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    Let’s take this opportunity to train the next generation of volunteers with open arms. The road race crew is looking forward to 2018. A new outlook on how important our volunteers are and how to compensate the massive commitment they make coming out to Gimli and dealing with the various extreme conditions they endure. Scott & Mat
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    I think that was when I was E-Stock. 185 Azenis at the end of their life most likely. No spins from me yesterday. Karl's car was a lot of fun to drive! Predictable with great turn in and some nice heated seats to keep you warm while waiting for marshalls to clean up after Curtis' run.
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    Hi Sandra, now that you are retired, can I interest you in a raaaaace caaaaar? How about a Honda Civic? We can have it ready for you on next race weekend.
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    OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TITLE ICE RACE SPONSOR And now the moment you have all been waiting for, our 2018 Title Fire and Ice Sponsor is: Our good friends at: S.A.R. Sports and Recreation Steinbach In the past Randy Wolgemuth and his team have supported WSCC not only as a recurring silver sponsor to Ice Racing but they have also stepped up many times providing track signage and banners for Ice Racing and Road Racing. The Ice Race Management team is proud to make this announcement and proud to have SAR Steinbach as an association partner. I would like to ask every proud Ice Racer to take 4 minutes and go to SAR’s Contact-Us page at give Randy and their team a high-five comment for their support for our sport; http://www.sarsteinbach.com/send-us-an-email-or-give-us-a-call--xcontact Windshield decals are being designed and printed this week and should be done by Friday and will be taken to Al Marcoux. Part of the sponsorship package is going to be a ticket sales raffle to get your Race Car decaled/wrapped. More on that in a different post later.
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    Well done Pete. Banquet was awesome. Food was great. Venue was great. Staff where awesome. This one is up there with the one we had at The Assiniboine Park. Deffinatly a go back to Venue.
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    Can you guys (and girls) believe the amount of food that was there? And the variety? I haven't had that much good food in a very long time, everyone came out with their a-game. Thanks to Spencer for heading this up, good work.
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    To Sandra - thank you for all your help over the years specifically in doing registration. I know keeping us race car driver's organized is worse than training goldfish. Really appreciate it. To Cheryl - Sucker!!! AAAAHAHAHAHAAaaaaaa!!! Just kidding. Thanks for stepping up to do the registration and we'll promised to be as organized as possible for you.
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    I guess I'm the most vocal defender of CCC at this point. Let's swap the content for CCC CCC prohibits the expensive parts in PTE. It can't cost more. Based on learnings from last year: CCC should have a spec tire – we really only had 3 different tires represented last year anyways a minimum weight – just base it on the heaviest reasonably prepped car
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    I sent this to Don last year to help him come up with his ruleset. I did a bit of research based on a regional PTE champion selling his class-winning CRX a few years ago. I am against an all-out PTE ruleset because of the parts listed below: The prices were sourced last year, so they may be inaccurate now. The total is approximately $5500 CAD (based on cheap tires, no dyno tune, no machine shop costs, no shipping costs) to purchase the parts on this wishlist. Everything will also wear out much faster because we're going faster, so be prepared to buy more wear parts (Hoosier a6 will last a couple races? a day?). Some racers are already changing their Hawks every weekend, better bring two sets now. By contrast, last year I swapped in a $150 MPI salvage motor and raced on it for 3 weekends (it's still alive and strong). All I did was change the oil and bolt-ons. I'll take a $150 single day swap over a $5000 build (+ donor engine) any day of the week.
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    Hello guys and girls, I wanted to drop a little note saying we're finalizing some details right now for a major announcement for 2018 for Fire on Ice for our new Title Sponsor. This is big news for us and we will be very proud to work with a sponsor like this. Once the details are finalized I will post here. Stay tuned
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    Well done Pete. Everything was AWESOME!!
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    2 for 1 deal, turn 1 only...
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    Sandra, I trust you know I loved what you did for the club and especially getting the registration process under control. You've created a lot of ways of doing things that I am sure will last and all of which make my job so much easier. Thanks for putting up with my many sometimes annoying character traits. You were very patient. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director
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    Hey guys and gals! To make things easier for all of us we thought we would start a page full of every link you'll ever need. We'll do our best to update links as the become available. Enjoy! ASN solosport General competition rules http://www.asncanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ASN-2013-Solosport-GCR-EN.pdf Time Attack rules and regulations http://www.asncanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017_ASN_Time_Attack_Regulations_Final.pdf Online car classification http://www.casc.on.ca/time-attack/car-classification WSCC online membership https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-annual-membership-2018-winnipeg-sports-car-club-49807 WCMA Solosport licensing https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2018-time-attack-license-licenses-western-canada-motorsport-assoc-521753 WCMA Time Attack number registry https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2018-car-classing-number-reservation-licenses-western-canada-543125 Time Attack self tech form (must be filled out and brought to registry every race weekend) http://www.asncanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ASN_SoloSport_Tech_Self_Insp_Form.pdf HPDE event Registry https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.requirements/uidEvent/E67C144B-BB52-D195-16048E1E2229884B Time Attack race weekend 1 https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-road-race-event-1-season-opener-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-104739 Time Attack race weekend 2 https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-event-2-hotlaps-timeattack-roadrace-gimli-motorsports-park-917865 Time Attack race weekend 3 *Time Attack Shoot-out* https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.dashboard/uidEvent/20D48A2F-B1AA-299A-8BA9F32B440FA30A/uidMember/356036C4-93A8-7E91-09C51A9358AFE68F Time Attack race weekend 4 TBD Time Attack race weekend 5 TBD
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    My suggestion is CCC with a minimum weight, spec tire, and list of allowable drivetrain substitutions. Limiting points might be OK too. To be more specific: Minimum weight: if we only fix one thing in CCC it should be a minimum weight rule since this generated the most complaints. The known weight range of cars in CCC for 2017 was from 2137 (me) to 2230 (Mat) with driver and 1/4 tank of gas. I think Jordan's car weighs close to Mat's car too. So to make things even we would all need to weigh 2230, including CRXs. Spec tire: how about Westlake RS? Cheap, easy to drive in the rain, reasonable wear. Allowable drivetrain substitutions: Legalize what competitors have been doing for a while by using an equivalent but cheaper motor that has no performance advantage. For example, ZC instead of D16a6. We need to develop a list of what's OK. Limiting points: This is an alternative to the current CCC restrictions. To summarize what Steve said in an earlier post - 10 points bumps you up a class instead of the usual 19. So 88-91 civics would be allowed 20 prep points, and the previous CCC restrictions would be lifted. This change would allow non-civics to also compete in our class, which would be nice. But it wouldn't ban some of the expensive things that CCC disallows. If we go with limited points instead of previous CCC restrictions I recommend having a spec tire as well to help control costs.
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    Can we start up this discussion again so that new and existing racers will have ample time to prepare.
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    You hear that outside? You need to listen closely. That is the sound of lakes and ponds making ice. That means it is time for all of us to start thinking ice racing and time to make a list of what you need to get your rig in order Tentative Schedule; Jan 6 -7 Water Ski Pond Saturday Qual, Sunday Race Day Jan 20 – 21 Water Ski Pond Saturday TNT, Sunday Race Day Feb 3 - 4 Water Ski Pond Saturday TNT, Sunday Race Day Feb 17 - 18 Portage la Prairie Double Header? Mar 3 - 4 Gimli Ice Fest – Lakeview Res Possible Double Header? Put it on your calendar kids (tentative), it will be a good year. Thanks
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    What is Time Attack Time Attack is a fastest lap competition on a real racetrack, using everything from street-driven cars to full-blown race cars. The competition is against the clock, with the aim being to record the fastest lap. Will kind of car should i bring? The nice part about our Time Attack series is that essentially any type of car can compete! From completely stock economy cars to fully prepped race cars, we have a place for you. The only main requirement is that the vehicle must be at least as wide as as it is tall. Please note this prohibits most trucks and SUVs from competing. What mods and maintenance do i need for my car? We require you to check over all safety and mechanical aspects on your car as per our tech sheet. It is vital to ensure your car is safe before ensuring it is fast. Also, using a high quality brake fluid suitable for high temperatures is a good idea, however, it is not a requirement, for example, we run Motul 600 in our cars because it's cheap, vastly available, and has never let us down. You may also find that a higher quality brake pad may benefit you on the track, however, we have many people who come out with all OEM equipment and have no problems with it, the best way to test this is at the HPDE school (more on that later). Other than that whatever you want to do is up too you! Keep it bone stock or go crazy. That's the best part of time attack, you can go as mild or wild as you'd like. But if i bring out my bone stock 1991 d15 civic wont i be at a disadvantage? Not if your a good driver! We run PAX style classing. In a nutshell, this style of classing promotes driving skill instead of car performance. Cars are assigned a class based on the amount of “pips” they accumulate from all aspects and modifications done to the car. This PAX factor will then be applied to a competitors lap times. For a lower classed car this will result in lower lap times while the opposite is true for higher classed cars. In theory, if you had a perfect driver race a Geo Metro and a Mclarren P1 around the track the lap times would differ dramatically! But, after applying the PAX modifying factor the times would be identical. What do i need for safety? At a bare minimum you're required to have a certified helmet, long pants, and closed toes shoes. Cars with aftermarket seats, roll cages, or/and harnesses have a more specific rule set that must be followed. The entire rule book can can be found here: http://www.asncanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017_ASN_Time_Attack_Regulations_Final.pdf How much track time can I expect at an event? New to 2018 time attack will be ran on both Saturday and Sunday. We encourage all participants to race both days but will not discourage those who choose to or can only race only one. Over the weekend there will be 8 timed sessions and 1 practice session which occur at the beginning of Saturday. Each session consists of 1 warm up lap, 5-7 hot laps, and one cool down lap. You will have about a half hour between sessions to let the car cool and work on it. Out of the two days, your fastest lap time will be used to calculate your championship points, even if you only attend one day. So how do I get started? First things first, you will need a Solosport License or Race License. To receive a Solosport licence you will have to attend a certified HPDE school. The WSCC holds our HPDE school at the beginning of each race season. At the school you will receive hands on training and track experience from some of our most experience racers in the club. At the end of the HPDE you will have to pass a written exam (don't worry, it's easy). The HPDE registry is currently open! We suggest registering ASAP as it usually sells out quick. Once this is all completed you can then apply for WCMA Solosport license! This can be done at https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.requirements/uidEvent/E67C144B-BB52-D195-16048E1E2229884B -At the same time you will also need a WSCC membership.This can also be acquired at www.motorsportreg.com and searching “WSCC annual membership”. Great! I got my license and membership! Now what? Awesome work! Now we can get onto the fun part; car classing and numbers. In order to class your car you’ll need to go to http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/ and sign up for an account, when registering, please us the format “name.WSCC” for your username (ex. Brooke.WSCC). Using that format allows us to identify our club members apart from the Ontario Time Attack racers. From there just follow the instructions to get a class for your car. For a video tutorial check out the following video Also new to 2018, all time attack cars now require numbers. These can be permanent decals, magnetic stick on\s, painters tape, or really anything as long as the numbers are easily visible on both sides of the vehicle. You can register your unique number at https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2018-car-classing-number-reservation-licenses-western-canada-543125 If you will be doing permanent decals we recommend following the WCMA guidelines: 1. Racing numbers are applied only as follows: a. Primary Location i. One (1) number must be on the front hood of Touring cars and on the nose of on Sports Racers and open wheel cars ii. ii. One (1) number must be on each side of the car positioned on the body above an imaginary line running through the center line of the wheels. Open wheel cars may vary this location, however, side numbers shall in no way be partially or completely obscured by the vehicle's wheels. iii. Size for Primary Location 2. The numbers must be at least ten (10) inches high on Touring cars and eight (8) inches high on Sports Racers and open wheel cars. 3. The minimum width of stroke of all numbers is two (2) inches. b. Secondary Location i. On touring cars a racing number must be placed on the rear of the car on a vertical surface ii. Size for Secondary Location 4. The numbers must be at least Five (5) inches high on Touring cars and Four (4) inches high on Sports Racers and open wheel cars. 5. The minimum width of stroke of all numbers is one (1) inches. c. Colour i. The numbers must be in a solid colour, ii. The numbers must be on a solid background of a significantly contrasting colour. Black numbers on white background is preferred and recommended. iv. Metallic or other highly reflective numbers are not permitted. Okay, I'm finally done your tedious list. When do i get to race? Congratulations! Your all set up for time attack! Your now eready to sign up for events. All our events are registered online through www.motorsportreg.com. Just search for WSCC and you’ll get a list of events. We ask you pay online as this keeps things running mcuh smoother on race morning. When you arrive at the track make sure you bring your tech inspection form all filled out, the registrar will require this upon registration in the morning: (http://www.asncanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ASN_SoloSport_Tech_Self_Insp_Form.pdf). Arrive a bit early so you can get registered. Please note vehicles will roll cages will require a inspection at the track. Also, drivers meetings are mandatory and are held each day before the races begin, if you are not present, you won't be racing. What how about more info on the championship? We have two types of championships; race weekend championship and WSCC Time Attack Series Championship. -Race weekend championships are for each race weekend of the year, showing 1st, 2nd, 3rd (with PAX factor), and fastest lap (before PAX factor). These are mostly for bragging rights with no trophies being handed out. Depending on circumstances their may be prizes or contingency awards but these are dependant on finding sponsors. -The WSCC Time Attack Series Championship is our season championship. It is based off a drivers total accumulated points from the best 4/5 events from the year. Drivers placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be eligible for championship trophies handed out at our end of year awards ceremony. Everyone will clap and cheer and throw roses (*rose throwing is not a guarantee*). We also award fastest lap of the year (before PAX factors) and rookie of the year. That's about all we have for now. If you have any unanswered questions, concerns, or are just lonely and want to talk please feel free to contact us either through the forums Ianfromduff or Sciontist__ , or E-mail brooke.tuchscherer@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you all at the track! Ian & Brooke
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    Hello Pete - Jim A's ticket for the banquet should be charged to Ice Racing and not to Jim. Just one of the special privileges of being the 2017 Ice Racing Title Sponsor - thank you Jim.
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    Umm, ya, poor seat cover.....
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    Agreed. And if I had a million dollars I'd be rich. I don't, and we don't have other venue options. That's why we're having this discussion. Thanks for trying.
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    Kudos to Shawn, that was one of the most fun courses I can remember. It flowed well and made you think and was fun to drive. Great drive by Curtis for the PAX win! Good job pal! Thanks guys, the car really is a lot different, it reacts so much more directly. The lethargy it used to have in transitions just isn't there any more. Here is my fastest run: I hope he doesn't mind me posting it (I didn't ask first), here is Chris's fastest run as well. You need more aggression Chris.
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    This may be all wrong so please take with a grain of salt. I watched each video 3 times. The third run you were more aggressive but you weren't looking "through the elements" for the smoothest line and you ended up driving a bit more Point to point based on line and steering inputs. Looking ahead further would have benefitted you here. I think I hear throttle lifts in small sections where you possibly could have either held throttle or tried accelerating. The fourth run is the opposite. You drove the line and were smoother looking further. Tight to the cones and to the line but you were not aggressive enough with the throttle and your average speed was at 8.5-9/10. Had you been more liberal on throttle and speed through elements you may have fallen off line or behind and not been looking as far again so it's a tough balance. The banana is a buzz box and everything's a blur. Think to yourself, were you looking at your exit cones/point in the sweepers as you entered it and already looking to the next set. Keeping the speed up out of the sweepers and setting up early into the slaloms easily could net a few 10's But what do I know.... I have only done two events this year