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    That's great @Weebly , thanks for Posting. I'm looking at the illustration of a corner and driving line - all from the Birds Eye perspective. This brings up an interesting point; Driver perspective. I used to think i am just allergic to cones, when i went to an Auto-x (MAXA days, wpg stadium or St. Vital center) i would get blinded easily by orange - and no matter how many course walks i did, it was always a battle for me to see the line through the cones. All i saw was cones and hoped i'd get a late run so there was some rubber on the ground before my first run. my car was low to the ground and that changed my perspective - it didn't look that daunting when i was walking around but in the car was a different deal. When i took my son to a hockey clinic, they spoke about the "Pucks Perspective", and as a shooter you may see an opening in the net, but at 5ft over and 6ft down, the puck sees a totally different opportunity. I kinda use this analogy with cones and the track walk. i think if i try AX this year, i will be taking my track walk with my view from the drivers seat on my mind as i look at the track.
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    I am going to be giving up my #78 since I will not be renewing my membership for the foreseeable future. If someone wants my racing number 78, you can have my two large magnets for free! See attachment for picture reference. If interested please text me 204-510-5893
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