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    Nice idea, but way too short to change for the 7th! How about 'bring-a-friend'? One entry fee covers two people. One of them must be new to autoslalom.
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    Here's my fastest time 56.338. Not very happy with the first half and didn't take the line I wanted going back through the wall. I really like this course, simple and fun.
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    Please see attached schedules. Hoping to see a massive turn out for this one! Registration link below! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-open-track-weekend-event-4-road-course-gimli-motorsports-park-078653 July 6th & 7th - Track Day Weekend - Timed Run Schedule.pdf July 6th & 7th - Track Day Weekend Schedule.pdf
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    Here's my fastest clean run, I've bleeped out my swears stupid bumps...
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    The Aficionado for July 2019 with the club display at World of Wheels, Road Race update, Autoslalom articles, 1965 Shelby Daytona Cobra Recreation, Time Attack update and more. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado_2019_07.pdf
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    Here is a crazy idea. Have an event for free. Kind of like a test and tune. All the regulars would be working the course, performing safety inspections, getting drivers setup, riding along, capturing racing footage. Like a good drug dealer, first hit is free.
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    I'll add the cone hits remarks with 2 vidoes of cones getting clobbered. Huge thanks to Grant for letting me learn first hand the answer is always Miata. Grant's best scratch run: 57.7+1 (Warning very wobbly video, don't mount your Go-Pro on the trunk lit folks) My best scratch time, 55.5 +3.
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    I love it! Not so hot on the square-round steering wheel, or the thought of tire prices... Some people are really hating it. I hope this thing is a huge seller. Like, practically flooding the market. Then, I'll get a nice used one for used GM prices in 5-10 years. Most of them will get idled around with the occasional blast of power. That kind of performance scares most people.
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    https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-event-3-wcma-runoffs-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-242264 WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.pdf
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    Are the fuel tank straps in good condition? I can't tell from the photos.
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    Oh man, let's not go back to those days of stop boxes. The vast majority of the drivers were able to follow instructions the first time. We'll keep educating people.
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    I leave all my old Civic shells in @cboettch's front yard.
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    My fastest for event 6 Grant's best run for event 6 My fastest recorded for event 7
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    forgot to record event 7 (thank god! lol) here's my clean run from Event 6
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    The Saturday event was no fun for me but on Sunday I decided to just embrace my dead tires and drive it like it was a rain event. I turned the power down as far as I could and tried to be smooth and precise. It paid off, I was much quicker and actually had a lot of fun (and was reminded that being too aggressive is not the fast way around an autocross course). And if you watch the video, you'll find out why I had no grip
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    Ps. Speed bleeders are amazing haha. We have them on both the cars. Makes bleeding brakes a 1 person job. They just screw into where you stock bleed nipples. When you wanna bleed brakes just crack them half a turn and just pump away. They have a check valve built in so you never get air sucking back in.
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    I've used super dot 3 for 25 years, zero brake fade. 17 bux for a liter at PS or CT. Even after a 30 min race. Hard pedal . I also crack my front bleeders for a couple seconds (gravity bleed) if i take wheels off just to make sure.
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    Most of the road racers use the stuff from Canadian Tire. “Super dot3, 500F”. If the pedal gets soft, we simply open the screw and let it drip for a minute while rotating tires. Might not work on the Brembo calliper with the bleed screw straight up, but the fluid should, cheap when on sale. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/oem-dot-3-brake-fluid-ford-500-degrees-946ml-0381928p.html#srp
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    A friend of mine is involved with this event and asked me to share to any/all car enthusiasts. It's a fundraiser so they are accepting donations. First half of the day is open to hot laps. Second half of the day is ride alongs with some pretty wicked cars including some super fast street cars and a few dedicated race cars. Click the link for more info. I don't know much else (e.g. what regulations they follow) so if you have questions please contact the person on the bottom of the webpage. Only downside is it's on a weekday, but if you can take a day off work this might be well worth it. I'm hoping to go with my wife and baby for part of the day. Post here if you might be interested, but also register on their website. https://www.jewishfoundation.org/raceforarielle
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    Yes! This thing looks amazing. Can't wait for them to become commonplace and I'm sure we'll see a few at the track. Tim this will make a very nice birthday present for the upcoming big one. (Hint hint to Ang) Echo the thoughts of 5-y/o depreciated cars becoming affordable. Here's another thought - what does this do to C7 used market? I don't really know what a brand new C7 cost ... similar ~70k CAD? From what I've heard that is a very nice sports car as well, one that could plummet in value soon.
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    You, Sir, owe me an evening! Even as a non-Chevy fan, I have to admit that this is an extremely nice car...although some of the features hyped up are not new by any means. I definitely love the price, and I definitely hate that they eliminated the manual transmission option (old school here!) I am starting to get used to electric park brakes (formerly known as emergency brakes when they still worked as such). But that steering wheel brings back bad memories...now more fancy, but still weird:
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    A quick turn around and skipping lunch would save us 30 mins max. when compare to current schedule structure. Let's try the compressed schedule starting next event, Event #8, and instead taking the lunch break out, I would like reduce course walk timing from 1hr 45mins to 1hr 15mins. I would think the course walk is set to 1hr 45mins for a reason, however, I will impose this new compressed schedule for event 8 if no objection is raised. Also note the registration hours is also reduced to 45mins (Check in and registration closed at 9:45am) Pending executive decision, I think with this compressed schedule, it is possible to keep up to 6 runs per event instead of 4 runs. Let's see a show of hands of how many participants like additional runs, 5 runs or 6 runs?
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    I agree with Joe’s timeline for the double header. I would have stuck around for the second event if it could have ended sooner. At least for Sunday double headers. I would also like to see a condensed single event at St. Andrews one day. I think no lunch and a quick turn around between run groups would be nice on occasion. Get some racing in and still have most of the afternoon to hang with the family. Just a thought
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    https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-event-3-wcma-runoffs-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-242264 WCMA Runoffs - Race Day Schedule - July 26-28th 2019.pdf
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    Ratchet straps don't rust.....:p I am in Winnipeg, near Bishop Grandin and St Annes road.
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    Hey there, where is the car located? I'm very interested in having a look as my last 2 d16's have pooped out on me 2 weekends in a row
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    Sent links immediately to the drivers
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    He's right. I've driven past there! Didn't know there had any auto wreckers in E. St. Paul ...
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    I hope you're not thinking of scrapping a perfectly good Civic shell... rust? damage?
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    Congrats you two, may you have many laps together.
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    I can't believe how fast Armatas and his team painted the exterior of the bathroom. Outstanding. If that was me it would have taken all summer.
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    Everyone is welcome to attend GMP the evening of July 5th @ 6pm to assist Club Sponsor Armatas Painting and Decorating with 4 hours of misc. jobs to spruce up the park prior to the Track Day Weekend just ahead of the 3rd Annual WCMA runoff race. We are also planning another Paint Party on the 19th of July. The Road Race Committe will provide refreshments and food for anyone in attendance. Please reply below if you plan on attending.
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    Brian did you bed the pads in? No/improper/botched bedding will cause irregular pedal. motul 600/660 is $35/500ml locally now. I’ll use over 1 liter for a fluid change. I used Castrol SRF previously, it’s the best but pricing of HP brake fluid for some strange reason has gone up recently (I bought 1L of SRF for $89 CDN 2 yrs ago, now it’s $160), Motul used to be cheap as well. Not sure what’s going on there but either way - keep it simple, make decisions based on results. If you still want a fluid option not listed here, I am using Stoptech 600 this time around. Characteristics are same at Motul but price is better. I’ll let you know how it works. There was a distinct pedal improvement with SRF - but I thought I was nuts for spending $90, I’d have to be completely crackers to buy it at $160 now. So Stoptech 600 fluid was $24/500ml... Matt
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    Yes, burn or choke. I think there is some justification that people have some fears. As with soooo many other "wonders" or the modern world, there are penalties for "progress". BTW, I did find a system. Now just the week long (at my lightning speed) to install
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    IIRC it was NW close to the Sears. It's been a lonnngggg time....Old Stadium lot, St vital centre - MAXA also put on a Corvette meet in a parking lot at the Kapyong Barracks I'll stop derailing the thread now
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    Just a PSA for all the racers out there that tow their cars on/in trailers: CHECK THE INSURED VALUE OF YOUR TRAILER! Don't be like us and find out too late the insurance broker put it down way too low...
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    Some great ideas in here from all. I like the free event idea. Might be short notice for Rob, but the event on the 7th would be perfect to combine Helix's idea with the free event. Get new people to come in the morning for ride alongs and help setting up their cars and then they can run for free in the afternoon. Call the morning a 'free introductory school' not a test and tune. If the 7th is too short notice, or poorly attended we could do something similar at one of the upcoming St Andrews events and measure the differences in response between venues.
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    A similar thought I had before is to give away limited number of free passes to new comers on social media but I like yours better! One other scenario I see is to run a regular event in the morning with a compressed schedule, start at 10am and end 1pm without lunch break, invite new people to come for ride along experience for the race event, retain regulars and volunteers to help out afternoon free for all new comers event, preferably on a Saturday. That way they can experiences the thrill and notice how much they can grow their driving skill if they come and AX with us. Thank you for all that comments here, lets keep this brainstorm session going and I am sure something great will come out of this! To quote "If nothing changes, nothing changes..." and I am definitely seeing lots of us do care about growing the AX family, and you guys make my day.
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    Points for event 1 are finally finished! Sorry for the wait, this is definitely the least funnest part of the job! Anything highlighted in yellow is discrepancies we came across when doing the times. If you have any issues please contact us at timeattackwscc@gmail.com event 1 2019 points.pdf2019 time attack championship.pdfevent 2 2019 points.pdf Thanks! Ian and brooke event 2 2019 points.pdf
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    Fun course today! Quite an interesting contrast from yesterday; with today's course greatly rewarding planning ahead and a good dose of patience! 6 runs for everyone was nice too. Here's my 3rd and fastest run:
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    We run motul 600 in all our cars. It's about $20 for a jug of it and you can easily bleed out a car with 2 jugs. I'd never think of running anything else. The price point per value of it is amazing. Should easily last you the full year with a brake bleed every event or 2. For $40 bucks you cant go wrong with it at all.
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    Personally I have never had luck with a gravity bleed effort. This may be just the vehicles I have tried it on. I have used a vacuum bleeder system and a pressure bleed system. The pressure bleed system is great for a power flush if your system is extremely old and has a huge amount of junk in the really old fluid. The vacuum bleed system is somewhat tricky getting the hose to seal on the bleeder screw but is about the cleanest method I have ever used. About the most widely used method if you have a second person handy is the "pump n' hold" method. Most of the time for our purposes we do not have to "flush" our systems. Basic maintenance is about all we need to do. If your car is a daily driver that you occasionally track then you may wish to replace the fluid in spring but that is personal choice. LOOK at the fluid. does it look like it is discoloured? If so then it probably needs replacing. If you are having a difficult time getting the air out of your system (whatever pressure method you choose) try cracking the bleeder in short bursts. Sometimes that helps to surge the air to the end of the line.
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    Rookie with slow Focus here: The TA #1 event my brakes were going off after 5 hard laps. The ceramic pads disintegrated. Last weekend I had new OEM rotors, adjusted some undertray deflectors, EBC yellowstuff pads, Motul DOT 5.1 fluid. I've also tried smoother braking, but still hard enough that the tires are complaining. At one point the pedal felt hard, but was less effective (fade?). Pedal was a bit squishy monday morning. I probably have one open track day of pads left. I've flushed brake fluid again and put in Motul RBF 600.
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    3500lbs and 175kmh in itself, shouldn't need anything exciting for brake fluid. The kleen-flo dot4 should be plenty for that. I use that in my RX8 which is about the same weight with driver and similar speeds. Things to consider with managing brakes: What pads are you using? How would you describe your bake application while on track? Stabby? Aggressive? Progressive? How much ducting does the Focus have? Is it blocked? Can you clean up the air-flow at all without too much effort? (remove screens, grilles etc) And so on... Are you by-chance using a scanner to remove all the air and old fluid from the ABS pump(s)? It's not uncommon to have a spongy pedal after a whole weekend of racing. Like others have mentioned, do a quick bleed process to ensure there is no air. One of the bigger issues with DOT4, is moisture absorption. RBF600/660 are big offenders and the fluids (primarily 660) are intended for short term use before being flushed again. This is just something you need to keep in mind with DOT4 fluids. For what it's worth, I use: Amsoil Dominator 600 in the Mustang (4200lbs, and requires DOT4 Fluid by Ford) Motul RBF600 in RaceTrix2 (2300lbs) Kleen-Flo DOT4 in the RX8 (3200lbs) Why the variety? It's what was available where I was shopping when I remembered I needed fluid!
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    Great post and well put words. As somebody who's fairly new to the racing community in Canada, but extremely in love with anything in Motorsports, I do my best to promote our AutoX and WSCC as much as I can. The car community is huge in MB but. unfortunately, it looks to me like most people are more interested in building their track-monster cars to display on car meets than to actually drive them fast. Rob does a huge job in social media and I'm promoting our events through the Winnipeg Free Press Autos Instagram page which I manage (@freepressautos). We have great guys in this group that are passionate with this sport. Let's all put our heads together and think on ways to attract new people. My suggestion is thinking on how we can attract "car meet people" to start racing. Why do they not go? Do they think it's expensive? Do they think it's too harsh on their cars? Do they know we even exist? I'm sure some (if not most) are just building cars to show off and are actually too scared to push what they drive, but I'm sure we could scoop lots of people from that "world".
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    Good comments Helix. I agree that we need to work on attracting new participants as well as retaining the long-standing members. I know Rob is doing everything he can on Facebook and Instagram, so we're getting some benefits from social media. Considering a "6-run" event is also another good idea. We've tried to encourage cross-discipline participation with last year's October event but weren't overly successful. It seems, if anything, to be working in reverse (more Autoslalom people becoming interested in Open Lapping or Time Attack). Just to let you know, every time I attend a Time Attack event, I walk up and down the pit talking to driver's who haven't tried Autoslalom and I do my best sales pitch. I've been targeting some of the new drivers who just graduated from HPDE this year as well as those who have been doing Time Attack for several years. I would estimate a potential for 10 new Autoslalom members. I'm also writing an article in the July Aficionado newsletter promoting Autoslalom. Hope that stimulates some interest.
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