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    The Aficionado for July 2019 with the club display at World of Wheels, Road Race update, Autoslalom articles, 1965 Shelby Daytona Cobra Recreation, Time Attack update and more. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado_2019_07.pdf
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    I love it! Not so hot on the square-round steering wheel, or the thought of tire prices... Some people are really hating it. I hope this thing is a huge seller. Like, practically flooding the market. Then, I'll get a nice used one for used GM prices in 5-10 years. Most of them will get idled around with the occasional blast of power. That kind of performance scares most people.
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    Might not get to 6 per events but maybe a mid-ground of 5 runs per event count towards the championship? Also, starting earlier by 30 mins is what I hope to do next, will first need to better inform the regulars before switching to the 30mins earlier start time and I would apply to St. Andrews events.
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    Can you list out yours and your son's membership numbers? I will issue a credit on the 2 accounts with an event credits for you.
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    A quick turn around and skipping lunch would save us 30 mins max. when compare to current schedule structure. Let's try the compressed schedule starting next event, Event #8, and instead taking the lunch break out, I would like reduce course walk timing from 1hr 45mins to 1hr 15mins. I would think the course walk is set to 1hr 45mins for a reason, however, I will impose this new compressed schedule for event 8 if no objection is raised. Also note the registration hours is also reduced to 45mins (Check in and registration closed at 9:45am) Pending executive decision, I think with this compressed schedule, it is possible to keep up to 6 runs per event instead of 4 runs. Let's see a show of hands of how many participants like additional runs, 5 runs or 6 runs?
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    A friend of mine is involved with this event and asked me to share to any/all car enthusiasts. It's a fundraiser so they are accepting donations. First half of the day is open to hot laps. Second half of the day is ride alongs with some pretty wicked cars including some super fast street cars and a few dedicated race cars. Click the link for more info. I don't know much else (e.g. what regulations they follow) so if you have questions please contact the person on the bottom of the webpage. Only downside is it's on a weekday, but if you can take a day off work this might be well worth it. I'm hoping to go with my wife and baby for part of the day. Post here if you might be interested, but also register on their website. https://www.jewishfoundation.org/raceforarielle
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