenis 615K+, Maxis VR-1, Hankook RS-4 are in the same class of tire, but just aren't up to the grip levels of the RE71R and Rival S. Problem is both RE71R's and Rival S are out of stock for 18" in anything over the 255 tire width, nothing in Canada, nothing in the states could be found new. Since Tim and I were hoping to run the Calgary regional event we needed tires ASAP. Since the start of the 2017 SCCA nation season, there's been some "noise" about a new Nexen tire being quick and offering good contingency price money with the SCCA. Bryan Heitkotter (ultra fast driver) out of California running a 350z in STU and another fast father son team (Garfield's) in a CStreet Miata out east both won national events on these tires and paxed very very well overall. From what I could find feedback was positive. Turns our Nexen has offer the "SUR4" model last year but it didn't make a huge splash however this year they launched the new "SUR4G" model. The "G" model is what the was getting the good reviews. Availability on the SUR4G was also limited but Tim was able to get a set of 265/35/18 in time (considering a Vette can stuff 305's these are small but better than nothing). Driving impressions: Saturday we drove them in wet/drying conditions. We played with pressures after second runs, dropping the rears to 28psi and the car hooked everywhere under power (could have been drying conditions and mold release coming off the fresh tires that helped too). Tires were kept cool from the rain/wet course and we didn't have complains witht the grip so it appears these are tires don't need too much heat to be happy. On Saturday Tim and I BOTH coned away the class win and PAX FTD on our forth runs. On Sunday we wanted to see how they liked getting hot (dry hot 25c day). Our goal was to see if they were good under heat, it took until my 3rd run (5th for the car until I noticed the rear was not able to hook up under power. So we sprayed after our my thrid and the car was completely fine after that, considering these tires were 150F front and 120F rear when I checked with a probe in grid, these can tolerate some pretty good heat, spraying after 1 or 2 runs would be a good idea to keep temps in check going forward. Considering the relatively small size for the vette these tires but down power extremely well. The key factor that makes the RE71R and Rival S so much better than the rest is a their overall higher grip level and their ability to multi-task, they can lay down power while in a turn. Can't say 100% if a the nexen's provide the same lateral or longitudinal grip as the others without test back to back with a logger but the Nexen's can multi task, the car is extremly easy to drive on corner exit while applying power. In terms of feel these don't have the knife edge feel of tires like the Dunlop ZII SS or RE71R but are not completely numb like the original RS-3 or Rival's. I would describe the feel as being closer the old Dunlop Z1 SS (if anyone remembers those). The peak grip offered by the Nexen is available through a wider range of slip angles and they offer a good but not "great/extremely crisp" steering feedback. Depending on your driving style and tire feel preference these might be good or bad. For me it's positive since I don't like tires in the RE71 or Dunlop ZII feel. In my case even if a tire like the RE71R provided more overall grip, I would be likely setting faster times in a tire like the SUR4G since they are easy to control at the limit and are easier to fix mistakes with. Tire Rack is the only decent place I can find these, if anyone has a lead on a Canadian Supplier, I'd love to know about it. Hopefully these tires can last (both tread and heat cycles)
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    The results will be up as soon as our Timing and Scoring director, Doug Waldron, finds the time to pull everything together and double check it. Doug is, like most of us, a volunteer and bless him for keeping at it for all these years. He usually has it up within a day or so of the weekend he gives up from his family to do this for us. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director
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    Whiners gonna whine! There were some cracks that looked rough but they were barely noticeable in my car with minimal suspension travel. Everyone I spoke with said the same thing. It's dramatically smoother than St. Andrews and has more grip. Yes, we did the 2 fast Chicago boxes / slalom twice. Oh, and I forgot to say a HUGE thanks to Shawn! He cleaned the weeds, made an awesome course, set up early Saturday morning, and etc. He's making autocross great again.
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    I have ordered Some of the parts needed for this build from Toy sport and Santos on the 1st gen celica forum. These were my number one must have parts for this car from Toysport and Santos: I also got the other 1/4 panel from Santos: My garage was getting full so my basement has 1/2 a car in it: I also was able to get ahold of this 1985 mr2 manual steering rack someone replied to my kijiji want add: Cary from the 1st gen forum made up this really nice steering rack conversion bracket for me. He makes and sells this conversion bracket or the bracket and engine swap cradle. I decided to only do the steering rack. This part is such a time saver: A little test fit with my mr2 steering rack in the bracket and a comparison of the old steering set up vs the new one: The weight of the two setups feel very similar. I ordered a set of 1984 rwd Corolla inner and outer tie rods and they were a bit to long so I had the local machine shop cut 1.5 inches off of each outer tie rod and tap the thread as far as it could be tapped. I could not find a tap big enough locally so I had the work done for me. There was a lot of test fit remove bracket grind transmission to engine brace and repeat. Then my car being 43 years old did not fully line up on all the bolt holes so they were enlarged and one of the mounting tabs had to be cut off and welded 1/16 inch out. I don't blame Cary though as my car has been jumped and landed very hard by a previous owner at some point so things could have shifted a bit. Here is the completed install mocked up it looks very oem sitting in there:
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    Oh yeah, the GT-R is gone cuz Mr. Janzen hooked me up with an R8
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    A video posted from a Gimli Photographer that was out on the ice with us:
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    CLD security will be a little more organized this year. Thought we lost a car last year. But the thief hit snow bank on way out and got stuck. We ask you to leave keys in all cars, just encase a pursuit may be required.
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    Just needs some sticky tires, motor, floors and a couple other things (miata chassis swap) and it is ready to go : [URL=http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/1973celica/media/IMG_4996_zpswj9pupvp.jpg.html][/URL] Just kidding it is more like a drift car right now: [URL=http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/1973celica/media/IMG_6955_zps18bftcc9.jpg.html][/URL] I will probably be running my really slow wagon again or maybe getting my self a cheap Miata. What I do need is new autocross tires. What are decent autocross street class tires for this season?
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    I was hoping to work on this... I decided I needed a daily, to carry my daughter if need be and bought this low mileage 323i 5 speed from mpi... I'll get my ass handed to me but have fun. But alas, I got distracted and bought this, DS as well but with 130hp more... it'll be fun to try out. Edit: turns out it's an F-Street car!
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    WSCC, Gimli Motorsports Park, 1969 Lotus Type 61M Formula Ford, driver Bill Hilash, with Red Racer Ron Lyseng, Monique Hilash, Werner Hohler and Sally Iwanchuck looking at the car.
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    Looking at Steve's calculation examples it seems apparent that most cars will be challenged to all go PTF without removing modifications. Obviously running PTF is possible for all our cars however I strongly suspect many won't "un modify" their car by removing a LSD or going back to stock suspension. This will inevitably break the group into some PTF and some PTE. Then comes the aspect of being PTE with 39 points to spend (for the civics) which will result in a broad range of options that inevitably costs much more money. I'd be curious to know many cars last year were running at the max points allowed. I like the idea of the structured points and hp/weight classing system developed by some very knowledgable and experienced people at NASA. I do however suspect our group is just stuck between the 2 classes. One a bit too hot and one a bit too cold.... For these reasons my vote would be to fully utilize the NASA classing however with a limited points cap (10?) for PTE. (Option 2)
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    What? Icecross style event (driving on a frozen pond, on a track carved out of the snow, in an attempt to get around the course in the quickest times possible)Where?Lake Shirley - Off Murdock road, it's the water ski pond in the summer time --> Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/64jLxrbogHP2When?10:45 am - Driver's Meeting --> Location: TBD (We'll just congregate together)11:00 am - 4:00 pm - Ice-cross Lapping --> Let's rip!We will be doing rotations with the other two groups, so it will run in the following order: 15 min. studded, 15 min. rubber-ice, 15 min. Icecross, repeatHow Much? Entry Fee: $60 --> We pay what the ice racers pay, plain and simple What Do I Need? 1. A current SNELL “M” or “SA” helmet - SA is strongly encouraged - SA helmet mandatory for all vehicles with factory or aftermarket installed roll protection 2. WSCC Membership --> See here: http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/topic/11103-2018-membership-process-msr/ - There is an option to purchase a daily membership for $10; see the online registration or you can purchase at the event 3. Winter Tires --> all season tires are not permitted 4. Register for the event on MotorsportReg (make sure to sign up under the Icecross saturday section --> https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-ice-race-event-2-lake-shirley-winnipeg-sports-car-club-021260 5. Bring a bucket to put all your belongings in (Rubbermaid tote, for example), as you will need to remove all loose items from your vehicle before you head out on the track. 6. Vehicle must be dimensionally wider than it is tall (same restriction as Autocross) - trucks are permitted as long as they measure wider than they are tall 7. Vehicle must have functional tow points (either factory locations that are intact and easily accessible, or aftermarket hooks in place) How Do I Sign Up? Follow the links above, or text/call me at (204) 294-0286 with any questions/concerns. To answer some common questions: 1. No, you do not need any special modifications to your vehicle. You can show up with your daily-driver (Toyota Tercel, or EVO X, doesn't matter), or your full blown race-car. This is about having fun no matter what you're in, and challenging your skills as a driver. The only requirement is that the vehicle be wider than it is tall (identical rules to Autocross) 2. Do I need a WSCC membership? Yes, this is mandatory for insurance purposes 3. Where can I get a helmet? You can either borrow one from a friend (lots of people in the city that do Autocross, or HPDE that have purchased helmets in the past. OR, go to SpeedFactor or similar speed shops in the city and pick one up for yourself 4. Am I going to have fun? Um, heck yes. This event allows you to do everything you already do when we get a snow storm, but without the worry of being charged for it. 5. Will I become Ken Block / Colin McRae once I've completed this event? No... But if you keep getting involved and participating, then you absolutely have a chance! This event puts a lot of smiles on the faces of participants, so come on out and join the fun!
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    As a racer who is about to join in on the fun this summer with a Honda CRX, I would like to throw my 2 cents into this debate.... I like the idea of keeping things simple and cheap within a "spec" classing system (however the feedback from last year's CCC seems to indicate that the car to car competiveness was inconsistent for a true spec class) I like the idea of having a classing system that is open to "non-Honda" cars mainly to attract possible more entries and larger class group. The idea of using the PTE class but with a limited number of modification points seems promising. The idea of having 10 points to "spend" in PTE might keep things in check however I can't help but think this would allow a lot more variations of modifications and weight between cars so I suspect will also be more challenging to keep the performance consistent like a true "spec class". Having said that, the result might in fact create a tighter and larger field. The biggest expense throughout the season (assuming you don't blow poo-poo up) is with tires. It is also likely the biggest performance influence between true spec cars. If the goal is truly to even the playing field then in my opinion an obvious decision is to run a spec tire. Pretty much every form of spec racing runs an agreed upon tire for a reason - to keep an even playing field. Whether you like how the tire performs or not it will be the same for everyone. Lets pick one and be done with it. Let's decide this soon...my CRX's engine was replaced some time ago with stock single cam ZC engine and I am hoping to run it as it is. I have lots of work still to do to prep it for its new life as a road racer however I do need to plan out the end game for it. I guess to sum up my opinion: - if we can generate an acceptable car count to have a true "Honda spec class" I am onboard since that is the car I now have and I don't want to make a lot of modification decisions...I have a Datsun for that. -if we want a class that is flexible (yet still cheap) then lets look at the "limited points" PTE classing system. That's my 2 cents plus an extra nickel thrown in. Mike #88
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    Thanks Sandra for this, and all you do. Well done! Trouble with race drivers and goldfish, is they only remember for 3 seconds.
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    Congrats @Beau on the Street win but we all know it's only because the supernatural Red AP1 S2000 curse is still haunting the club's timing equipment. Tim and I decided not to ride along on each others runs (since we won't be able to for the regional events). Interesting since we had similar times (Tim ahead under 0.2) but we drove the course differently as per these video examples below. (would have make good side by side video if I knew how to edit). Interesting to see our driving style and line varied like these: My 4th: https://youtu.be/EGzcaJ-0uvs Tim's 4th: https://youtu.be/BT6MJJGty28 Thanks Tim this was an awesome weekend!!! The car is fantastic, New tires are fantastic, (Tire notes in the Tires Bought in Canada thread).
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    Remember your vette is just a bunch of generic easy to source gm truck parts put together in a way to create something fun.
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    Unfortunately I'm not able to plan a drive this spring but I'm planning a meet and greet at Skinners in Lockport on Saturday July 15th to celebrate the club's 65th anniversary. Some of the founding members of the club would like to meet some of the current members and have suggested getting together. The location is at Skinners restaurant on River Rd at noon. We can assemble in the parking lot and after getting something to eat, we can go for a drive in the area or convoy back to the city via the scenic River Rd.
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    Manitoba Motorsports Hall of Fame