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    We are a go! WSCC to represent at the Calgary WCMA regional event: Tim and I in A-Street with the Vette Curtis in D-Street with the FRS Rob in STR with the S2000 Shawn in ASP with the S4 (S=Subaru Slayer) Corey in the C-Mod Banana Now sure if they have live event timing but we will post back with updates.
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    I think it's more of a case of Costco people not really knowing if/when they are coming in. They wouldn't want to say they aren't coming in since they don't really know. My RE71's are pretty close to needing replacement so I decided to try the Maxxis VR-1's that @Magner suggested. I quite liked the RE71's, tons of grip and sharp handling but I want something with a little more life in them. The Maxxis tires seem to be just a bit behind the "cheater" tires and from what I could find, get great reviews both for autocross and track use. Ordered direct from Maxxis and paid just over $800 shipped to my door. Will post up my thoughts once I get them mounted and use up the rest of my RE71's next week.
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    It's going to take me awhile to get used to being able to come into the pits from all directions. Great job folks!
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    Don't know if this would be more advantageous in a parking lot or to ensure timing always finds you. Even more "neon" in person, believe me. I need sunglasses when I sit in my office.
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    Short film of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club Summer Races in 1967 at the MacDonald Airport in MacDonald, Manitoba
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    That's a beautiful Locost you have there!