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    Speed Factor has made an donation. Shawn Wolk has made a donation Steinbach Credit Union has made a donation. Thank you all!
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    I am about to start down a new project and would like the experts to give me knowledge. I have a 1969 Camaro shell that I would like to make into a track day car but don't know what it would fall under for classification. I am planing on racing it on Gimli track as well as Brainerd's track. Extra parts i have from other toys i have made are a 12 bolt chevy diff, 4 link, 10 point roll cage, one ls6.0 engine, t56 transmission, 2016 corvette hubs and braking system, fiberglass front clip. just to keep it interesting i have attached the towing vehicle that will be bring the car out next year. Thanks for the help.
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    I haven't gone to that school (yet), but I've raced around that track before. I want to take the school at every new track I go to, there is always something to learn. I would like to go to this one some day. My favorite thing about the HPDE Events at big U.S. tracks is that the instructors are passengers. I took one in Nebraska a few years ago put on by "Track Guys" and it was pretty incredible, I learned a ton from them. I've always wondered how much a student can learn from an instructor driving their car, especially one they have little to no previous experience in. Instructors are usually racers themselves, but that can mean they know a whole different bag of tricks sometimes, coming from a completely different racing world. Personally, as a passenger, I would learn best riding shotgun in the instructor's own race car that he knows like the back of his hand. I've never seen that option at an HPDE before either, but I think it would be pretty cool. Our instructors here are pretty great too, I remember being quite protective when I took our school. In the end we got along and I learned a lot from them. Heck, I still learn tons from all these guys at every event, even if it's just by watching them all fly by with a flag in my hand. Here's a link to Track Guys if you would like to check them out: http://www.trackguys.com/
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    So I did some digging and found my grandfather's wscc emblem. This was from when he had a triumph TR3 in the late 50s or early 60s. Does anyone else own or know anything about these emblems?
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    Good job Chris, we had a great time. The kitchen did screw up my dietary restriction and lost my extra gluten order but I'll live.
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    I'd like to see & hear the video that was playing in the background at the banquet, looked interesting! The one with Pete L. and his Boxster. Is it available online?
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    Can you buy silent auction tickets by the roll?
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    Hmm, I was kind of wondering about the choice of words on the unedited version. Good catch! Not sure why they call it a "silent" auction. Obviously not the case last year when my better half was yelling at me as to which prize bags I should be putting my tickets into. Not sure why I need kitchenware or a visit to a Spa for a pedicure. Maybe I'm missing something? Seriously though, you're doing a great job organizing the banquet @cboettch
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    I know I have been pretty quiet on here, it has been a hectic summer with not much time off. Hopefully once the season winds down I can find time to provide some insight on how these teams function and what racing at this level is really like. My last race of the official 2019 season is this weekend at Road Atlanta and we are lucky enough to have our trailer parked beside Corvette's, who has the new C8R at the track this weekend for display and demo laps. The only technical details released so far is that it has a 5.5l flat-plane crank engine. It looks pretty tame from the outside, but if it is anything like the current C7.5R, it is an absolute spaceship beneath the skin.
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