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    Hey Roberto, If you can't find anyone to give you a hand, send me a PM and we'll work something out. We won't let you miss the next event because of a brake issue. Mind you, if we get your Mustang ready for Time Attack or Autoslalom next weekend, that means you'll clean my clock again. Hmm, let me think about this. Just kidding, send me a PM and we'll get you fixed up.
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    Agreed on this being a good DIY project. The prices I hear of coworkers paying for 'brake jobs' are astounding. Call a friend to come over and help. Four tips come to mind: 1. Use jack stands, don't trust a jack alone. Dying is terribly inconvenient. 2. Don't let the caliper hang from the brake hose. Tie it up with a coat hanger, wire, zip ties, etc. Don't pull/kink/twist the brake hoses. 3. Learn how the park brake works, there are a bunch of different ways to retract the rear pistons to get the pads in. Some need tools, some don't. 4. Tighten the bolts once it's all together, and then check them once again.
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    Just dive right in, man. There really isn't anything there that you can mess up. Remove the brake caliper and mount (depending on car), and the rotor should slide right off the wheel studs. Then just reverse the order. Once you do one wheel, you'll have the confidence to do the other three. You'll see just how easy it is to do a brake job, and you'll save yourself hundreds of dollars that you'd otherwise be paying in labour costs.
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    ☝️agreed, very simple diy project. Save yourself money and time by doing the simple jobs at home. The very first time I ever did the brakes on my civic it took me probably 45 minutes. I can now swap pads and rotors in like 10 mins.
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    Hand tools and the internet can guide you through this diy style.
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    https://www.facebook.com/pg/borishphoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2170732569836793 Boris took some pictures on our afternoon runs
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