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  2. Amazing pics Steve thanks!
  3. Championship points are now posted -
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  5. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing
  6. I'm loving the in action shots of cones getting knocked down on those last two there
  7. Sick shot of Botcher
  8. Pictures from the June 11th event are now online
  9. Hi, Thanks to Andy and visitors from AB for their help. I have uploaded the events times to Speedhive Championship points will posted within the next 2 days. As usual comments and concerns will be addressed ASAP. - Doug
  10. Last week
  11. I am looking for a bell housing to connect a toyota "r" series engine (eg: 22r, 22re, 18r, 18rg, 8r, etc) to a "w" series trans ( w58, w56 etc. W50 will not work) Thanks
  12. Took some underside pictures. The rest of the album is here:
  13. The following are the dates of our club events for 2017. In addition there is also a club gathering on Saturday July 15th at Skinners Restaurant near the locks in Lockport. We are hopping to meet at noon at the River Rd. location and after spending some time eating and mingling, we will take a scenic drive to Selkirk and back. Please bring family members and friends in any vehicle and enjoy some good times and conversations...rain or shine.
  14. Santos on the 1st gen forum hooked me up with some fairly workable front fenders. Finally I have a set of fenders that have a bottom not rusted away which allows me to properly fit a set of rocker panels: Something is missing, I was quite afraid to cut the rear 1/4 panel off but I ended up just going for it: The rocker from wolf steel had multiple fitment issues the flat visible surface when the door is closed was very round and the celica is flat so hammered and dollied it flat. The next issue was the part where the sill plate mounts was too narrow so I cut off the 90 degree top edge and made a new one and screwed it in place: Then I welded it up: I built a new middle rocker support out of thicker 16 gauge steel, a more simple design than oem but it is functional. Also being thicker should make it last longer against rust: fitment of 1/4 panel, rocker panel, and door. A lot of time in getting these parts to fit any where near right like 16 hours at this point. The passenger side should be a lot quicker now that I know what I am doing. The door is from my 1972 celica which is less rusty and way lighter because it has no crash bar inside it: 1/4 panel fitment in trunk jambs: Just got my modified steering colum in the mail today from Cary the same guy who built the steering rack bracket to work with my rack and pinion: picked up a w58 out of a MK2 P type supra and a big brake kit as well as the MK2 KYB struts. Not sure if the MK2 stuff is going to work, but if it does than I have a very affordable big brake set up for the car. I have some ideas on how to get it to all work on the car. I do plan on converting the struts up front to coil overs yet. The rear shocks have 10km on them and are from a Ford Focus, the front struts are MR2. The rotors are 12 inch Land Rover HSE re drilled to fit the supra bolt pattern, with a hub centric ring. The calipers are q45 twin piston units. I also took the MK2 brake booster and master cyl. I took a rough measurement and the booster piston and studs they are in the same location as the oem TA22 booster's. These parts all are out of an old time attack car. He said the brakes worked really good at the track. It was quite a fun adventure taking out all these parts in his back yard hoping the rain would not come and it never did. I managed to fit all the tools and these parts in the back of my FJ which sat a fist lower in the back and was down on power with all the extra weight (most people do a front end leveling kit I just go buy enough car parts to make my leveling kit happen).
  15. Funtional - not pretty. LOL No diagnostic routines to run?
  16. Any body need ... body parts Thanks to MRS(less) Joe for the heads up.
  17. Year: 2012 Brand: Mazda Model: MX-5 Miata Trim: GT PRHT (power hardtop) Engine: 2.0L I-4 Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Mileage: 71600km Price Drop: 23900 -> 22900 or BEST OFFER Warranty: Balance of 7 Years (2019)/140 000km Factory Powertrain Warranty Why buy this one: Rare pearl white (metallic) GT, proper 6 speed manual, power hard top 1. GT trim is the top of the line includes (Most on sale are lower GX or GS models): Bilstein shock with sport suspension Limited Slip Differential HID Xenon Headlights Keyless (not just remote) entry and start Upgraded Bose Audio with Bluetooth Phone pairing Auto dim mirror with HomeLink Garage opener Automatic Climate Control Heated Seats (fantastic for top down motoring in cooler weather) 2. 6 Speed Manual, one of the best shifting experiences at any price points 3. Warranty: Car was purchased as a Mazda certified pre-owned vehicle, which comes with 7 years 140 000 powertrain warranty, and roadside assistance 4. 4 Tires with less than 15000km on it 5. Will include 72000km service at Mazda dealer prior to transfer. 6. Private sale, save GST 7. Accident Free 8. Most dealer service records from new For more information: 1. Email (will respond within 24 hours) 2. Text 3. Call after 5PM on most days. Please leave your name and phone number. Autotrader Ad:
  18. Looking forward to your reveal Jim. Neon has still not fired with the new motor, I was able to determine with some diagnostic help from a good friend, my wiring and/or crank signal is correct but the Megasquirt box is not playing along... it will need further investigation so a 2017 season in the Neon is not likely. Plan on driving with Tim for most of the remainder of 2017 so that's one heck of a plan B! Cheers to Tim for the codrive!
  19. LOL. More like too much Winnipeg driving. Downside - brake pads, I ordered are the wrong ones Upside - my rims and tires are ready for pickup at Mike's tomorrow. At this rate next event will be in my WRX
  20. Rally cross can do those sorts of things.
  21. Wow, even the spring caps (?) were cracked.
  22. I'll try to post up some videos over the weekend. Got home Monday night after 10PM, on a 9AM flight to Mississauga and just got home at 1AM no time to process my videos. Unfortunately I had a few camera glitches so I don't have all my best runs. I was reasonably happy with my runs although my overall RAW times were okay, my overall PAX times sucked. Did well in class as I was second both days. First day I lost pretty bad to 1st place (I think he was the only guy in our class that was on race tires) and on Sunday I missed 1st by under 2 tenths of a second. If they have a similar lot next year, I would consider going again assuming all other things work out.
  23. @themikewoo...just put it to the Mario Kart theme.
  24. @Magner 00:45 in your first video would of been a prime piece of montage material. Way to keep that booty in check pimp. @justkickin The double zoom reminded me on arcade video driving games lol.
  25. Finally found time to get videos and get something posted. Was a great weekend! Travelling with the WSCC members is always a good time. Our hosts in Calgary put on a really good show. I drove fairly well Saturday, enjoyed my Saturday night, drove really badly Sunday morning (possibly due to Saturday night) and then redeemed myself Sunday afternoon. Ended up top 10 PAX both days which was my goal. Sunday though I was out of the top 10 after the morning and had to put down a solid drive in the afternoon to get back in. I managed it, but didn't beat Chris by enough in the afternoon to take the win in the car both days. Chris's driving Sunday morning was awesome! The car felt really good all weekend. It did tighten up a little, which is probably a good thing considering it is a little loose locally. The Nexen's performed extremely well (when driven properly). We did have to start spraying them after second runs, but that wasn't a problem. If Calgary still has that lot next year I will likely head there again, all other variables permitting, it was that good. Saturday AM Saturday PM My camera settings aren't great for Sunday....I may have forgotten that Corey was going to narrow the field of view Saturday night and then I narrowed it again Sunday morning...ooppps. Sunday AM (watching this may cause your eyes to bleed it was that bad). Sunday PM Reijo's Fun Runs (He may have beaten me on his second run...but not by as much as I would have imagined he would...level 2 school here is on my radar for this year now so I can find that time).
  26. Gate is expected to open at 6:00pm. Considering there has been events Monday - Thursday it has prevented access for lawn maintenance. Anyone arriving during Porche's event today or prior to the maintenance being completed PLEASE KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT ON THE PAVED SURFACE. Thank you
  27. Ahh! Wow, that must have been a shocking discovery. Glad your car survived mechanically and can still be raced without major repairs. Just add a little race tape like they do in Nascar and you'll be good to go! Might want to check the other sheliving and hanging structures in that trailer. Hope the wood isn't rotting on you. Maybe just one bad lag bolt?
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