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    Hello all. Please see below the MSR link for the 2019 WSCC Banquet Attendance. As last year, this is for reservations only. Payment will be cash at the door. Price is still $40 ($20 For Kids meal up to 12). If you have any special dietary needs, let me know. Cheers Chris http://msreg.com/wsccbanquet2019
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    I didn't find "meatatarian" on the RSVP nor "extra Gluten", is that an option? Also extra bacon too please.
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    I personally have not done a complete flush on any of my vehicles after changing over to the Fuchs, only at the time of the change. On my everyday driver I did this at around 50000km, on my motorcycles I always do it as soon as I take possession of them. After that I intend to flush every two to three years. One way of keeping your brake fluid relatively fresh is to open the bleeder when you are pushing your pistons back during a brake pad change. This way any dirt and a fair quantity of fluid will be purged from your system, and it happens to be the fluid that was closest to the heat source. Once you have closed the bleeder, make sure that you top up your brake fluid reservoir before you pump up your brakes again so that you don't introduce air into your system. This works especially well on competition vehicles, as they go through brake pads at an accelerated pace. When doing this, you basically partially flush your system at every brake pad change. It is not the real deal, but it allows for the fluid quality to stay at a higher level than not doing anything at all.
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    Not completely on topic, but nevertheless... Many people are very focused on car supply shops, or race shops. But when you look for generic things such as brake fluid, it makes sense to expand your horizon. The company Matt ordered from - FortNine- has been around for many, many years. It was called Canadian Motorcycle Superstore before they changed names. In the motorcycle world, they have an impeccable name for quality and great prices, and they are a Canadian company. Yes, they sell mostly motorcycle parts. But brake fluid does not care in which vehicle it is; as long as the specs are right, you can use it in whatever vehicle you want. Likewise, some people are hung up on brand names. If it is not North-American, it can't be good. In our world of international trade and companies buying out other companies, names don't really mean that much anymore. Just go on the internet and google...you will get the info that you need. Matt's Total brake fluid is a very common commodity in Europe, yet I have heard people saying that it is probably not good, because it is not made to US standards (???). I personally (being from Europe) know that vehicles in Europe are stressed much more than here, so anything European gets my approval before I look at North-American products. I personally run Fuchs Oil DOT 5.1 brake fluid without any complaints at all. Yes, people look at me funny, especially if they pronounce the name in English (let's not go there). But the fact is that it comes from a large (albeit in Canada almost unknown) company and it has excellent properties. The only disadvantage is that it is somewhat expensive - I believe it was about $30 per litre. But then I have to say that I am worth it ;-) , and I don't keep flushing it out. So maybe I run cheaper with expensive brake fluid than others do with cheap fluid. Just my 2 cents...
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    No Pistons Racing will be donating something.
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    Sharples Motorsports will have a donation for the silent auction. Not sure what it is yet.
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    Gilles Villeneuve at gimli picture and something else .
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    Physics can never be defeated Just like Princess Diana, Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger did not have any real injuries to the outside of their bodies, and neither did Joachim Winkelhock. But when going high speeds, any hard impact will result in tremendous g-forces, well beyond of what the human body is designed to withstand. Short of having extensive crumble zones, and wrapping every person into a big ball of bubble wrap, there is always the potential that the organs inside the body will not remain in place and suffer damages just by ripping apart or banging into each other, into bones or against the very occupant restraints that prevent the body as a whole to move forward. Having two very highspeed collisions within seconds of each other, with both impacts into the side (where cars are usually most vulnerable) would make for a very high potential of fatal injuries. Given the circumstances, and given how well F3, F2 and F1 teams and racers know each other, I think both the FIA, as well as all teams and drivers handled this weekend with the utmost respect and dignity. You know that everyone is heavy-hearted when not even the biggest winners of the weekend have a smile in their face.
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    The RX8 trans can't use GL5. It must be GL4! It will be notchy and grind 3-2 and 5-4. Redline MT90
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    Most manufacturers expect you to change transmission oil between 60000 and 80000km. Again, on my DD I put my own spin on it and I change it roughly every 50000km. I usually hold a fluid-drain fest, and replace all liquids in my vehicle at the same time....it is just easier like that to keep track of things. On the RX-8 I changed both transmission and differential fluid at the beginning of the season, yet I think I will drop it again before the first race in spring. Not only am I a lot harder on my transmission in the Mazda than in my Jeep, but I think I might want to try a different oil. Right now I have synthetic GL-5 in it, and the transmission does not shift nice. And the car constantly has that smell of gear oil inside, even though both transmission and differential are bone-dry...
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    Because my reservoir is a shared between the brakes and clutch, I (usually) tend to flush my brake fluid at the end of the season. Considering brake fluid being hygroscopic and may be loaded with moisture from the summers fun. Sitting all winter inside a bunch of steel parts, it may have negative effects on both systems. My biggest concern would be a brake system solid line failure due to internal corrosion.
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    Hey everyone, time for an update. The conditions were cloudy and cool on the Saturday of Vintage weekend, but I still lost brakes during the third session. I bled the suspect RH caliper and got back most of my braking. Managed to complete fourth session but pedal travel was increasing. Just to be safe I did a four-wheel bleed before heading home. I tried to do an automated ABS bleed procedure with my newly purchased Autel MaxiCheck Pro but was informed by their tech support that it won’t work on my car. Too bad, so sad. RH brake caliper has been ordered and I’m presently sourcing out stainless steel brake hoses. The RBF660 brake fluid has been in my system for 6 weeks, so that will have to be flushed. How often do you guys do a complete flush on the Fuchs 5.1 and the Total 600? I might just consider going back to DOT 4 now that I’ve convinced myself that I don’t have a boiling brake fluid issue.
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    So a bit more back on topic: I ended up using DOT 4 600 brake fluid made by Total. If you’ve never heard of Total Lubricants no worries. They have been around for a long time and their racing fuel brand, Elf Fuels, is pretty popular. In any case it’s more than likely the brake fluid is made and packaged by the same giant corporate entity that makes a vast majority of brake fluid on the market today... What was interesting is the the Total 600 was very similar to MOTUL 600. Wet temp was 420 for Motul (if memory serves me correctly) and 414 for Total. The track test was as successful as could be had, I got the brakes as hot as I could and the pedal started to feel slightly off at the end of a session, but I’m being super picky - some people might not notice anything. It was a lot better than the hi-temp stuff from can tire. The best part: I paid $10.99/500ml from an online store called fortnine.ca - it was $16 to ship 2 bottles or free shipping for $49 or over...so I got 5 bottles and free shipping - that was a deal - this is Canadian funds and shipped within Canada.
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    This thing still needs a new home, as I just don't have time to drive and enjoy it. I have put less than 500 km on this year, and is at 133500 on the clock. The safety has expired so I will let her go for $14000
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    Haha that is true. They are next to come off with the tank, along with a fart that is sure to make the ladies blush! uh ooops, that should have read, fart can
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    On Saturday, the famous Circuit des Spa-Franchorchamps claimed another racer. Anthoine Hubert lost control over his BWT Arden F2 car in the fast Raidillon curve, slammed into a wall and was subsequently torpedoed by Juan Manuel Correa. While Correa survived with significant injuries to his legs, Hubert did not. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.statement-anthoine-hubert.3YZvWvyy8XuGZOvmVrCO27.html The open-wheel racing world has lost another promising Youngster. Godspeed
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