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    Just because some individuals are violating the public health order does not mean the WSCC will follow suit. The club will not put itself at risk of fines, penalties and bad publicity by violating the public health order. We want to spend that money in improving our facility, not paying fines. Until the public health order is lifted, this is the situation we find ourselves in and we will continue to structure our events in accordance with the provincial government's requirements.
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    What an amazing start to our season! Great weather, great people, great competition, and great cars. Thanks to all that helped put these events together on short notice! Here's my best run from Saturday: https://youtu.be/xugqZzUixvQ Check out that slide through the chute at 0:43! Here's my best from Sunday: https://youtu.be/LDY0Hh8k7qY I'd love to see other's videos here too! See you back at St. Andrews airport on June 13 & 14!
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    Here are my best runs Saturday: Sunday:
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    So Covid-19... social distancing...etc etc etc. But does it all mean that a WSCC spring drive is out of the question as well? Obviously we'd all be in our own cars for the drive. Plus, several other groups around town have had their own cruises. Since racing season is postponed, surely there are some of you itching to take your cars for a spin. Why couldn't we organize a drive? (hopefully nobody bites my head off for even asking...)
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    We would not ban anyone because of their home location. It has nothing to do with who is from where. We welcome all comers, the more definitely the merrier. It is ... #1.) The Federal and Provincial government rules/guidelines that we are bound to abide by #2.) The local municipality that actually owns the land controls our entry to the facility. We are not even allow on site to do any maintenance yet. All of our scheduled race meets are being planned tentatively for now, according to legislation and state of emergency powers the government has enacted.
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    I decided to start with a general overview and will create more detailed posts about specific parts of the car. All IndyCars use an "identical" carbon fibre monocoque that was designed and manufactured by Dallara. I say "identical" because there is a decent amount of manufacturing tolerance differences from chassis to chassis. Also, if a chassis has been involved in a wreck, it can be repaired and put back into use. It goes without saying though, that the repairs would never result in a composite chassis behaving the same as brand new. For our team, each car number entry has 2 chassis, one primarily for road course events and the other for ovals. The powerplants are 2.2L twin-turbo V6 direct injection engines and each team has the option to sign engine leases with one of two manufacturers, Honda or Chevrolet (we use Honda). Every team car entry has an engine calibration engineer tied to them and they are not allowed or even able to start the engine without the calibration engineer being present. The gearbox housing and internals are supplied by Xtrac and is a true transaxle to which the rear suspension completely bolts to. The front and rear suspension layouts are both double-wishbone pushrod activated setups with 3rd members both front and rear. Unlike some prototype cars, such as LMP3, LMP2 etc., IndyCar does not allow any dampening on the 3rd member so only bump stops and/or springs are used. Our shop has a small office space up front that has an engineering office that fits 6 of us, each car entry has a head engineer, assistant engineer and a data/electronics engineer. The main shop has 2 primary work bays, a sub-assembly area, pit-stop practice area, fabrication corner, paint booth, setup plate, secondary vehicle work area and a storage mezzanine above the fabrication corner. Each work bay is controlled by the respective crew chief for each car number. There is a primary front-end mechanic, primary rear-end mechanic and each have a secondary mechanic who helps them. The subassembly area is where the gearboxes are cleaned, inspected, serviced and assembled in addition to the axles, brakes and uprights. One mechanic is solely responsible for the gearboxes and another for the axles, brakes and uprights. We do have a magnaflux machine to inspect any wear parts that we are responsible for, that being anything other than the engine. The pit-stop practice area is a fairly basic setup with wooden boxes made to emulate a pit-box wall. The vehicle used for the practices is an old chassis that has been outfitted with an electric golf cart motor and batteries. The air lines for the air-jack wand and wheel guns have sensors on them and interface with a video system for instant playback and review of practice runs that show exact performance of individuals. The fabrication corner is fairly basic with a vertical band saw, drill press, cold saw, tig welder and table, 3-axis manual mill, manual lathe, bench grinder, belt sander and a downdraft table. Simple metal fabrication will be done in-house, but a good majority is completed by local companies since we do not have enough manpower to dedicate solely to fabrication. We do have a full-time painter and body assembler who are responsible for ensuring proper fitment of all body parts, the body assembler is also responsible for assembling and repairing all of the wings and floors. I should also mention that the other data engineer and myself share a workbench where we take care of any electrical and wire harness assembly required.
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    One does wonder why Manitoba rates are so low in the first place. Perhaps it is because social distancing and other preventative measures were implemented before the virus got a strong foothold? It is easy to have this narrow frame of mind when you are in your 20s or 30s but there are family members of most of the competitors that are not in that age group or have some kind of immune system deficiencies. The death rate for Canada from the flu is somewhere between 500 and 1500 for an average reporting year. Canada has 4400 + deaths for the first 5 months of this outbreak. I'm guessing people here are orphans with no immune deficiencies or relatives 40 +? Don't get me wrong, this is putting a damper on all our social activities not to mention our financial positions. But just think if we maintained this kind of an attitude from the start, would we be like QC or Ontario? Currently we are not .. at the moment. I am pretty sure we all would like to keep it that way. Also would you like to be the one that is financially responsible for any health issues or fatalities caused by gathering too soon just for a past time activity?
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    Paityn and I had an awesome time. I have been eagerly waiting years for when she would be old enough to co-drive with me as she only turned 16 this year and has been driving less than 6 months. Everyone was supper friendly and encouraging which really helped with her nerves. I know that she is going to give me a run for my money as she gets more experience. We think her last run would have been her fastest if she hadn't upshifted to 3rd at the north hairpin. The car is an auto and we were in manual mode but on her last run I told her to not worry about manually upshifting to 2nd the car will do it itself. However she thought at the hairpin she was in 1st and went to upshift to 2nd and as she put her foot to the floor she says "WHY'S IT NOT GOING?!?!" Myself I am so glad that I have the excuse of racing on all-season tires for why I am at the bottom of the timesheets. Damn I forgot how fast everyone is...and how poor my driving is. LOL. Regardless it was a lot of fun sliding the car around which proves you don't need anything really special to put a huge smile on your face at autoslalom.
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    Not as exciting as a banana on wheels slip sliding through the course, but here's my best run from Sunday. Much more of a relaxed Sunday drive
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    Chris Boettcher 6417 renewing Thanks Helix
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    What a great event! Thanks for pulling it together. Wonderful to see a full grids both days. Much rust, but it was a ton of fun. Looking forward to the next event Poor camera angle but ... My best run Sunday Curtis’s best run, Sunday
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    Fastest run on Sunday , had two cameras but the one mounted on top didn't capture anything apparently.
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    Was so happy to be back for a 2020 season, few months ago wasn't even sure we could have one! Also happy to be back in the Neon, haven't driven her in anger since 2015, appreciated all the positive comments! 2020 also makes it 10 years since I first started autocrossing. Shout out to the rookie class of 2010, Chris T and Paul S who are still at it! (if I missed anyone else, jump in too!) Saturday: Sunday:
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    I renewed a batch of memberships this morning and will be doing another this evening Get your memberships in today!
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    Awesome news!!! Thank you Tim and all others that made this possible!
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    Starting Friday, May 22nd groups of up to 50 can gather outdoors so let's start our racing season. Global News Report
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    Thanks for sitting tight. Confirmed....insurance was the last holdout and that just got submitted! May 30 and 31 are good to go and should only be cancelled under exceptional unforeseen circumstances. There will be changes...we may have gotten some things wrong and some things right...bear with us and be patient please. Make sure you read both sets of supp regs! Not everything is ready but we will get documents posted as soon as we have them (ie. waiver to print at home and bring a signed copy with you). Plan some time Friday night to do your homework as a participant. Let's go racing!
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    Feel free to read it yourself. https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/soe.html
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    Thank you Spencer and Dylan for organizing the race. It was a lot of fun to have this tight pack going around Road Atlanta. On to next week's race.
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    How many of the people who intended to run the Honda race this week-end also have accounts on iRacing? If there's still technical issues with the server and Discord on Saturday I can host a session on iRacing. iRacing has a built in radio system and so we wouldn't need Discord for the race.
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    Three, countem' 3, handy membership links: WSCC Membership, the main club membership, needed to participate in any track activities: https://www.wscc.mb.ca/join/ Renewals: for those that don't need to read all the preparatory membership stuff, the direct renewal link for 2020 is: http://msreg.com/wscc2020 WSCC Forum Membership, to participate in these forums, ask questions, contact members: Click on the "Sign Up" button in the top right-hand corner of this page. MotorsportsReg, we used them for all membership or event registration processes, create an account at: https://www.motorsportreg.com
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    And this hits the nail on the head. It doesn't matter what anyone believes or hopes is true; The rules says no gatherings of more than 10 people. There is no room for interpretation, and the fines are steep. We'll get together to play in our cars eventually.
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    Just to be clear, not trying to piss off anyone or push the issue, only trying to get people thinking on how we can SAFELY get things rolling, that's it, plain and simple. I also understand the governments roll in all this. I am not a doctor so I have no patients. (patience). And racing is an essential service, other wise might just come unglued sitting here doing nothing. LOL And yes I sent my membership in to you guys last night.
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    Quarantine Kicker Registration opens @ 12:00 PM CDT, June 5, 2020 https://wscc.motorsportreg.com/events/2020-wscc-opentrackday-1-quarantine-kicker-gimli-motorsports-park-518315
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    This thread is for getting a Permanent race car number for 2020 Autocross season. All Autocross participants will need an assigned race car number at each Autocross event adhere to both driver and passenger side of the vehicle. If you prefer not to have a permanent number, open numbers' assignment is first come first serve at each event during check in at the trailer. Refer to attached excel file to see membership status, and available permanent race car numbers. Note, members that haven't been in any autocross events for the passed 2 seasons are now removed from the permanent number list freeing up spots for existing and new Autocross members. Permanent Number Listing_May24th.xlsx In order to reserve your permanent race car number for this season, your membership status needs to be in "Approved", "New" or "On hold" status, if you are new to WSCC, it could take about 1-2 weeks to process your membership status after you paid membership fees, see below instruction on how to purchase membership. Simply reply this thread with your membership name, membership number and the race car number you like to renew/reserve. You will get my written confirmation once the permanent number is assigned to you. Open race car numbers as of 2020-05-24 @ 8:42am 1 2 4 9 10 12 19 23 24 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 41 43 45 46 48 49 51 52 53 58 61 62 64 69 70 73 76 77 79 83 84 85 90 91 94 98 Write up from Nhil on Membership purchasing and renewal below. The membership purchasing and renewal steps are as follows: 1) Log on to www.motorsportreg.com using your internet browser or smartphone. 2) If you already have an MSR account, click "Sign In". If you do not have an account, click "Create Free Account". Both are located in the top right hand corner. 2a) If you do not already have an MSR account and clicked "Create Free Account" - Complete the account creation pages making sure to fill in the required fields marked with a red asterisk. You should see two pages, the first taking your name and email, the second collecting some additional useful information for your MSR profile. Hit the continue button at the bottom to complete your account creation. 3) You will now be on the "Dashboard" page of your MSR account. The "Upcoming Events" section automatically list events that are within your geographic region. This is the default landing page when you log into your MSR account. 4) Membership event located at this link - http://msreg.com/wscc2020 You are now at the membership renewal event, hit the red continue button until you arrive at the box where you can enter your current WSCC membership number. If you are a new member and do not have a number, leave this blank. Hit continue once again at the bottom. 5) Enter the required information as noted by the red asterisks down the page. Choose either new membership or renewal and enter your existing WSCC membership number once again if applicable. Select "Membership Fee" for $50. If you are a lifetime or honorary member, please select only the "Lifetime or Honorary Member" option. Check the boxes under the privacy statement and the acceptance of the cancellation terms and conditions and hit the red continue button once more 6) This screen will ask you to confirm your payment. It should display $50 for regular members and $0 for lifetime/honorary members. Enter your credit card details if applicable and hit the red complete registration button. 7) You are now complete and have registered for the 2020 season. Your credit card may not be charged right away as all registrations must be reviewed and approved by the membership director. Once reviewed your card will be charged and your status will be updated to reflect the valid registration. If you do not have a WSCC membership already, you will receive a membership number at this time.
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    One minor clarification: the major difference between an M (Motorcycle) and an SA (Special Application) helmet is a fire-resistant liner in the SA. SA helmets are required for road/ice racing. Along with a fire suit, HANS, etc. There is a larger eyeport requirement in the M. There's talk of a multiple-rollbar impact test in the SA, but I can't see any difference in the actual SNELL documents. This makes sense as a motorbike crash is rather unpredictable as well! If you do not plan on road/ice racing in the next 5 years, you can save money by getting an M helmet that's newer and will last longer before it ages out. If road/ice race is in your near future, get the SA now! Once the new standard comes out (2020 will probably be available later this year), then the M2010 helmets will be aged out and need to be replaced by 2021. So an M2015 will be good for another 6 years or so, M2020 for another 11.
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    Hi! I told multiple people that the Neon is a seriously fun car. Most thought I was joking. I assured them I was not!
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    Kudos to you and Shawn for bringing along new drivers! Also thanks to all the novices who attended. Great to see you!
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    Thanks Spencer for setting this up, it was a great experience despite the technical difficulties. I hope the next event runs smoothly.
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    Mad respect. You guys rock.
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    Briget has started a mask making business and they are really high quality, 3 layers with a pocket for an additional filter. Check out her website Mask Appeal I'll bring a selection of them this weekend for sale.
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    Timbo ... Current State of Emergency and Public Health Orders The Manitoba government declared a province-wide state of emergency under The Emergency Measures Act on March 20, 2020, to protect the health and safety of all Manitobans and reduce the spread of COVID-19. This order was extended on April 20th and May 17th, 2020. The chief provincial public health officer issued new public health orders on April 30, 2020. The new orders will extend the mandate that anyone entering Manitoba, regardless of whether it was from another country or another province must self-isolate for 14 days until such time as the orders are terminated by the chief provincial public health officer. Not trying to tell you what to do but if you run across some eager beaver of an RCMP, they will probably cite you and especially if there is a group travelling together. Racing is expensive enough without a 480.00$ ticket to pay. There is no 50 K limit as far as I know but rather if you have a cabin in NW Ontairio, you are allowed passage but strongly urged to "stay in your cabin". BTW, it says nothing of all the Ontairo plates I see at Winnipeg health facilities but that is another matter altogether.
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    Here is the latest with stories from the winter and updates on the upcoming season. Let us know if you have additional stories, updates or corrections. Thanks Aficionado 2020-2.pdf
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    They aren't the nicest lol. But a lot of fun. You're welcome JS, Everyone can look forward to events like this in the future
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    Can we get a confirmation from the Autoslalom team the events this weekend are officially a go? Would hate to see mass refund if we all jumped the gun and registered before it was confirmed. If anyone has car classing questions feel free to contact me directly or post in the car classing threads.
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    Is there an event 2? On MSR it says second event was on the 25th?
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    Thanks Roland for the excellent write up as always!!! I'm just finalizing up the 2020 sup regs. new to this year is penalties for not being able to provide a classing sheet(digital or paper)/ or entering your car in a lower class. Just an fyi if you look in the beginners guide to time attack forum I have a walkthrough video on how to correctly class a car.
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    The last one I knew go missing like this got roller painted a different color and was registered as a homemade... was years later recovered by RCMP in sask. looks like a awesome aluminum deck, I’m sorry you have to deal with that bs.
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    Hey! We're discussing this in the discord and will try to come up with a plan so people can watch. I will make a post when we have made a more solid plan!
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    Manitoba increases gathering limits to 25 inside or 50 outside starting Friday, May 22, 2020 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-covid-19-update-1.5577047?cmp=rss
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    (May need to copy and paste) Link to website that provides all the race information you need to keep up to date with everything going on in the eSport world for the WSCC. (I hope to have an official URL domain soon) (Please, if I am over stepping in anyway DM me letting me know and I will dial back. If the club is happy with everything the way it is I am more then happy to continue the work)
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    We were part of a motocross practice at Grunthal over the weekend. 70 participants, no spectators, minors with parents. All pit stall clearly marked for distance. All forms done on line and fees paid online. All were cautioned to practice social distancing. Those who did not comply, would be asked to leave. They were also told that the possibility existed of a visit to confirm the rules were being followed. I cannot say wether or not that happened.
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    @ Matter: I could see protocol topics such as: Registration: online only have all paperwork submitted via email 2 days prior to the event Meetings (marshals, drivers, etc): take place outdoors maintaining social distancing use of megaphone / mic / amp / speaker handouts of track layout with basic rules du jour Ride - alongs: only house hold members Washroom sanitation: YES - LOTS (frequent sanitizing) and/or installation of hands free: hand sanitizers wash faucets paper towel dispensers (definitely NOT air blowing hand driers) toilets & urinal flushing Instruction, drivers and instructors in contact via cell phones (doubtful of efficacy): all drivers have hands free earpiece / microphone with cell phone instructors in a location where the entire track is visible or following in a chase vehicle marshals enforce social distancing measures I'm sure there are more. Peace, David
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    Ian, the race is still on, there’s information on this forum about the new server. For some reason the Discord channel and the server we had been using got unplugged this week. And so most of the people that had been joining the past races got together on a new Discord and a new server. We’re racing tonight as originally planned.
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    That looks pretty good! Thanks for the work you put in Gamez!
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    I assumed they got wind of my scheme to cut through the esses, then preemptively banned me. Thanks for all the work getting the server and stats thing running. It's been fun so far so I hope we can continue in winter as well.
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    Thanks for the question, the first post is edited to make it clearer.
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    Way more to it then this my friend but I am right there with you. I can't go into town or stores (so I don't) without getting too mad at everything going on and everyone following suit. We will get back into out cars taring up the tarmac soon enough. But then we will be told the second wave is here and probably have to do all this all over again. We can only wait, unfortunately. But in the mean time a lot of us have taken up Assetto Corsa racing, we have a dedicated server for the WSCC with a great coordinator for Saturday races at 8pm. There is a forum for that so if you are able to join come on by.
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    Why would autocross be delayed or cancelled because of COVID? It's outdoors and no one is required to come close to each other. Not to mention that MB's "outbreak" is currently on life support with something like 30 active cases in the entire province. If people can go golfing, they can go autocrossing.
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    As many people in this club know, I grew up in Germany. Living about 5km away from the next Hill Climb track, I watched motorsport from an early age on. Nevertheless, I did not get hit by the the racing bug until I was about sixteen years old. Not being able to attain a driver license for another two years, I got involved with one of the three motorsport clubs in our valley and offered my services as a co-pilot during rallies. Not too many people can read notes at full vehicle speed over jumps and through turns without throwing up, so I became a valued -albeit not well paid- commodity very quickly. I may not have been very valuable to the drivers, but in my mind I was da boss! Once I reached the age of 18, my newly acquired car, a 1976 Opel Ascona 1.6N was quickly forced into duty during local events. I became addicted to racing, and I desperately tried to figure out what type of motorsport suited me best. Within the next five or six years I bought a vast array of cars. They were not all that new or fancy, but they were well suited for what I used them for. I had many BMW, even more Opel, three Fiat, two Autobianchi, a couple of Lada, some Toyota, there was an Alfa Romeo and a Lancia, an Audi, I believe there was a Nissan, there was also a Skoda , an Aro, a Suzuki and a Daihatsu and a DKW - yet surprisingly, I never owned a VW or Mercedes! On my 21st Birthday I bought my 21st car, and only 2 of those had been written off at that time! By the time I moved to Canada in my mid-twenties, I had owned 31 cars and 4x4s. Where did my motorsport career take me to? After being a rallye co-pilot for two years, I was very comfortable and eager to race on gravel. At that time I quickly learned that my driving style seemed be more suited to a RWD or AWD car versus running a FWD vehicle. Rallye always remained one of my most favourite motorsport disciplines; however, I very soon started to explore other motorsport categories. My 4x4 were used for Off-Road Trials, and I bought a couple of Porsche to race the National Autocross Championship. Note: This is Autocross, not Slalom. Google "Deutsche Autocross Meisterschaft" to understand! Once per year I even competed in a ski-jøring (which does not mean much for the driver, as the skier is making all the difference in the world...) Nevertheless, I also raced a lot of Autoslalom. At that time race clubs started to realize that there is no sense competing for participants, as every club was hurting themselves by competing with the next club for participants. So all over sudden clubs in close vicinity decided to join forces: Club A had the stock classes running during the morning, Club B had the same cars in the afternoon. Modified cars were being run the opposite way around. Therefore almost every "non-race" Sunday I was able to race two Slaloms -one in the morning, then drive another 30km or so to the next one in the afternoon. Because of that I was racing somewhere or something almost every weekend. My affection to road racing developed through rallying. In Europe you will find a fair amount of asphalt-only rallies, and I became very interested in pounding the pavement. At one point of time a friend pointed out to me that there was a intro event at Hockenheim, sort of a HPDE with a full blown race afterwards. Signed up, I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and I felt proud of having done not too bad in it. A second one four weeks later got me hooked, and I engaged a lot more into road-racing. After that, I raced quite a few times in Hockenheim and at the Nürburgring, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Overall I have competed in a large variety of motorsport events, and while that seems to sound like a great advantage, it actually also brought with it some negative consequences... Fast forward some twenty years...I lived in Brandon, and there was very little motorsport to be had. I did a bit of Motocross, but I started too old for this young man's sport. I also raced the odd stock car race in Souris with a neighbour's Malibu in the mechanic's race, but that felt too orchestrated to me. Any attempts to get into Ice Racing were thwarted by my wife after her seeing the grader broken through the ice. I therefore did not get back into motorsport until 2019. Last year somehow the urge to race became extreme, and I decided to get involved with WSCC. The HPDE confirmed that I found what I was missing, and I have been driving around GMP the entire 2019 long. My car is a 2004 Mazda RX-8, bone-stock so far, but I slowly will get to to the limits of the car....its great brakes and forgiving nature seem to compliment my driving style. I have learned a lot of lessons throughout those years. The most important ones are that car control is a perishable skill requiring constant honing. The other one is that there will always be somebody faster coming along - therefore outright speed will not always make you the winner of a race. I was fortunate to have rubbed elbows with some very successful racers, and what they all had in common was the absolute, unwavering desire to succeed in one particular racing series. Every time I put another lap in at GMP, I try to remember what other people have taught me, and hopefully I make the best out of every lap...
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