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    Nice idea, but way too short to change for the 7th! How about 'bring-a-friend'? One entry fee covers two people. One of them must be new to autoslalom.
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    Please see attached schedules. Hoping to see a massive turn out for this one! Registration link below! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-open-track-weekend-event-4-road-course-gimli-motorsports-park-078653 July 6th & 7th - Track Day Weekend - Timed Run Schedule.pdf July 6th & 7th - Track Day Weekend Schedule.pdf
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    The Aficionado for July 2019 with the club display at World of Wheels, Road Race update, Autoslalom articles, 1965 Shelby Daytona Cobra Recreation, Time Attack update and more. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado_2019_07.pdf
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    Here is a crazy idea. Have an event for free. Kind of like a test and tune. All the regulars would be working the course, performing safety inspections, getting drivers setup, riding along, capturing racing footage. Like a good drug dealer, first hit is free.
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    I love it! Not so hot on the square-round steering wheel, or the thought of tire prices... Some people are really hating it. I hope this thing is a huge seller. Like, practically flooding the market. Then, I'll get a nice used one for used GM prices in 5-10 years. Most of them will get idled around with the occasional blast of power. That kind of performance scares most people.
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    https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-event-3-wcma-runoffs-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-242264 WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.pdf
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    Are the fuel tank straps in good condition? I can't tell from the photos.
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    Oh man, let's not go back to those days of stop boxes. The vast majority of the drivers were able to follow instructions the first time. We'll keep educating people.
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    I leave all my old Civic shells in @cboettch's front yard.
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    My fastest for event 6 Grant's best run for event 6 My fastest recorded for event 7
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    forgot to record event 7 (thank god! lol) here's my clean run from Event 6
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    The Saturday event was no fun for me but on Sunday I decided to just embrace my dead tires and drive it like it was a rain event. I turned the power down as far as I could and tried to be smooth and precise. It paid off, I was much quicker and actually had a lot of fun (and was reminded that being too aggressive is not the fast way around an autocross course). And if you watch the video, you'll find out why I had no grip
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    Ps. Speed bleeders are amazing haha. We have them on both the cars. Makes bleeding brakes a 1 person job. They just screw into where you stock bleed nipples. When you wanna bleed brakes just crack them half a turn and just pump away. They have a check valve built in so you never get air sucking back in.
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    I've used super dot 3 for 25 years, zero brake fade. 17 bux for a liter at PS or CT. Even after a 30 min race. Hard pedal . I also crack my front bleeders for a couple seconds (gravity bleed) if i take wheels off just to make sure.
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    Most of the road racers use the stuff from Canadian Tire. “Super dot3, 500F”. If the pedal gets soft, we simply open the screw and let it drip for a minute while rotating tires. Might not work on the Brembo calliper with the bleed screw straight up, but the fluid should, cheap when on sale. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/oem-dot-3-brake-fluid-ford-500-degrees-946ml-0381928p.html#srp
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    I like some of these ideas - might stimulate more participation. I think working the course for six consecutive runs would be a bit much, but like Mark suggested, we could alternate the run groups. Here's my suggestion for a typical Autoslalom schedule: 11:00 AM - same start time as existing schedule. 11:00 AM - Group A - three runs @ 15 min/run + 15 min changeover = one hour duration 12:00 PM - Group B - three runs @ 15 min/run = 45 min duration Lunch Break - approximately 12:45 PM to 1:15 PM + 15 min driver preparation 1:30 PM - Group A - three runs @ 15 min/run + 15 min changeover = one hour duration 2:30 PM - Group B - three runs @ 15 min/run = 45 min duration 3:15 - 4:00 PM - announce standings and course cleanup. Please note that the above schedule is a best case scenario with no allowances for unplanned delays such as timing issues, reruns etc. etc.
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    I totally botched getting registered on time for Time Attack on motorsportsreg. Looking at the schedule, registration is listed first thing in the morning, is it still possible to register on the Sunday morning (I can only do Sunday)? Or is it locked after Wednesday at midnight? This would be my first TA, but I have gone through the OTA site to class my car properly, and the beginner guide, but anything else needed? On the plus side - I am happy to be assigned a job to help out. Thanks Chris Clarke (2001 Audi TT)
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    In the past I heard we only targeting "car enthusiast" and do not want much to do with weekend warriors or car junkies (excuse my language there). I beg to differ here, especially seeing the road race/time attack group gained so much traction over the past couple of years and we are at a standstill if not keep shrinking, it is heart breaking to see even for a person as new as me. I used to go hot laps at Gimli on Friday years ago... and they were by no mean as organized as our autoslalom group, only see maybe 5 groups of people camping out there and this morning, seeing tents and campers spread all across the field is unbelievable! And yes our first couple of events might have set the attendance record for the past 2-3 years but why stop there? Seeing only ~20 people attending Gimli events would have set the alarm off in my opinion, AX at Gimli was the cherry on the cake! What happened with the ~20 people event? What I don't want to be is overly optimistic here, and think "oh people are either busy, vacation travelling, bad weather, veterans prioritize family first...etc, while some of which are true, if I may take a wild guess here, I would say that people who care to drive/race and have part of themselves dedicated to things on wheels with gears and run on gas is that time is limited and now they see road race and time attack being an equally attractive and challenging Motorsport as AX, now with part of the track paved, some did walked away temporarily and we just ain't doing enough to attract new comers! I am stunt to see event cap by default is set at 65 drivers and I would assume that's the number of people we can handle in an event. Let's do something different to attract and draw new people to the AX family! Participant retention is equally important and I think if all of us with years of AX experience can invite new comers to fun runs for ride along/Novice taxi, make them feel welcomed and share your knowledge with them, more of them might come back time over time to race AX! Last but not least, I can sense there is tension between different race groups... making things work between teams/groups filled by volunteers is definitely not an easy task. The only easy way I can see us grow is to join forces, it would be exciting to see some of the time attack/road race participants coming out to St Andrews simply because it is closer and it make more sense not needing to camp out and use up the entire week far away from home.
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    Might not get to 6 per events but maybe a mid-ground of 5 runs per event count towards the championship? Also, starting earlier by 30 mins is what I hope to do next, will first need to better inform the regulars before switching to the 30mins earlier start time and I would apply to St. Andrews events.
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    I have a hoarding problem and have spent this entire weekend sorting my junk. Going to scrap a D16Z6 bottom end and a pair of non-vtec heads if nobody here wants them. One head is from a D15B2, the other I think is a D16A6 head but might be a D15B7 head. Also have a pair of intake manifolds. The bottom end was pulled when the water pump let go, ran but used a lot of oil. It has no oil pan. D15B2 head may have bent valves, I never ran the A6(b7?) head. Also have a 1995 Civic coupe I will likely be scrapping in a little bit if anyone is interested in parts or whole. D16A6 bottom end with D16Z6 head with a P28 computer, Si transmission with an OBX helical LSD.
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    A quick turn around and skipping lunch would save us 30 mins max. when compare to current schedule structure. Let's try the compressed schedule starting next event, Event #8, and instead taking the lunch break out, I would like reduce course walk timing from 1hr 45mins to 1hr 15mins. I would think the course walk is set to 1hr 45mins for a reason, however, I will impose this new compressed schedule for event 8 if no objection is raised. Also note the registration hours is also reduced to 45mins (Check in and registration closed at 9:45am) Pending executive decision, I think with this compressed schedule, it is possible to keep up to 6 runs per event instead of 4 runs. Let's see a show of hands of how many participants like additional runs, 5 runs or 6 runs?
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    https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-event-3-wcma-runoffs-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-242264 WCMA Runoffs - Race Day Schedule - July 26-28th 2019.pdf
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    Ratchet straps don't rust.....:p I am in Winnipeg, near Bishop Grandin and St Annes road.
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    Hey there, where is the car located? I'm very interested in having a look as my last 2 d16's have pooped out on me 2 weekends in a row
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    A friend of mine is involved with this event and asked me to share to any/all car enthusiasts. It's a fundraiser so they are accepting donations. First half of the day is open to hot laps. Second half of the day is ride alongs with some pretty wicked cars including some super fast street cars and a few dedicated race cars. Click the link for more info. I don't know much else (e.g. what regulations they follow) so if you have questions please contact the person on the bottom of the webpage. Only downside is it's on a weekday, but if you can take a day off work this might be well worth it. I'm hoping to go with my wife and baby for part of the day. Post here if you might be interested, but also register on their website. https://www.jewishfoundation.org/raceforarielle
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    He's right. I've driven past there! Didn't know there had any auto wreckers in E. St. Paul ...
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    I hope you're not thinking of scrapping a perfectly good Civic shell... rust? damage?
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    Thanks for your suggestions guys. I'm going to try one thing at a time and see what difference it makes. The first step I've taken is to flush out all the existing DOT 4 and replace with Motul RBF 660. I used about 750 ml in the process, watching the volume in the catch bottle to ensure the longest line pumped through the most fluid and subsequently pushing through less and less as the lines got shorter. And Matt, you're right, that stuff is ridiculously expensive at almost $100/litre. But, if I get a soft pedal again, I know it won't be because of brake fluid boiling. This highly expensive, highly hygroscopic (absorbs moisture like a sponge) fluid, will therefore need to be flushed out at the end of the season and replaced with DOT 4 until the 2020 season begins. Then repeat the flush/fill process.. I think RBF 660 is probably overkill and might look into Stoptech 600 or something more reasonably priced. If you read through the suggestions in this thread, there seems to be a consensus that boiling shouldn't be happening with a DOT 4 fluid with a dry boiling point of 509°F. So maybe the suggestion of rubber line swelling is the answer. However, the one thing that supports the boiling theory is that that every time this happens (once last year, twice this year) it's never on a cool day or early in the run. It's always been at the end of the day. In other words, it takes several heat cycles to raise the temperature to the boiling point (and it's probably happening only on the front calipers. Front calipers also getting heat soaked by the engine. The PTU on my car is water-cooled (for good reason), and it gets hot as heck on that side of the car when you're in the pits following a run. Maybe I'm boiling fluid on the passenger side inboard pistons only? Another interesting point is that after city driving the car for three days following the event, the brake pedal becomes firm again. Almost like the air bubbles are finding their way back to the reservoir. Not sure how easy it would be for air bubbles to work their way back through the ABS modulator lines and eventually to the reservoir. The other theory is that the tiny air bubbles actually get re-absorbed back into the fluid over a period of time. However, the downside is that this apparently changes the chemistry of the fluid and will lower its boiling point. Not my theory, just something I read on the Internet. Anyways, I'll wait and see what happens at the next Time Attack event this month and report back before I make any further changes.
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    It's looking like the forecast is for clear skies all day Sunday now! The rain that was previously-forecast for Sunday will hold off until Monday. Should be a fun day at the last Gimli autocross until September.
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    One thing to consider is that if your fluid is getting hot, and is wicking up into your OEM rubber lines, you might have excess balooning as the rubber warms up and your braking application gets more aggressive. If you are getting a spongy pedals and you have good pads and fluid, maybe next thing to check is the lines. Just a thought...
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    Everyone is welcome to attend GMP the evening of July 5th @ 6pm to assist Club Sponsor Armatas Painting and Decorating with 4 hours of misc. jobs to spruce up the park prior to the Track Day Weekend just ahead of the 3rd Annual WCMA runoff race. We are also planning another Paint Party on the 19th of July. The Road Race Committe will provide refreshments and food for anyone in attendance. Please reply below if you plan on attending.
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    Brian did you bed the pads in? No/improper/botched bedding will cause irregular pedal. motul 600/660 is $35/500ml locally now. I’ll use over 1 liter for a fluid change. I used Castrol SRF previously, it’s the best but pricing of HP brake fluid for some strange reason has gone up recently (I bought 1L of SRF for $89 CDN 2 yrs ago, now it’s $160), Motul used to be cheap as well. Not sure what’s going on there but either way - keep it simple, make decisions based on results. If you still want a fluid option not listed here, I am using Stoptech 600 this time around. Characteristics are same at Motul but price is better. I’ll let you know how it works. There was a distinct pedal improvement with SRF - but I thought I was nuts for spending $90, I’d have to be completely crackers to buy it at $160 now. So Stoptech 600 fluid was $24/500ml... Matt
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    What about small (10x10 or 20x20)additions to the width at St. Andrews in a few select spots? They could be spaced apart so that new courses could be designed to utilize the extra width which would change the course dynamics big time. This could be done over the course of 3 years with adding a section per year.
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    Yes, burn or choke. I think there is some justification that people have some fears. As with soooo many other "wonders" or the modern world, there are penalties for "progress". BTW, I did find a system. Now just the week long (at my lightning speed) to install
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    IIRC it was NW close to the Sears. It's been a lonnngggg time....Old Stadium lot, St vital centre - MAXA also put on a Corvette meet in a parking lot at the Kapyong Barracks I'll stop derailing the thread now
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    Some great ideas in here from all. I like the free event idea. Might be short notice for Rob, but the event on the 7th would be perfect to combine Helix's idea with the free event. Get new people to come in the morning for ride alongs and help setting up their cars and then they can run for free in the afternoon. Call the morning a 'free introductory school' not a test and tune. If the 7th is too short notice, or poorly attended we could do something similar at one of the upcoming St Andrews events and measure the differences in response between venues.
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    Points for event 1 are finally finished! Sorry for the wait, this is definitely the least funnest part of the job! Anything highlighted in yellow is discrepancies we came across when doing the times. If you have any issues please contact us at timeattackwscc@gmail.com event 1 2019 points.pdf2019 time attack championship.pdfevent 2 2019 points.pdf Thanks! Ian and brooke event 2 2019 points.pdf
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    Fun course today! Quite an interesting contrast from yesterday; with today's course greatly rewarding planning ahead and a good dose of patience! 6 runs for everyone was nice too. Here's my 3rd and fastest run:
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    Personally I have never had luck with a gravity bleed effort. This may be just the vehicles I have tried it on. I have used a vacuum bleeder system and a pressure bleed system. The pressure bleed system is great for a power flush if your system is extremely old and has a huge amount of junk in the really old fluid. The vacuum bleed system is somewhat tricky getting the hose to seal on the bleeder screw but is about the cleanest method I have ever used. About the most widely used method if you have a second person handy is the "pump n' hold" method. Most of the time for our purposes we do not have to "flush" our systems. Basic maintenance is about all we need to do. If your car is a daily driver that you occasionally track then you may wish to replace the fluid in spring but that is personal choice. LOOK at the fluid. does it look like it is discoloured? If so then it probably needs replacing. If you are having a difficult time getting the air out of your system (whatever pressure method you choose) try cracking the bleeder in short bursts. Sometimes that helps to surge the air to the end of the line.
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    I love the ideas! We have a wonderful form of motorsport in autocross that's very accessible at a lower budget. It's my major passion, and I wish I could share it with more people. As mentioned, no license needed. Can be as cheap as $25 if you register early, pay online, and have a WSCC membership! Schedules are on the event registration page. If you're already up at the Gimli lapping day on July 6, you can stay around for two autocrosses on July 7! July 7 morning event: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-autoslalom-event-6-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-211259 July 7 afternoon event: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-autoslalom-event-7-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-646839 You get 4 timed runs on a new course, and you pick up cones for other drivers when you're not driving. Bring water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and a waterproof tub to put all your stuff in. Yes, we run rain or shine! Even if you don't want to enter, drop by and we'll get you in a passenger seat for a few rides. It's a very different form of racing from the road course given the limited # of laps on a track you've never seen before and won't see again. Frequent direction changes make for an exciting ride even at normal highway speeds! Track and autocross are both awesome in different ways. Ha! I was wondering who that was! I knew it had to be someone I knew. Nice work!
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    Rookie with slow Focus here: The TA #1 event my brakes were going off after 5 hard laps. The ceramic pads disintegrated. Last weekend I had new OEM rotors, adjusted some undertray deflectors, EBC yellowstuff pads, Motul DOT 5.1 fluid. I've also tried smoother braking, but still hard enough that the tires are complaining. At one point the pedal felt hard, but was less effective (fade?). Pedal was a bit squishy monday morning. I probably have one open track day of pads left. I've flushed brake fluid again and put in Motul RBF 600.
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    3500lbs and 175kmh in itself, shouldn't need anything exciting for brake fluid. The kleen-flo dot4 should be plenty for that. I use that in my RX8 which is about the same weight with driver and similar speeds. Things to consider with managing brakes: What pads are you using? How would you describe your bake application while on track? Stabby? Aggressive? Progressive? How much ducting does the Focus have? Is it blocked? Can you clean up the air-flow at all without too much effort? (remove screens, grilles etc) And so on... Are you by-chance using a scanner to remove all the air and old fluid from the ABS pump(s)? It's not uncommon to have a spongy pedal after a whole weekend of racing. Like others have mentioned, do a quick bleed process to ensure there is no air. One of the bigger issues with DOT4, is moisture absorption. RBF600/660 are big offenders and the fluids (primarily 660) are intended for short term use before being flushed again. This is just something you need to keep in mind with DOT4 fluids. For what it's worth, I use: Amsoil Dominator 600 in the Mustang (4200lbs, and requires DOT4 Fluid by Ford) Motul RBF600 in RaceTrix2 (2300lbs) Kleen-Flo DOT4 in the RX8 (3200lbs) Why the variety? It's what was available where I was shopping when I remembered I needed fluid!
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    Good comments Helix. I agree that we need to work on attracting new participants as well as retaining the long-standing members. I know Rob is doing everything he can on Facebook and Instagram, so we're getting some benefits from social media. Considering a "6-run" event is also another good idea. We've tried to encourage cross-discipline participation with last year's October event but weren't overly successful. It seems, if anything, to be working in reverse (more Autoslalom people becoming interested in Open Lapping or Time Attack). Just to let you know, every time I attend a Time Attack event, I walk up and down the pit talking to driver's who haven't tried Autoslalom and I do my best sales pitch. I've been targeting some of the new drivers who just graduated from HPDE this year as well as those who have been doing Time Attack for several years. I would estimate a potential for 10 new Autoslalom members. I'm also writing an article in the July Aficionado newsletter promoting Autoslalom. Hope that stimulates some interest.
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    We'll run as per the MSReg.com schedule: Gate opens 9:00 AM Check in and registration 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Course open to walk 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM Rookie meeting and course walk 10:15 AM – 10:45 AM Drivers meeting 10:45 AM – 11:00 AM First run group starts 11:00 AM Lunch 12:30 PM Second run group starts 1:00 PM The idea is to have everyone over watching the end of the road racing and/or home for dinner.
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    Interesting thought, Mark! I've seen other clubs run more runs and kind of like it. Another thing I've seen is an 'X' class (or some other name) where only your first 3 runs count towards your event results. This simulates the big US events as far as getting it done in 3, but gives you extra fun runs every time. We have small entry numbers this weekend. I'm open to doing more runs if everyone wants.
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    I have a suggestion. I have been autocrossing with this club since 1994 or so and have always assumed that 4 runs is the standard. But, we competed with Nebraska region and they do 5 runs per driver (125 drivers at event) and we raced with Badlands Region and they did 8 runs per driver (split up, group A does 4 runs, then group B does 4 runs, then group A does another 4 runs then group B does another 4 runs) with 75 drivers. Why can't we do 5 or even 6 runs? Sure, the day will run a little longer but we will all get more bang for the buck and there will be no need for fun runs after.
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