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    Wow! I LOVE Gimli! Smooth, open course design possibilities, grippy, and part of the bigger WSCC club event so you have a constant background of road racing just behind us. I vote to move as many events out there as possible! Food is complicated (I'll pack a lunch next time), and you're kind of trapped until there's a break in the action. Still worth it! My 4th run: (52.3) My 3rd fun run: (51.3)
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    Winnipeg Sports Car Club member Frank Mancini is being inducted into the Manitoba Motorsports Association Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Frank is a founder member (member #4) of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club back in 1952 and still attends our events. In 2016 he was at our booth at World of Wheels, the vintage race weekend at Gimli and our annual banquet. I believe the induction ceremony will be at the convention centre and more details will be posted here once we know the time, the room, etc. Please plan to attend and support Frank and his motorsports achievements.
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    I don't normally post something like this but I have to from what I saw during race weekend. Those of you that had the excitement of running the track this past weekend, did you notice that the grass areas are the best you have ever seen them groomed? Did you notice you can see from corner 3 to corner 5? Did you notice the nicely cut workers flag areas? Did you notice the pits where already trimmed and ready? The grass was even cut where the braking cones are on Corner 3. I want to give a shout out to Mat Leveile and Interlake Yard Care for taking care of the GMP track areas, camping areas, sweeping the track, sweeping the overrun areas, washing my truck and whatever else he does. Thank you Mat and IYC. Have you thought of moving closer to Portage and my yard?
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    Hello everyone, thanks for the get-well wished from all of you. Had my back operation on Thursday and I'm told it went well. Basically I close my eyes in one area and wake up in another area 14 hours later. They are trying to get my off my IV today and do excertcises in prep so I can leave. Hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday I'm told that Portage is proceeding as normal and we should be good to go. Thanks everyone
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    Hello guys and girls, I am very proud to announce our 2017 Fire On Ice Title Sponsor: Winnipeg Truck Exhaust We are very excited to have Jim Antosko and his team on board to sponsor our 2017 Ice Race Season. Many of you know Jim specifically for his countless hours of volunteering for AutoX and Ice Racing. I would like to thank Jim Eh for his contribution and we are looking forward to working with Winnipeg Truck Exhaust For the racer's; you will need to get a new Windshield decal from Al Marcoux although not yet. Please wait for more information for Decals in other posts.
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    Time to say thank you to the Autoslalom Executive and all other volunteers for all your hard work. The racing this year has been great. Salutè
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    Hi all, My name is Matt and I will be taking over Josiah's position as Chief of Timing and Scoring for the 2016 autocross season. Similar to last year, we will be using this thread to display the results from our events this season. After every event this post will be updated with the results. The results will also be posted on the http://www.wscc.mb.ca/autoslalom/ webpage. If anyone has any suggestion or concerns about how results are being displayed feel free to let me know. Season Standings Dropbox Folder TnT Apr 30 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #1 May 1 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #2 May 15 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #3 May 21 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #4 Jun 4 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #5 Jun 19 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #6 Jun 26 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #7 Jul 10 Gimli Motorsports Park Results TnT Jul 23 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #8 Jul 24 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #9 Jul 30 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #10 Aug 13 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #11 Aug 27 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #12 Aug 28 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #13 Sep 11 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #14 Sep 17 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #15 Sep 18 St. Andrew’s Airport Results
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    Hi Sandra, now that you are retired, can I interest you in a raaaaace caaaaar? How about a Honda Civic? We can have it ready for you on next race weekend.
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    I keep trying to post in this thread but keep getting errors. It appears that when the forum software tried to embed the video it fails. Here is my fourth and fastest run of the day (until I shaved another 2 tenths off on my 1 fun run of course): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DktREMrrMXk Here is a link to my various course map files. This is the first time I have shared documents like this so please let me know if you can see them. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8B9UShCfDHAMDJ6RkJOSEY5Z1E?usp=sharing If you look at the Excel file that I used to build the original map (yeah I know, not very fitting software), I actually had to strip 300' out of the design just because I ran out of time to clean that portion of the track. Like St. Andrews there are certain things that we have to look out for. Some of the cracks are patched in the middle where the drag strip run-out area is and we got lucky for the most part that the course lined up with it. I think we could go up to 1600' next time if we can clean the track of more grass; this time we only went to 1300'. Lunch I think is an easy work around, we can simply start racing at 1 so that we can join Road Race for their lunch break at 12-1. Problem solved. Or we can start racing at 11 so that we end the first run group around noon, but I figured with being even further out of the city, I didn't want to force people into waking up too early. Either works for me as I was on site by 7:15. There actually is a different access road and we were planning to us it. Mat from road race was busting his ass trying to get it done for us but I told him to just leave it for this event. On Friday night at 9:30 he was heading back out to try to finish in the dark at the expense of getting his race car back together so he could race. So a huge thank-you to him. I will post up a map of the road but that road will give direct access to our site so we can come and go as we please. Part of the road is heavily potholed which is what Mat was fixing and by the time we get back there in August it should be finished and have had some traffic on it from the drift crew to pack it down. For those that don't want to use that access road can continue to use the main entrance and we just have to coordinate with race control. Speaking of that, like Corey said, I enjoyed the racing atmosphere out at Gimli, although talking was difficult sometimes when cars are accelerating out the front straight...damn some of those cars are loud. I also enjoyed to formality of coordinating with race control to time crossings to and from the gate and the general race chatter over the radio. And a big thank-you to all the road racers and crew that shared the day with us and guiding me through the processes...I think it worked out well. Regarding repairs, we should totally talk to road race and drift about this. As part of the rental agreement we have we pay toward venue development. I would like to see some of the development happen on the skid pad since that is the surface we use and drift uses. We can look at spending some (all?) of our venue refurbishment budget out at Gimli too and I suspect we should get a small committee of our own together to see what we should spend and where. I have been working on a plan for fixing some of St. Andrews and in fact have a proposal from St. Andrews regarding that, but I think now that we have had an event out at Gimli and it is not as horrible as some suggested it is, we should discuss options. Shawn
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    Not too much left to do before the next event .... Right on the usual schedule.
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    Quattro Tires in Canada Paid $1064 including taxes and delivery for 4 - RE71R's in the 245/40/18 size... and I still can submit for the $70 rebate... Forms are on their site. They called me before shipping them to confirm my address and advise when they would be delivered and then sent me a FedEx tracking number... They should arrive on Tuesday. http://www.quattrotires.com/
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    Just picked up the new whip: ... I know, I know. Another one. I have to admit they are pretty fun to race! (for those of you wondering, yes this is Murray's old car)
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    Hello everyone, sorry for the delay on the details although I wanted to be sure that I had all the info before posting the rest. 1) Had to cancel race day tomorrow because of Mother Nature. We were able to deal with the warm weather fine although a 20' long crack did appear on the track and it started pumping water like a geyser with 5" of water in the corners. The organizers tried what they could do to re-route the track but it just wasn't possible. 2) The weather in the next while is not promising so our next race is currently the one two weeks away on Feb 4/5 weekend. 3) For those that registered online via MSR, I want to that you for making our registration process easier for the workers. I will email you the discount code to use for Ice Race #3 to use so you do not have to pay. Steve L Colin M Andre T Jim A Damon S 4) Next Venue; At this moment we are not 100% sure where our next venue will be for the Feb 4/5 weekend. Later this week Al M is going to grab some cohorts and do a drive to both Maz and WSP to see which one will be our best bet. 5) Volunteers: I want to thank all the volunteers and organizers for their work on this and I know it's a lot of work.
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jared, and I'm the new Rally Director for the WSCC. I'm excited to be taking on this role, and am looking forward to bringing a rally scene back to Manitoba! We've had a long history of Rally Racing in Manitoba, however the last number of years has seen a hiatus in activity. As your new rally director, I will be organizing events to begin in the new year that will include both Rallycross and TSD (Time Speed Distance). The hope is that we will build a community interested in having regular rally events, and gather momentum as we build towards an eventual goal of participating in full stage rally events. One step at a time! If you are interested in any type of rally event, whether it be participating as a driver, or helping out as a volunteer (ideally doing both), feel free to contact me and I'll start assembling names and interest. - Jared - Rally Director, WSCC
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    Hello everyone, Dylan Sabatini came through again for us for a great Ice Race poster: 100 dpi 1MB low res image: 300 dpi High Res Image for printing 6MB:
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    Hello everyone, the schedule has now been firmed up: Weekend 1: Jan 7th/8th Mazenod, Rd Saturday Test N Tune and Qualify and Race School Sunday Race Day #1 Weekend 2: Jan 21st/22nd Mazenod Rd Saturday Practice and Laps Sunday Race Day #2 Weekend 3: Feb 4th/5th Water Ski Park Saturday Practice and Laps Sunday Race Day #3 Weekend 4: Feb 18th/19th Crescent Lake, Portage la Prairie double header Saturday Race Day #4 Sunday Race Day #5 Weekend 5: March 4th/5th Gimli Ice Fest, Gimli, MB Saturday Race Day #6 and final race day for Studded Sunday Race Day #7 for RTI, Studded Enduro, Worker Appreciation
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    The top PTE guys could put even more cash into their cars to go even faster. I did some sniffing on the NASA forums for popular PTE mods on our civics, and those guys have a lot of go-fast parts that no one here is running yet. You can easily spend up to another $6,000 (more if you haven't bought a cam yet) on parts before you reach the 'fully modified' ceiling. Personally – I don't want to race a $1000 shell with a $10,000 engine. Racing is already the world's most expensive hobby, let's try to at least keep the vehicle costs down.
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    Thank you everyone for a great season. A big thanks you to The Stewart Family for all the work you do. Above and Beyond. The Volunteers without you racing could not happen. To the drivers for a great show and swag gifts you gave to show your appreciation to the workers. See you all at the banquet. Bob Willmott
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    Hey guys, thanks for following along. We had really crappy WiFi in the hotel (just in our room for some reason) so it wasn't easy to check in or update you guys back home. I had a limited data plan but used it all pretty quickly when the WiFi dropped out. The weekend was a blast. Joe, Chris, and I stayed together and had a great time the whole weekend. We ran into Mark and Briget a few times but they obviously had quite a lot of testing going on, and were on different schedules, but we still were able to see them and chat, and watch them run a bit. Joe drove really fast all 4 days. He took the Pro pretty handily, to the point that I think some of the other ES guys were partly confused and partly upset, but all in all they were a great bunch of guys so there was no hard feelings. I think Canak/Bailey expected to come in and dominate (or at least compete against the known competition), so when they got beat by a total unknown, it was a bit of a shock to them. Still, they were a good pair of guys, and so were many of the other guys. I've never been part of such a tight class like that - in both ways racing wise and also friendliness. It was pretty fantastic. Right now ES is a great place to race. I have heard similar things about STS and a few other classes, but didn't know much about ES until this past weekend. Eric Peterson and Azmath Mohammed were awesome guys too. Instead of being intimidating guys, they were very welcoming to us Canadians and we instantly got along with them both. I feel like Joe already knew Eric through his spyder chat and also just from following his results for a few years. The other guys in the class were good guys too, we all went out for dinner one night and it felt like everyone knew each other. What a great class that is. Chris drove very well, as we could see in his times and also in the videos we reviewed every night in the hotel. He improved quite a bit over those few days and was driving the heck out of his car. He was also getting a lot of attention from people who loved his car in paddock. I drove pretty well for myself but there was more to give. I learned quite a bit in studying Joe's lines and in the data from Solostorm. My last run on Monday was pretty good I thought, but there was one place I could have gone much faster, probably dropped 0.5 seconds right there and it would have been a really great run for me. Still, I'm happy with my overall results in both events. I've said it before, but BIG CONGRATS to Joe! To go to Lincoln and compete against the best, and do that well, it's quite amazing. And all this on a completely different surface, with completely different course designs than we're used to. It's hard to imagine what would be possible if we had a giant concrete lot like that at home. Lincoln is a fun little city to hang out for a few days. Also we stayed downtown and that worked out way better than other years where we stayed by the airport or at the North part of town. Highly recommended. All in all, it was a fantastic trip. Great people, great racing, cool cars, and the weather even turned out great too. Awesome.
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    Nice to see lots of changes coming this year. I'll be missing a few events due to working Saturdays now, but I still plan on being in the points race in Street. Haven't decided which tires to put on the S yet but it'll be otherwise unchanged, still on original shocks. Probably going to mooch some rides off the E Street guys too. Emily is planning to run most of the season as well. The baby doctor says 1 lateral G should be just fine for a fetus.
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    Thanks everyone for a great 2014 Road Race year! Special thanks to the Volunteers and Organizers that make it possible for us to race our tin buckets around the concrete. Some special mentions; - Thanks to Scott M for putting this together and not forgetting the ambulance - Thanks to Bryce S for taking control of all the dirty jobs and making sure every little detail is taken care of. I know sometimes it's like herding cats and we appreciate it. Also thanks to the Stewart crew for showing up and volunteering your time where needed. - Thanks to the timing and scoring boys for sitting in the tiny trailer watching the tin buckets run by lap after lap. - Thanks to all the corner workers that stand out there is in the 33C heat, pouring rain, freezing wind and boring periods of nothingness. - Thanks to the officials for keeping this a clean sport - Thanks to the poor guy (girl) that gets stuck working the gate and watching the race at a distance - Thanks to the out-of-towner's that travel many miles to come racing at our track. - Thanks to Al M for organizing and running the Hot Laps on Friday's. * Sorry if I missed someone Congrats to some of the class winners; JS for FV, Al M for IT3, Bill L for STU and it appears like it should be Ken H for Vintage. It was a pleasure racing with all of you.