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    It is 100 for the entire day regardless of whether both disciplines are being practiced. The autocross side will be a little looser in terms of schedule but we have the same lunch break and have Autox instructors there to offer guided course walks, ride alongs, and demos to everyone. It’s a Test & Tune with some free Level 1 schooling thrown into the mix!
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    The Aficionado for April 2019 with the 2019 ice racing results, race weekend comparison, 2018 survey results and details of our upcoming events. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado 2019 04.pdf
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    Hey Graham, I took a look at the 2019 SCCA Solo Rule Book, https://www.scca.com/downloads/44442-2019-solo-rules-book-1-complete-2019-02-26-reduced/download Pertinent sections mentioning how modifications are written in the rule book: Street Category (P.73 to 83) P. 74: P.75 And P.75 This is purely MY interpretation: (Assuming you currently have manual windows (not power) and are staying with roll up windows on the new ones) If your new door cards weight more than the originals and don't serve any advantages they would be legal based on what I highlighted above. It would be up the protester to demonstrate your door cards are illegal by materially weighting less than the original; or if they serve any additional advantage (example shaving weight from converting from power windows). If they can't prove that, it would be clear a protest. That being said there are some that may protest on the "spirit of the rules" since these are blatantly aftermarket parts on a "Street Class car" it should not be allowed... but not I'm not seeing that in the rule book anywhere. That being said I'm not sure I would recommend taking your car to national events in the states, I can't guarantee this would pass a protest or at any other another club. If anyone else thinks I interpreted this incorrectly, please let me know.
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    Thanks to all that came out and helped get the trailers sorted and inventoried. Great start to what should be a great year of racing! @BigKahuna Thanks for the offer. Are you with Ultra Tech fire and Safety? Asking because they are a club sponsor I hear and we would like to provide them first rights to supply as a thanks for the sponsorship. If so great! See you soon. If not, you are second in line once I find out about Ultra Tech. Just being fair to sponsors.
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    check here http://wscc.motorsportreg.com/
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    Do you think you have or want management experience to put on your resume! Are you excited to get out and dodge some cones and have a good time with some like minded people. If so, take a look at the attached positions for which we need volunteers. This is your chance to create and manage a team of individuals to ensure your area runs smoothly throughout the year. Don't think you know what the role entails, don't worry, you will have people to show and train you so you can train your team. The WSCC Autoslalom group is one of the best group of racers and people in general that you will meet! Chief of Safety.pdf Chief of Equipment.pdf Chief of Registration.pdf
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    I can come and help tomorrow. Can also bring a small air compressor and tools if need be.
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    @Ron Janzen This more or less sums up the answer for your question. It needs to be an OEM hard-top car. Since the solstice was never offered one, you will need supplemental roll protection.
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    I always throw #convertibleproblems @nopistons
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    Hi Ron - Welcome! As far as your question regarding roll over protection, a roll bar is your only option, there are no recommended substitutes in the rule book. Time Attack Rule book 2019 https://time-attack.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/DRAFT-2019-OTA-Rulebook-144dpi.pdf 1.3 ROLL OVER PROTECTION – ROLL BARS AND CAGES .1 A roll bar’s purpose is to help protect a driver if the vehicle rolls over. A roll bar is required for: i) vehicles with fold down or completely removable tops (e.g., convertibles) That being said, a non-intrusive roll bar is not out of the question. A 4 or 6 point bar is all you would need and that shouldn't have an impact on the cars intended purpose off the track - similar to the Hard Dog Miata bars. I'd refer you to the Chief Scrutineer or Head of the Tech committee but I'm afraid i don't know who that is at the moment.
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    Happy season, no price increases this year! Attached are the supplemental regulations for 2019. Supplemental Regulations 2019.pdf
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    What exactly did you leave "exposed" Jim? Asking for a friend.
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    The first thread is locked with instructions and a link to this thread. Frank posted his request before it was locked. I left it "exposed" so it could be referenced.
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    Wow definitely more dates this year that is nice!
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    Matt Foderaro 6398 Keeping 92 Thanks Brian!
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    Jordan Sharples #7 Clint Sharples #44 Bill Langner #28
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    Confirmed. Can't reserve #42 for Chris until he renews his membership and submits a request.
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    jasvir ghattora #80 member#6514
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    I guess your mileage may vary depending on wear characteristics. I was running 5 year old champiro gts past few seasons, I do tend to be a bit more aggressive but having non sticky tires will force you to do that We'll see how they go this year
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    I got a really good price on the nexen sur4g for this year's season, running a 255/40/17 this year. Get them from 1010tires.com
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    Hi David, Yes, there is some confusion regarding permanent numbers. As of this afternoon there was a thread for Open Lapping reserved numbers and a separate thread for Autoslalom permanent numbers. Both threads have similar titles and may have confused some people. And, if that wasn't enough, the 2018 thread was resurrected this evening around the same time a new "2019 Autoslalom Permanent Number List" was being developed. I'm presently working with Jim (webmaster) to clean this up. Thanks for your patience. This will all be forgotten once you get behind the wheel of your 350Z at HPDE.
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    Hi all, here is the schedule for 2019: Dates updated 3 April 2019: Friday, May 3 - Speed Factor Racing Test & Tune at Gimli Saturday, May 11 - Event #1 at St. Andrews Sunday, June 2 - Event #2 at St. Andrews Saturday, June 8 - Level 1 school at St. Andrews Sunday, June 9 - Event #3 at St. Andrews Saturday, June 22 (morning) - Test & Tune at Gimli Saturday, June 22 (afternoon) - Event #4 at Gimli Sunday, June 23 - Event #5 at Gimli Sunday, July 7 (morning) - Event #6 at Gimli Sunday, July 7 (afternoon) - Event #7 at Gimli Saturday, July 20 - Level 2 school at St. Andrews Sunday, July 21 - Event #8 at St. Andrews Saturday, August 10 - Event #9 at St. Andrews Sunday, August 11 - Event #10 at St. Andrews Saturday, August 24 - Event #11 at St. Andrews Sunday, August 25 - Event #12 at St. Andrews Saturday, September 21 - Event #13 at Gimli Sunday, September 22 - Event #14 at Gimli
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    I think the RT615k+ have a 7.4 rating on tire rack, compared to the RE71R which are rated as a 6.2. I'll be switching from 2015 dated R1Rs that came with the car so I'm sure it will be an upgrade. I have not considered the FK510s but might be something to look into if I'm looking for a dedicated street tire. My only experience with 300 rated tires are the Michelin Pilot Super Sports that I had on my old STI hatch. They were a great tire and I think I was only half a second behind a couple of S2000s at the last Gimli autocross event I did with them. Id have picked them up for the Integra if the new PS4S came in a smaller size. Sidewall wasn't as firm as some of the other tires but I didn't think they did that bad on a heavy car, similar to your RS. I had 265/35/18s on a 18x9.5 wheel.
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    Corey & Tim, I know you guys have a lot on your plate, so I'll second Chris' offer. If there's anything I can do to help prepare for the upcoming season, please, please let me know. Not sure if you're planning on having a meeting to put together our "To Do" list like we did last year, but if you do, you can count me in.
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    A little good news and bad news, The good news, I don't think it's entirely your fault the tires melt away as they do, the almighty Mr. Smooth could drive your car and still have considerable wear. The bad news is your Focus might be partially responsible. You are running a 3450lbs car on square 235 wide tires. That's a significant load if you consider the car's front weight basis AND power being fed primarily to the front wheels AND it's running in a stock class with no significant way to add negative camber AND considering the front strut design you are actually getting POSITIVE dynamic camber on the outside wheel in a corner AND it's powerful enough you are need introduce some serious heat and force when braking. It's really not your fault the tires melt away. Perhaps a cheap way to save money on tires would be to add much more camber in the front (would help with the understeer too) with a camber kit and continue to rotate tires like I know you are already are. However a camber kit would not be legal for your Street classing and I'm not sure what is available for your car. I used to run a $20 camber bolts kit to dial in over -2degrees, hopefully there's a similar solution for you. Also be weary of some >300TW Tires in harsh track environments, the extra void area in the tread face can lead to serious chunking/tearing of the outside tread blocks and wear out even faster than expected. Tread wear ratings don't contemplate performance driving.
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    My quick list of 200TW Tires and notes (Classed as "Extreme Performance Tires") Competitive Autocross Tires The 3 top options below are well regarded as the competitive options today. These consistently rank higher in terms of overall lap/run times than the other options available. But generally don't last quite as long as the the other options in this list. Keep in mind wear is all relative and is depend on a number of factors. On a well balanced car driven on a non abrasive surface you can see up to 150+ autox runs on these. On a poorly setup car driven on a rough surface you could expect under 1/3 of that. All prices quoted from tirerack.com in US dollars for a 245/40/17 unless otherwise posted. Bridgestone - RE71R ($180 USD) ($199 CND from Costo.ca) Rewards precise smooth inputs. Can be knife edge if overdriven/high slip angles and hard to recover. Tires feel very greasy when hot but can perform in "colder" weather. (>0c) Can develop accelerated wear on the center rib if overdriven (too much slip angle and pressures are too high) Excellent compound for rain use (at full tread depth) but in deep water a >300TW with greater void area will outperform. Very stiff sidewalls allows for overtiring on narrow wheels (excellent for classes that limit wheel width). With our Canadian dollar and lack of shipping costs, these are by far the clear winner if you can get your sizes through Costco. Note, Costco did raise their 71R prices this year but still cheaper than the alternative. BF Goodrich Rival S 1.5 ($209) Known to have a more vague steering feel than the RE71R, but easy to drive. Can tolerate slightly more heat than the RE71R but might take slightly more tire to come "on" than the RE71R on cold days. Good wet* performance. (wet = no puddles) In heavy rain or pudding the thread pattern is poor at evacuating water from the tread blocks. Limited sizes offered, limited stock available. (These are made in small batches in the BFG's motorsports plant, expect to wait awhile if stock is out in your sizes) "S" refers to the updated compound released in 2015(?) "1.5" denotes a revised belt package to enhance the tire feedback and get away from the vague feeling the orginal rival had, however the compound is the same as the "S" tires. Tire is offered almost exclusively through Tire Rack, beware Hoosier like pricing. Nexen SUR4G ($174) ($148 FROM PMC TIRE) Not as direct as the RE71R in terms of feel. Did not brake as well as the RE71R, but these tires will allow for a lot of slip angle. Easy to drive at the limit = less mistakes = faster. Slightly behind the pace from the Rivals and RE71 but not enough to discredit. (National Championship already won on this tire) Disappointing wear characteristics in my experience, but were fast all the way down the tread blocks, all the runs These also have a softer sidewall, caution if you want to overtire the wheel, will wear the edges and/or require higher pressures. Alternative 200TW Tires These tires can't match the top 3 tires in terms of outright grip. Steady state grip is good but most noticeably they can't multi-task like the top 3. Hankook RS4: ($176) Reputation as long lasting tire in the 200TW group. Very popular with the Chump/Lemons/Crap Can racing series. Dunlop ZIII Star Spec: ($170) Prices don't justify the performance. Feel and response is allegedly very similar to the RE71R. Kumho Ecsta V720: ($150) Cheap alternative however many online horror stories of delamination failures when used in autox or track day environments. Also known to be exceedingly LOUD on the road. Falken Azenis 615K+: ($150 in a 245/45) Make sure get the K+ not just the K. the + denotes the newest compound. Good reviews so far in terms of wear and tire feel. However Quantifiably slower than the top 3 tires. (Compare 2018 C-Street Solo Spec class results for proof. the FRS spec class runs the Falken with mods and can't match the times posted by the same C-Street FRS cars). Yokohama Neova ADO8R: ($261!!!) Overpriced, not know to be in contention as fast tire, would not recommending buying new at the current price point. Toyo Porxes R1R: ($186) Outdated technology, not recommend. Very low tolerance for heat, requires shaving to extract max performance. On a heavy car you migh experience chunking of the tread blocks. If you are amendment on trying this tire be extremely careful, depending on the tire size they tires are constructed with different compounds, the good ones (195/50/15 and 235/40/17 IIRC) have a single tacky compound all the way down to the tread blocks, however most other sizes have a dual compound, after the first half of the tread is used the remaining compound is described as all season like performance. Nitto NT05: ($163 US from Summit Racing). Released over 10 years ago, outdated technology, was never a contender when released in terms of outright speed. Sizing and marketing makes me thing this is geared towards muscle cars/big cars. Maxxis Vicra VR-1: ($127 for 225/17 from the Maxxis website) Reputation as being very easy to drive and FUN at the limit. Accounts of wearing well, but lacked overall pace on the top tires. Cool sizes available like 245/40/15
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    I was running these on the Supra starting in August last year. I think they’ll last until July this year, maybe longer. I gained 1.5 seconds a lap over the Bridgestone Potenza S-04’s but the S-04’s were three years old so that may be why. I didn’t have any issues with heat during long sessions and the rain grip is pretty good as well.
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    I've just ordered a set of the Falken Azenis RT615K+ for my Integra. Based on internet reviews it doesn't seem to be as fast as the RE-71Rs but does have better tread wear. Since my car will not be competitive in its current autocross classing I've opted to go with the tire that has better life and comes in my OEM size. I guess I will find out in a few weeks how they are on track.
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    Also to throw a curveball, $125 rebate through other retailers. Kal “may” match costcos online price, they match the 15$ mount and balance and then you could get this 125$ rebate https://www.quattrotires.com/uploads/medias/22410/Bridgestone Spring 2019_ENG.PDF the Continental Extreme Contact Sport gets good reviews as well and is $100 back https://www.quattrotires.com/uploads/medias/22423/Continental Spring 2019 EN V2.pdf
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    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the 2019 Performance Driving school is open and taking registrations! To Register, go here! It's only been live for 24h and we already have 7 entries! Register early to guarantee your spot! Just like last season, this year is sponsored by Speed Factor Racing. Check them out if you need go-fast goodies, helmets, gloves or other safety gear!
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    I'd be down for a drive like always. We have a great time every year. Hopefully we get a few more cars out this time. The past few years it's been just a few of us, which is fine of course, but the more the merrier.
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    Hey David, so far no Spring Drive slated yet although I'd like to put a feeler out for one on the Winnipeg Autoslalom FB and IG. Fall Drive for sure. I'd might try for something in May, just not sure when yet! -Rob
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    2019 WSCC Membership Application: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-annual-membership-2019-winnipeg-sports-car-club-617935 2019 WCMA Amateur Licence: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2019-amateur-license-licenses-western-canada-motorsport-assoc-276095
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