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    NEW NEWS: We are very excited to confirm the venue for 2nd Race Weekend to be Beausejour at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships venue. We have been talking about an oval for many years and now is our chance. This is the first year that I can remember that we will have 5 different race venues throughout our race season!
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    May 3 - Track Day #1 May 24 - Track Day #2 June 21 - Track Day #3 July 6 - Track Day #4* July 7 - Track Day #5* July 26 - Track Day #6 August 16 - Track Day #7 September 20 - Track Day #8 October 5 - Track Day #9 *Track Days #4 & 5 are Saturday, Sunday 9am - 5pm
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    May 3-5 - Speedfactor HPDE, Race School, T&T May 24-26 - Road Race #1 June 21-23 - Road Race #2 July 6-7 - Track Day Weekend, Test & Tune July 26-28 - Road Race #3 WCMA Runoffs August 16-18 - Road Race #4 CMW Vintage Weekend September 20-22 - Road Race #5 - Season Finale
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    One full day of open lapping on the road course and a chance to challenge an Autoslalom course all in the same day at the same venue. For only $100 participants are free to come and go between courses as they please all day. Intructors will be present on both sides of the track. This a great opportunity to try something new!
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    To Ice Racers future and present, I had the opportunity to see the meat and potatoes of this course last week and I am very impressed with the content including all new and old. Very well done by the Winter HPDE team that made the effort to make this happen. So much has changed over the years and even though this would have been my 11th year of Ice Racing, I still learned quite a bit and some of it I was embarrassed about. Lots has changed over the years, make sure you plan to attend.
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    True, and if he does go rally racing, the extra bars can easily be added to the standard FIA bar layout. There are a couple folks who regularly run in Gimli with "rally" cages for the inevitable "someday".
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    Venues are still being finalized but here's the proposed dates. Pencil them in: Jan 5th Water ski Park: Race School and Test n Tune Jan 6th Water ski Park Race Day 1 Jan 19th/20th Beausejour, MB Canadian Power Toboggan Championship venue Feb 2nd/3rd Portage la Prairie Feb 16th Winnipeg Beach Wonderful Winter Weekend (* note, it is a Saturday) Mar 2nd/3rd Gimli Have you drove by a pond lately? We're making ice!!!
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    Pretty awesome work who ever got us all these events!!
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    Morris Drysdale 40 Stephen Leiding 47
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    Wow! How many projects can you juggle?
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    Krank sparked up an old thread. My 7 year old Grandson called me via his mother's cell phone today and said his dad had to go to the hospital today for an emergency. I enquired on what it was about and he replied "He had to get his Butt checked out, it had a crack in it" Then he laughed for 4 mins while it took me 30 seconds to catch on to what the joke was. Not too bad for a 7 year old
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    Thank you @nopistons for coming out of hibernation, modifying and updating your curriculum to make this happen. I am always proud of the schools we facilitate. I’m sure this will be no exception.
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    Bin a while ... A spider walks into the tavern. He walks up to the bar and says…”Bartender, could I please have an Imperial Stout?” So the bartender gives it to him and the spider pays for it. After a time, the spider engages the bartender and another guy at the bar. They really had a good time talking. The bartender asked the Spider…”Wow, you’re really smart and well spoken. Where did you go to school?” The spider says…”Oh I never attended school a day in my life. My parents never went to school and my wife and 2 kids didn’t and won’t either.” So the other guy asks…But how did you get to be so smart and well-spoken on a wide variety of subjects?” The spider says…”Well Thank You sir. I guess I’m smart because I spend most of the day on the web.”
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    Dude, the first rule of the brown board is that you don't talk about/link to the brown board.
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    Unleash your inner speed demon at Winnipeg Sports Car Club's Ice Racing Competition Licensing School! Spend a weekday evening of classroom instruction, and a full day of track time at Lake Shirley learning how to take yourself and your car to the limit on ICE in a safe, controlled environment! Whether you intend on doing open ice track days or ice racing, or just want to learn advanced car control techniques, this is the event for you! This event is also a prerequisite for attaining your Ice Race License. Note: A 2019 Winnipeg Sports Car Club annual membership is included with registration! Classroom: Wednesday January 2 2019 6:00pm to 9:00pm Aalto's Annex CanadInns Transcona 826 Regent Avenue (at Plessis Rd.) Winnipeg, Manitoba Track Day: Saturday January 5 2019 9:00am to 3:30pm Lake Shirley Water Ski and Wakeboard Pond 365 Murdock Rd. Winnipeg, Manitoba Basic Overview: Classroom Content: – Car Control – Cornering – Basic Car Prep – Appropriate Driver Gear – Flags and Related Visual Aids https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-ice-competition-license-school-hpde-lake-shirley-winnipeg-248450
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