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    Here’s a few things that I’d like to see for 2018 As I mentioned before a minimum race weight of 2286 for a few reasons (my fat ass) also so that all the cars that were built to IT3 specs can remain competitive as well as people new to the class can easily attain the min weight. In MY opinion given the research showing that historically CRX’s were penalized we need to address this fairly. (weight) Ideally follow a spec tire rule as do the formula v group. Azenis, Westlake or otherwise. I don’t feel that a TW spec is the best way to achieve linearity. (The performance and price point of the Westlake tires that Super WAYNE can secure for us are worth discussing in my opinion...I’m sure #87 and #200 would agree) Regardless of us agreeing on a spec tire we need to definitely set max tire sizes. How can a 195 compete against a 225? Weighing cars / Tech I understand that workers are at a premium and it’s a hassle...but it is so crucial to us tightening up our group and making every driver feel like they have a chance. Fingers get pointed. Here’s one level that we can tighten up. Camshafts....a huge contention point. We all know this is covered under the DT limitations. This is the big one. If you’re using something non OEM...you’re really not racing. I find it really hard to believe that anyone is actually doing this. We should have some way of encouraging any car who seems to have a considerable edge to have to change their cam to a known oem “Marked” cam. Frankly I’m sick of the speculation here and would like to get past this. This is something that can be done at the track. Let’s find a way to put this speculation to rest.
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    I am sure the 1988 recollection was Roly Thibault's Corvette. I can't remember, but I think I brought him out for driving school with a group from Regina. I already passed his contact information on to Bill Keogh. I am still searching my archive for stuff about Roly's car. Mike Adams
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