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    Hello all. Please see below the MSR link for the 2019 WSCC Banquet Attendance. As last year, this is for reservations only. Payment will be cash at the door. Price is still $40 ($20 For Kids meal up to 12). If you have any special dietary needs, let me know. Cheers Chris http://msreg.com/wsccbanquet2019
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    I didn't find "meatatarian" on the RSVP nor "extra Gluten", is that an option? Also extra bacon too please.
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    No Pistons Racing will be donating something.
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    Sharples Motorsports will have a donation for the silent auction. Not sure what it is yet.
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    Gilles Villeneuve at gimli picture and something else .
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    Physics can never be defeated Just like Princess Diana, Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger did not have any real injuries to the outside of their bodies, and neither did Joachim Winkelhock. But when going high speeds, any hard impact will result in tremendous g-forces, well beyond of what the human body is designed to withstand. Short of having extensive crumble zones, and wrapping every person into a big ball of bubble wrap, there is always the potential that the organs inside the body will not remain in place and suffer damages just by ripping apart or banging into each other, into bones or against the very occupant restraints that prevent the body as a whole to move forward. Having two very highspeed collisions within seconds of each other, with both impacts into the side (where cars are usually most vulnerable) would make for a very high potential of fatal injuries. Given the circumstances, and given how well F3, F2 and F1 teams and racers know each other, I think both the FIA, as well as all teams and drivers handled this weekend with the utmost respect and dignity. You know that everyone is heavy-hearted when not even the biggest winners of the weekend have a smile in their face.
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