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    The Aficionado for October 2019 with banquet and AGM details, SCCA Nationals experience, HPDE annual review, 2020 Ice Racing and more. Aficionado_2019_10.pdf
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    The Aficionado for January 2019 with the 2018 club results and the description of the Gimli Motorsports Park Asphalt Resurfacing Project. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado 2019 01.pdf
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    Photos should be available to download if you wish to do so.
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    Let’s take this opportunity to train the next generation of volunteers with open arms. The road race crew is looking forward to 2018. A new outlook on how important our volunteers are and how to compensate the massive commitment they make coming out to Gimli and dealing with the various extreme conditions they endure. Scott & Mat
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    The Aficionado for April 2019 with the 2019 ice racing results, race weekend comparison, 2018 survey results and details of our upcoming events. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado 2019 04.pdf
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    The Aficionado for July 2019 with the club display at World of Wheels, Road Race update, Autoslalom articles, 1965 Shelby Daytona Cobra Recreation, Time Attack update and more. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado_2019_07.pdf
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    @Brian_Earl_Spilner Does not speak for everyone on here. This forum is supposed to be a welcoming place. “To bring about and foster a spirit of unity, comradeship, and sportsmanship among Members.” I personally don’t see an issue with you sharing your F1 experience. Welcome here.
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    The morning pictures from Saturday's HPDE/Race school are now online. I'll have more up from the afternoon sessions this week. https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/albums/72157690762383160
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    Well done Pete. Everything was AWESOME!!
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    I see where you are going and I understand what you are trying to say but I suspect that if you looked at every car in your class that you would find other cars that have similar deficits. I would also say that you are looking at just one small aspect instead of the bigger picture. What I mean is, you are looking at just HP to weight but what about torque curve and gearing? You are gaining 10% displacement which could mean extra grunt down low which might be more advantageous in autoslalom. I sympathize with you on seeing your name down the order because of a crappy PAX. I felt the same way when I was running in SP last year and the only change I had done to my car was brake lines and front brake caliper guides (basically a hard plastic sleeve in the caliper that the pins slide through that I replaced with a brass sleeve). Is there a measurable difference from that change? Yes if you take a dial gauge you can see the caliper deflects several thousandths of an inch less under full brake pedal pressure. Could I feel any difference or did it change my brake modulation? No. Did it impact my times at autoslalom? No. But those mods aren't allowed in Street class so I moved. Sorry I am digressing. The point is, unless it is something truly minor like adding a side skirts, a fake hood scoop or things of that nature, I can't see making an exception. But that's me and I seem to have a thing for running an under prepped car for any class I am in. One last thing, since you like running the numbers, you can always run the numbers after the event to see where you would have ended up if you were classed differently. I actually have an Excel spreadsheet that I have used to see how PAX affects times so I could compare a specific class to all the others. Shawn
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    I like that lost shot, Devon! I should have put the roof up when we parked, though...I have to vacuum out a bunch of tamarack needles!
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    Success! Car's back on the road and there are no leaks! It fired right up, but the idle was messed up. Replaced the PCV valve & hose, in addition to cleaning out a stuck IACV (Idle Air Control Valve), and it's all good. Thanks to all for the advice and encouragement!
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    Mazda 323 ice racer current sfi belts, legal roll cage , black rockets , rpm chip adjuster, efi fuel curve adjustment , all new front end equipment 2 seasons ago , awesome sold starter car ready to race in Wpg beach or gimli $3500 with rockets or $3000 without black rockets.
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    Not completely on topic, but nevertheless... Many people are very focused on car supply shops, or race shops. But when you look for generic things such as brake fluid, it makes sense to expand your horizon. The company Matt ordered from - FortNine- has been around for many, many years. It was called Canadian Motorcycle Superstore before they changed names. In the motorcycle world, they have an impeccable name for quality and great prices, and they are a Canadian company. Yes, they sell mostly motorcycle parts. But brake fluid does not care in which vehicle it is; as long as the specs are right, you can use it in whatever vehicle you want. Likewise, some people are hung up on brand names. If it is not North-American, it can't be good. In our world of international trade and companies buying out other companies, names don't really mean that much anymore. Just go on the internet and google...you will get the info that you need. Matt's Total brake fluid is a very common commodity in Europe, yet I have heard people saying that it is probably not good, because it is not made to US standards (???). I personally (being from Europe) know that vehicles in Europe are stressed much more than here, so anything European gets my approval before I look at North-American products. I personally run Fuchs Oil DOT 5.1 brake fluid without any complaints at all. Yes, people look at me funny, especially if they pronounce the name in English (let's not go there). But the fact is that it comes from a large (albeit in Canada almost unknown) company and it has excellent properties. The only disadvantage is that it is somewhat expensive - I believe it was about $30 per litre. But then I have to say that I am worth it ;-) , and I don't keep flushing it out. So maybe I run cheaper with expensive brake fluid than others do with cheap fluid. Just my 2 cents...
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    I have been following this topic with interest. I have been involved in the motorsport world for numerous years, and I have towed heavy trailers for tens of thousands of kilometers across some serious mountains, and I have never had any brake fade based on fluid degradation. Why is that? Have I been so lucky that I always have vehicles with great brakes, especially considering that my racing style definitely relies on having brakes when I step on the fear pedal? I don't think so! There are several factors that decide how hot brake fluid gets, how it responds to your demands, and how much brakes are fading. 1) What fluid do you use? Yes, there is DOT 3 and DOT 4. Manufacturers tell you which one to use. But do you realize that DOT 3 vs. DOT 4 basically only refers to the dry boiling point? Nowadays, brake fluid can be a mixture of all kinds of ingredients, so DOT 3 or DOT4 just means that it meets the dry boiling temperature requirements, nothing else. 2) Do you realize that there is DOT 5.1? DOT 5.1 is completely interchangeable with DOT3 or DOT4 (Note: DOT5 is a completely different animal!). But the dry boiling point of DOT5.1 is significantly higher than DOT4. Where DOT 5.1 shines compared to many of the fancy DOT4 brake fluids is the wet boiling point. Some of the "racing " DOT 4 brake fluids have a terribly low wet boiling point. 3) How do you bleed your brakes? While the old "furthest away from the master cylinder first" is still not a bad bet, it is not always true anymore. Check the manufacturer's bleeding requirements. 4) Do you bleed the ABS system? Modern ABS/Traction Control systems require a specific bleeding/flushing sequence, unfortunately often this requires a scan tool to activate the ABS HCU. If you don't, you keep hoping that there is not some air (or old, moisturized fluid) that will be introduced into the system in the most inopportune moment. Anytime your ABS cycles, you move brake fluid from a semi-contained system into the active brake lines. If there is air, you introduce air. And yes, as you driving around after race day, you are slowly moving that air back into the HCU, leaving it there until the next time the ABS or Traction Control comes on, at which point it introduces the air back into the active brake system. 5) How do you apply your brakes? Heavy truck drivers are being taught to "snub" the brakes. Snubbing refers to applying the brakes hard and for a short time, then letting go of the brake pedal altogether. Why do they use this method? Because it keeps the brakes cool. Braking is a physical challenge, trying to turn a certain amount of energy into heat. The amount of energy you need to convert does not change (you need to be down to a certain speed to make the corner), you can only control the amount of time you exert the brake system to this energy/ heat. The shorter the amount of time, the less hot your brake system, including your fluid, gets (because it has time to cool down again). That means: slam on your brakes hard, and then let go of the pedal! I do realize that this comes with other problems, such as instability during braking, etc. But from a fading point of view, hard braking is the best you can do. 6) Understand that there is more to brake fluid temperature than just what fluid you use. Are your brake caliper sliders moving freely? Brake pads must not touch the rotors when there is nobody stepping on the brake pedal. There is this false idea that brake pads are supposed to drag on the rotor to reduce delay time (or heaven forbid, keep the pads warm!). Do you use the right brake rotor? Ventilated rotors are there to keep the brake fluid cooler. If you replace them with solid rotors, expect your brake fluid temperature to rise. Loose wheel bearings allow the rotor to "lean" on the pads, heating them up, as well. Many people do not realize that hot pads translate into hot fluid temperatures...and most people don't understand that the rim is your heat sink. All systems works together, and just looking at your brake fluid is like blaming the red-headed step-child for the misfortune of the entire family...
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    I love it! Not so hot on the square-round steering wheel, or the thought of tire prices... Some people are really hating it. I hope this thing is a huge seller. Like, practically flooding the market. Then, I'll get a nice used one for used GM prices in 5-10 years. Most of them will get idled around with the occasional blast of power. That kind of performance scares most people.
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    Ps. Speed bleeders are amazing haha. We have them on both the cars. Makes bleeding brakes a 1 person job. They just screw into where you stock bleed nipples. When you wanna bleed brakes just crack them half a turn and just pump away. They have a check valve built in so you never get air sucking back in.
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    I've used super dot 3 for 25 years, zero brake fade. 17 bux for a liter at PS or CT. Even after a 30 min race. Hard pedal . I also crack my front bleeders for a couple seconds (gravity bleed) if i take wheels off just to make sure.
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    Most of the road racers use the stuff from Canadian Tire. “Super dot3, 500F”. If the pedal gets soft, we simply open the screw and let it drip for a minute while rotating tires. Might not work on the Brembo calliper with the bleed screw straight up, but the fluid should, cheap when on sale. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/oem-dot-3-brake-fluid-ford-500-degrees-946ml-0381928p.html#srp
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    If only there were some kind of lever that you could use adjust throttle opening in real time while you're driving... Maybe some kind of linkage and a pedal just to the right of the brake... I HATE the 'Sports Throttle' feature in some BMWs. Yay, 80% throttle opening at 30% pedal movement. Only want 30% throttle to keep tires from spinning while exiting a corner? Sorry, you can't do that. Now, if the throttle can become a device to request a given torque level in a car with a big laggy turbo? Sign me up! No more mashing it early and then lifting off as boost builds!
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    Hi: We are currently developing a track model for Gimli for rFactor, and the track itself is about 50% done. We think it will be ready by Christmas time. Currently we have good track details from the start/finish line up to T4. The rest of the track is still to be modelled (bumps, cracks and curbs, scenery including tower and corner stations). I have to say the feel of the track is very realistic, and the guy (Bob Iriks) that has been in charge of the modeling of the bumps, cracks and curbs has been doing an excellent job. This is certainly not a laser generated model but it is accurate when you drive on it. Currently there is no scenery around the track, but it will come later on (drag tower, corner stations etc) Tonight I tested the latest release of the track with the 1976 Formula Atlantic mod for rFactor, and I'm posting a video of what the current track looks like below. I'm also attaching pics of the 1976 FA mod. Whomever did that mod added a picture in rFactor that was actually taken on the Gimli start/finish line (with Villeneuve and Brack(?)). Very suiting for this mod. Once the track will be ready (again around Christmas time) we are thinking of starting an online racing league and welcome whoever would like to join. And so this post is mostly a heads up for you to get organised should you want to join. rFactor can be tricky to setup, so plan ahead. You will need to get: - rFactor 1: costs $24.99 to buy here http://rfactor.net/web/rf1/buyonline2/ - Here are the system requirements for your computer. I run mine on a middle line laptop on 3 screens and average 200FPS (i.e. I don't have a gaming video card). So you don't need anything really fast to have a decent game experience Runs Best With:– Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor– Windows 7, 8, 10– 2GB RAM (4GB on Steam)– Geforce 7900 GT or Radeon X1900 GT– 256 MB video RAM– DirectX 9.0c– 2.0 GB of hard drive space for installation– Internet connection required for system activation, enabled network adapter required for gameplay - A steering wheel (though you can probably race on a keyboard - and some people have been faster on keyboards). I bought a G27 last year on Kijiji for $120. I have a Logitech Momo I can sell if somebody is interested - You don't need more than one screen, but if you do you will have to somehow get your computer to recognise them all, and have rFactor split the screen buffer onto them - Contact Brian Iriks / myself to get more information on the mods you need to install to get the Gimli track and whichever series we decide go with In any case PM for more details if you are interested. JS
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    Now that I'm "just" a corner worker, lol, I'll be bringing my GoPro along and setting it up on a special cone at marshalling stations to record live track action. Will bring it to race school and whatever other regular season events I can make it to. I'll be dumping each video batch onto my laptop, as it fills the card. If anyone wants copies at the end of HPDE, bring along a flash drive. If you don't get copies, some of the content will end up posted on YouTube anyway, and I will post the links for those as necessary. fyi
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    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the 2019 Performance Driving school is open and taking registrations! To Register, go here! It's only been live for 24h and we already have 7 entries! Register early to guarantee your spot! Just like last season, this year is sponsored by Speed Factor Racing. Check them out if you need go-fast goodies, helmets, gloves or other safety gear!
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    Hey David, so far no Spring Drive slated yet although I'd like to put a feeler out for one on the Winnipeg Autoslalom FB and IG. Fall Drive for sure. I'd might try for something in May, just not sure when yet! -Rob
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    The days leading up to the race were pretty hectic and we didn't have much of a chance to relax before the green flag dropped. Porsche had a 35+ page manual of updates that had to be completed on the car in addition to the typical race weekend prep and setup optimization. On top of all that, we had a coolant leak from the gearbox heat exchanger during the last practice session that required dropping the gearbox to fix. The middle picture is my view during all on-track sessions. I use my laptop screen to run a software connected to the live timing feed and also have a direct connection to messaging with race control and timing and scoring. The screen right in front of me is an extension from my laptop and displays the telemetry feed from the car. Our telemetry uses connection to a 4G cell network to broadcast its information so typically at the start of the race when everyone is posting on social media our connection does not work. The screen to the left of me is the live TV feed of the race and the screen to the right of me is an array of all the cameras around the track in live time. We access these TV feeds from coax bulkheads installed in pit lane which also includes channels displaying weather information, radar and timing.
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    Michael Schumacher - Immortal (The Youtube Video). (Image above: Ferrari F2004, Wikipedia) Michael Schumacher is known by many as the greatest racing driver in human history. I have to admit the video below has been made brilliantly and it's worth watching. Schumacher began his career with Eddie Jordon who brought him into Formula 1. Schumacher later joined Ferrari and went to become the greatest driver ever in Formula 1 history by becoming a seven time Formula 1 World Champion by 2004. I grew up watching this great man and I will never forget the memories he made while driving for Ferrari. To all car fans on here. Here is the YouTube video below of the great Michael Schumacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ahkfc1kKg
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    Hello all, The annual WSCC Awards Banquet will be held, Saturday October 26th, at the fabulous Clarion Hotel! Thank You Chris
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    Thankfully when we were at the Roar we were able to use one of the garage spaces and qualified high enough to secure one for the race this week as well. It's nice having a garage to work in since it eliminates the time required to setup and take down the trailer awning, the only downside is that you have less room to work on the car. This past week we finished up all the final prep for the car, including almost an entire day of fuel drop tests to match our required BoP for the weekend for in-car tank volume and flow rate. I always had heard teams complaining about how long it takes to get their setups perfect and now I finally understand why. So many factors are at play to ensure results are repeatable: fuel level in fuel rig, length of hose, height of re-fueler, distance of car from fuel rig and of course restrictor size. Today we officially released our livery for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, a very Canadian buffalo plaid. At first it started off as a joke between our team manager (Steve Bortolotti) and the Pfaff creative director (Laurance Yap) but our sponsors got on board with it and we may even be securing a sponsorship from Smoke's Poutinerie because of it.
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    Hey Ken! As a technical writer for a Publications Department, I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these newsletters. I haven't seen any previous issues, but I must say that the current issue is extremely well done. Do you think we should also mention that the track resurfacing donations can be made electronically on the WSCC homepage? The PayPal or credit card option is nice and even offers monthly payments. That works better for people like me who would rather spread out the payments over several months, rather than a lump sum payment. Again, kudos to you and all the contributors that made the newsletter happen!
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    Please save Oct. 27 as our banquet date. By popular demand, it will be held at the Clarion again. thank you
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    Hey Roberto, If you can't find anyone to give you a hand, send me a PM and we'll work something out. We won't let you miss the next event because of a brake issue. Mind you, if we get your Mustang ready for Time Attack or Autoslalom next weekend, that means you'll clean my clock again. Hmm, let me think about this. Just kidding, send me a PM and we'll get you fixed up.
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    Ya but it took 27 rocket engines ( 18 jumbo jets) to send one car to nowhere, so he probably enjoys the smell of Napom in the morning just as much as we do.
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    For my trip to US Nationals, I rented a truck from Trevor (drives the black Mustang at autocross) at Budget on McPhillips. They put me in a 2017 Denali, which was a fantastic truck. It just laughed at my 2800-lb trailer and car, and got 11 mpg towing at ~70 mph. It was a very easy transaction. Check them out if you need a rental! I was not paid for this review, just passing on a recommendation of a good business run by a WSCC member.
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    Remember your vette is just a bunch of generic easy to source gm truck parts put together in a way to create something fun.
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    Unfortunately I'm not able to plan a drive this spring but I'm planning a meet and greet at Skinners in Lockport on Saturday July 15th to celebrate the club's 65th anniversary. Some of the founding members of the club would like to meet some of the current members and have suggested getting together. The location is at Skinners restaurant on River Rd at noon. We can assemble in the parking lot and after getting something to eat, we can go for a drive in the area or convoy back to the city via the scenic River Rd.
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    LYSENG #10 - Porsche 356. In 1969 I needed one more signature in my logbook to get my National license, but my MGA had failed me too often to merit another go. So I put a rollbar in my street car and hauled it up to McDonald. This is back in the days when we could by a 90hp Porsche like this with the Carerra knock-off wheels for $1,000. This was my second Porsche. I bought my first one while in 11th grade for $500. It was a 70hp Normal engine. Pictured here with Phyllis Lyseng.
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    KIKI in it’s original colours as Hugh Hanson bought it. The sight of this car always scares me. If it ever hit anything, I suspect it would split asunder right at the skinny weak spot where the driver sits. The heavy motor block would go one direction, the rear end another direction, and the driver? Who knows where. It needs a good cage to tie the front end to the rear end. Just my opinion, that’s all.
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    Recap: At Nationals, the higher grip levels revealed a problem with lifting the inside rear tire and locking up the rear tires. I determined that this was due to the left rear tire having 90 lbs less weight on it than the right rear. To correct it, I moved the battery, fuel cell, surge tank and overflow tank to the left rear side and also moved the intercooler and radiator. Here is a shot of the scales before I did all that: And now after I have made the moves As you can see, there was significant improvement in rear weight bias, left/right balance and overall weight. I now have 54.3% weight over the back tires and almost 50/50 left/right balance. This should make the car accelerate, turn and stop better.
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    The pics and trash talk will be here soon.
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    I would like to thank anyone and everyone who helped out over the summer Gimli months with my fundraising for my trip to Europe, both from the pancake breakfast, and selling coupons. I just got back and I can honestly say it was one of the most memorable times of my life. Thank you!
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    Following day I got the dash out and last night the sound deadening came out. Gas tank, fuel lines, exhaust, brake system, pretty much everything is out. Almost ready to cut.... Firewall stripped.
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    We are in the preliminary stages of implementing a drift event happening this summer at the Gimli Track. Just looking for a show of hands who may be interested in trying it. The idea would be to try it out on a Friday afternoon and if there is enough buy-in from the club members, we could add it to our weekend race schedule. It will be run similar to a time attack event with WCMA having similar rules and regs for drifting, so anyone who could/would enter T/A can enter for the Drifting event as well. Driving Schools are a possibility. There are still alot of details to iron out but it is progressing. I'm sure this will be a hot topic at the General Meeting. So...Who's in? 1: Me!
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