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    We'll also bring Perogies. More is better, right Mat?
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    Thanks for the comments Brian. Yes, it really is a team effort each year to make this sport as fun as it is. Not only the current roster of executive and volunteers but all of those who have helped in the past. The unseen dedication of each and every person has help carry our favored activity to the point it is at today. I am pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism is shown at every event. It is because of those who have come before us to lay the ground work and develop the program that makes it look so easy today. As every year, we have a great team of executive, volunteers and course workers. Oh and some pretty fair drivers too.
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    Jim, I should've seconded your comments earlier and I know you've been around for awhile, unlike me who just started this year, but even as a newbie I can't believe the effort that is put into each event by volunteers. I arrive early at each event and am amazed by how many people are already there buzzing around doing this and doing that, all of their own volition. Okay, sure, I can see doing that now and again during the first year or two, but these guys have been doing it for a lot longer than that. And did I mention the rookie course walks? I won't mention names but Rob, Chris M., Chris D, Corey, Jeremy, Beau and anyone else I may have missed are very passionate about the sport and it shows in their course walks and in-depth explanations. Same goes for the Level 1 and Level 2 schools. Actually those were the only two times in my life where I enjoyed going to school. And what about in-car, on-course mentoring for rookies by Mr. Rurak and others? I'm sure these guys have had some scary rides over the years, but are still willing to share their expertise and help others. I'll save the hardest working volunteer for last. I'm sure each and every Director over the years has dedicated a majority of their free time to organizing the events and dealing with all the inevitable wrenches that are continually thrown into the works. I've only seen what the current Director (can't remember his name, but he drives a white Oddity #7) is involved with for the 2017 season but I'm sure it was the same for the previous Directors over the years, and all I can say is HOLY CRAP!! ... I would've been burnt out in the first week. Jim, we've never had a chance to get to know each other, but I can tell from your input on the Forum that you are still active and keen on the sport. Now, let's get that Beemer Screamer up and ready for the next event!