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    We're do you start? Folks, this event is the highlight of my year! I absolutely cannot believe all of the effort so many people put into this event and it gives me chills when I see it all come together successfully every year. Thanks to Matt's team for putting on such a tightly run operation. Al for organizing the tire banding session to make us all feel more comfortable on the track. The volunteers for marshaling and setting up the track facility. Greg' s team for the amazing meat lovers dinner. The wine and beer sponsors were a very nice touch. Dyrk's team for stepping up as the main sponsor for the 21 st time. All of the club sponsors. Helmut' s team for helping out with organizing the event. The officials who have to find a balance between friendship and being the voice of reason. Spencer and Ian for the entertainment and acurrate commentating. Damon for lending the PA system. Timing and scoring personnel. Thanks to all of the drivers and families who made a special trip out to our world famous track. We love having new faces to bond with. And a personal thanks to Damon Hill who converted my car from carbs to fuel injection and lent me his injectors for the last two races as a Hail Mary attempt to solve our last gremlin in the system. It was a success!
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    Couldn’t agree more. It was great to see so many out of town racers! Lots of smiles and great conversation about the interesting cars that came out. A friend of mine that runs with the MRA came out and was super impressed with the event, he’s never seen so much going on and it was all well organized. The marquee class had a first time winner and he was overwhelmed by the support for his first win. Makes me happy to be a small part of this great club and great event.
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    @white_cross looks like @Rare Snake has raised the bar a notch or two. I watched Dason's runs on Saturday and I don't think "charming" this snake with a flute will work. You'll need to bring a big club to this snake fight. I always cheer for the underdog and I can't wait to see the completion of project "Snake Charmer"
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    Thanks to Andy and Daniel for all the help. This was Daniel's first weekend helping T&S. Thanks to the Stewards for tracking down transponder issues, we kept them hopping on Saturday morning. Congrats to Johnny A. for winning the Vintage class and a race. The Formula field was an awesome sight and sound. The SoloSprint Group A cars were putting together some spectacular laps. Times are posted and Championship points can be found here - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/82738/Championships Any comments or concerns will be addressed ASAP. - Doug
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