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    Hi everyone, Despite the results being posted at wsccautoslalom.com I thought I should post a thread here as encouragement for the winners to come collect their trophies at the banquet on Saturday October 27. Due to the low numbers of competitors that completed a full season, we are only awarding 1st and 2nd place trophies this year. Novice Division 1st - Roberto Ercole 2nd - Jason Tran Street Division 1st - Curtis Janzen 2nd - Chris Magne Mixed Division 1st - Corey Dyck 2nd - Allan Ball Modified Division 1st - Benjamin Vander Zaag 2nd - Shawn Clarke Cone Killer and Volunteer of the Year will be kept a highly guarded secret until the awards are presented at the banquet. Hope to see you all there.
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    Things I learnt from 2018. Reliability is everything!
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    Unleash your inner speed demon at Winnipeg Sports Car Club's Ice Racing Competition Licensing School! Spend a weekday evening of classroom instruction, and a full day of track time at Lake Shirley learning how to take yourself and your car to the limit on ICE in a safe, controlled environment! Whether you intend on doing open ice track days or ice racing, or just want to learn advanced car control techniques, this is the event for you! This event is also a prerequisite for attaining your Ice Race License. Note: A 2019 Winnipeg Sports Car Club annual membership is included with registration! Classroom: Wednesday January 2 2019 6:00pm to 9:00pm Aalto's Annex CanadInns Transcona 826 Regent Avenue (at Plessis Rd.) Winnipeg, Manitoba Track Day: Saturday January 5 2019 9:00am to 3:30pm Lake Shirley Water Ski and Wakeboard Pond 365 Murdock Rd. Winnipeg, Manitoba Basic Overview: Classroom Content: – Car Control – Cornering – Basic Car Prep – Appropriate Driver Gear – Flags and Related Visual Aids https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-ice-competition-license-school-hpde-lake-shirley-winnipeg-248450
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    After filming I was already contemplating an efi once I stumbled on the holly efi stuff compatible with the 4 cyl motors. still in planning stages on this though. Either way I can carb it then go to an holly efi system later. The draw through carb would have been easiest but working with what I have already. Sweet Might need some tips
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    Jennifer Bell Winnipeg Sports Car Club 2018 Annual Banquet Photo by Jodi Bolger
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    What time is the banquet?
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    actually this setup is for my 94 bmw m3 with fender flares so there more then enough room
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    What's your racing goal? Assuming STR S2000 at autocross: If you want to place higher locally (and at other bigger events), you need 255/40R17 Bridgestone RE71R tires. The BFG Rival S in the same size is a good second choice, but it doesn't do as well on the cool days we often get. The RE71R likes tidy driving, the Rival prefers higher slip angles. Wider tires aren't allowed in STR, and a 275 Azenis or 888R still aren't as fast as a 255 RE71R. Sad but harsh truth. Compound beats width, proven by lots of people that have tried. 255s fit an S2000 with the correct offset wheel with no changes, though rolling the front fender lips is strongly recommended to avoid catching and pulling the fender while countersteering in an oversteer moment. If just having fun, get the tires you find in the best condition/price or the ones you like the best. All cars look better with wider tires, within reason.
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    Now he can make some "click - click- wRRRR" sounds to go along with the "brummm - brummm" sounds
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    Thank you white cross! I’m scratching the cash together and will probably be in a position to buy in late winter/ early spring.
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    Big thanks Ian and Brooke! You guys have done such an amazing job with time attack. It was nice to have two days every weekend this year instead of 1. You guys are awesome!
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