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    The Aficionado for January 2019 with the 2018 club results and the description of the Gimli Motorsports Park Asphalt Resurfacing Project. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado 2019 01.pdf
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    Yesterday the entire field of ice racers performed a black flag lead, reverse course lap to honor former ice racer Bob Winslade. Bob had to retire from the sport he loved over 20 years ago when he began his battle with MS. The last couple of years he has also been battling cancer. He left us on Friday afternoon in the Hospice Care unit at St. Boniface Hospital, surrounded by the family he loved. He was an exceptionally fine racer, very hard to beat. We miss you already Bob. SM
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    Pax worked awesome that why the top 3 time attack finishers in 2018 used a pax factor higher then there car classes just to keep the field tighter lol yes I will say pax sucked for a heavily modified cars. But I don’t think anyone in mod 1 really cared. For any of us to be competitive we would have had to run a mid 55 sec lap. Being that the 1 min mark hasn’t been tackled yet it wasn’t going to happen haha Dot slicks in limited essentially makes it unlimited class without a cage. Aside from that point dot slick sizing in comparison to a street tire is a joke. My 245 dot slicks are as big as my 275 dot r compounds. On the point of stock factory sports cars being pushed up into unlimited due to tire size alone. I’ll just put it out there that buying a set of smaller tires is the only thing needed to get into limited and be ultra competitive The big upside I see is 3 classes that can be competitive and fun for everyone. A nice entry level class that can be ultra affordable and still very competitive. A middle class for fast sports cars and modified street cars with a common tire size that equalizes them... and unlimited for the people that want to build dedicated track cars. Another big upside is the ease of classing this will bring vs the countless times I heard people say they had difficulty doing the pax classing for there
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    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if I'm just out of the loop, or if the folks in charge have just failed to mention this, but I recently learned that the classing system is once again changing in a fairly drastic way. I asked a question regarding points and classing and received this in return: "The PT classes are going away for 2019, and everything will run under the ST classes, as per NASA changes. Final Drive ratio is free under the ST rules. Everything is based on power to weight and allowed modifications. 2019 Regulations should be up in early January." When I asked where it was announced I received this: "Was discussed by Gary Roberts, Racing Director, at the WCMA AGM in October in Leduc. New class regulations should be announced on the WCMA Forum in January, so watch for them there. To see what changes NASA is planning for this coming year, you can have a look on their website, https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/15717/ST5-6_Rules__2019--v2.3--11-14-18.pdf" Just wanted to make sure everyone sees it. I know the lack of notice is a bit of an annoyance for me
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    Hey Ken! As a technical writer for a Publications Department, I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these newsletters. I haven't seen any previous issues, but I must say that the current issue is extremely well done. Do you think we should also mention that the track resurfacing donations can be made electronically on the WSCC homepage? The PayPal or credit card option is nice and even offers monthly payments. That works better for people like me who would rather spread out the payments over several months, rather than a lump sum payment. Again, kudos to you and all the contributors that made the newsletter happen!
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    Hey all! After our first year in the directors position, we found many large/small flaws in our current layout. After many discussions between Brooke and I, other competitors, and other sanctioning bodies we have decided to add WSCC supplementary regulations to our current regulations. The biggest change is the changing of car classes. We are ditching the 14 classes pax system and going to 3 classes. We found the pax system with the time adjustments took away the spirit of raceday competition and had flaws in the points classing system. By limiting to 3 classes we hope everyone can more evenly compete against other vehicles of similar performance. You'll also see we have updated many safety requirements. With the repaving of the track and the spirit of competition our time attack group is faster than its ever been before. With the increased speed comes an increased need for safety. Lastly, we have added the option to register as a team. You may have up to 2 drivers on a team sharing a car. Drivers may swap between time attack races but will not see additional track time compared to solo competitors. The teams best lap time between both drivers will count towards points. Anyways we hope you find these supplementary regulations to be both fair and exciting. See you all when the snow melts! Ian Stecyk & Brooke Tuchscherer WsccTArulebookV1.0.pdf
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    We understand that with the new regulations change comes learning and adapting to the evergrowing sport of time attack. Our new regulations are based off of the 4 main time attack groups in the world(Global Time Attack, World time attack, Gridlife, and SCCA). None of these groups use any sort of pax system. While i would love to have 4-5-6 different classes for competitors our numbers cannot support this while allowing a fun and competitive championship. Thus we settled on 3 classes with what we feel to be an equal step in performance between each class while being able to provide competitors a fun and fair class to compete within. We do see the need to encourage newcomers into the club and the sport and to provide a fair challenge to unexperienced drivers as such we will be looking for a fair way to incorporate rookies into a fair classing. With that being said safety is our number one priority and i feel as our requirements for safety are a fair and understandable update to the asn regulations. We do understand these regulations are brand new and we expect tweaks to be made to show strengths and weaknesses between the classes. Ian and Brooke
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    I know I have been coming across as very negative towards this but I just want to make sure that there is a place for everyone to compete and have fun whether they just want to bring their daily driver or drop tens of thousands on a dedicated track car. It seems like the people with heavily modded cars felt penalized with the PAX system. I think the new system overly rewards heavy modding and spending money. There has to be a middle ground to allow everyone a place to play.
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    If we do stick to only 3 classes I would recommend at least having novice sub classes. I have trouble believing 3 classes will do anything but discourage drivers who are not only new to the sport but ones who don’t get much seat time. We saw inspiring positive growth in 2018 I would recommend against a new and experimental rule set that could discourage the momentum of 2018.
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    @Brian_Earl_Spilner Does not speak for everyone on here. This forum is supposed to be a welcoming place. “To bring about and foster a spirit of unity, comradeship, and sportsmanship among Members.” I personally don’t see an issue with you sharing your F1 experience. Welcome here.
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    Hello Everyone, I do not post much on here, nor do I attend many WSCC events so I feel I should take a second to introduce myself. I am currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba and have been involved with the Formula SAE team at the University since I started my degree back in 2013. I do not attend any WSCC events with vehicles of my own, but I have done a few Autocross events with the FSAE car. As with most (if not all) of you, cars have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I set a goal for myself to try and find a job in motorsports where I could combine my engineering background and love of racing. This past year I was able to secure a few positions working as a DAG/Data Engineer for a few different teams and this year I have secured a position with Pfaff Motorsports who is competing in the GTD class in IMSA for the full season. I am in Daytona until Sunday for the series-mandated test session for competitors in the Daytona 24-hour race at the end of the month. If any of you are interested in knowing what goes on behind the scenes at sportscar races such as these let me know. Obviously I am not able to disclose all details for privacy reasons, but I will do my best to answer any questions that you have.
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    This is an urgent call for corner workers for Saturday January 19th in Beausejour. 10:00am - 4:00pm Bring warm clothes, especially boots. Since you are protected by a barrier you can stand much closer to the action than we do in the summer. This makes for a great view of the racing. Please Contact @ScottMcD for more info.
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    I've gone for laps on the ice with Al before and spent a lap watching his feet. It's quite the dance.
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    I was j/k Brian. You do very well on the Autoslalom course. I do think most are guilty of this from time to time.
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    Guilty on all counts! Anyone who's ridden with me at Autoslalom knows that I have tunnel vision and don't look more than 10 feet ahead. Sad, but true. The video from last week with Al at the wheel was awesome. If anyone was wondering why ice racing is so much fun, this says it all. I can't believe the speed of the steering inputs and corrections. Oh, did I mention this is all being done while downshifting into the turns? Would've been interesting to see the footwork as well as the hand movement. Thanks again Aaronstump for providing that video!
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    I think people are seeing the Triangle and not the video playing on the display... Or did I just miss this entirely?
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    Just because you haven't done it yet doesn't mean it is impossible. There are many cars that are capable of sub minute laps that come to GMP, just no one has been able to achieve that yet (on timing). The point of PAX is that you can't buy lap times. The faster the car gets the higher the bar you have to clear gets.
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    This! Jim's post is also true. Listen, I'm not against change. But change for the sake of change, or to specifically target a single or group of cars for more or less handicap, isn't want this should be about.
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    That's the intent I think but it sucks for a newbie that shows up with a Camaro or Mustang and finds himself in Unlimited by virtue of the stock tire size of the car
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    There is still a handicap. And a more regulated one for equalizing the field at that. Tires. You can only go so fast on the class max tire size for your weight. It also takes the incentive out of massive weight reduction since it directly effects the amount of tire you can run. Tire limits the amount of hp you can put down aswell. also Having the max tire size in place keeps cost down as it gets ride of the people just spending $$ to put the biggest stickiest tire on to win.
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    I'll give you one example... 14. No loose items are aloud in the car
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    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the 2019 Performance Driving school is open and taking registrations! To Register, go here! It's only been live for 24h and we already have 7 entries! Register early to guarantee your spot! Just like last season, this year is sponsored by Speed Factor Racing. Check them out if you need go-fast goodies, helmets, gloves or other safety gear!
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    New rules look good guys! The pax system really hurt my evo when it came to mods that just made the car safer to be on the track. Glad to see we are getting closer aligned to what time attack is all about
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