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    Thank you to everyone who participated this weekend. We had a great Volunteer turn out on both days. This is especially remarkable considering the weather. We even saw some new faces...and they returned for a second day. You guys are ALL amazing. Thank you @TI-GOR for coming out early all three weeks and making sure the track is ready to go. Gloria for being available for both days every event to make sure everyone is registered and ready to go. You guys are a huge asset to Ice Race! We had a great turn out for Ice X / Lapping on Saturday. Again lots of new faces and some returned for some laps on Sunday. Thanks @Al Marcoux for teaching all the ice schools this year at Ski pond. We have a HUGE ice race management team this year. Thank you to everyone filling in all the holes to make everything run smoothly. Everywhere you look people are pitching in on so many levels. It takes massive commitment from so many people to run these events. Next stop Portage La Prarie. Like I mentioned in today’s drivers meeting, no community supports us like PLP. Everyone needs to do anything they can to wrangle up as many cars as possible. Reach out to your fellow racers and let’s put on a show.