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  2. Hi Everyone, As usual, we are looking for instructors and track workers for the 2018 HPDE. If you wish to help out, please make your way to the volunteer registration page. We need: 22 instructors, 16 track workers. One thing that we are changing from last year is we are restricting the number of lunch compensations down to what we need. We just don't have the budget to cover everyone's lunch that shows up. By no means are we turning away volunteers! So, we will be using the MSR page as record on who is coming to help out. The assumption is that if you are not on the MSR list, you aren't coming. There will be a meeting for all volunteers April 11, 2018 at Aaltos 826 Regent Ave. to discuss the 2018 changes and make any tweaks as necessary with the current program. Agenda to follow. Notes for instructors: When registering as an instructor, please ensure you provide your shirt size. We hope that with 22 instructors, that every instructor will have 2 students with a 25min break in between. All instructors: please apply for your instructor license on WCMA's official license page on MSR. If you are looking to instruct and have not done so in the past, please contact hpde@wscc.mb.ca to find out more info. If anyone has questions or comments, please don't hesitate to pass them on. We need your comments from last year to steer the 2018 HPDE in a better direction! You can either post your comments here, or email them to HPDE. Thank you! The HPDE Team
  3. Body rust?

    Hey Just wondering if it matters on having body rust on a car I want to autocross? I am planning on running a classic Toyota (my parts car ) and will be installing through the floor sub frame connectors so it should have the strength it needs. The rust I am talking about is the rockers or lack of them Thanks.
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  5. Number registry is live!

    Hey guys and gals! The folks at wcma have opened us up a time attack registry on motorsport reg at the following link https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2018-car-classing-number-reservation-licenses-western-canada-543125 Don't worry about uploading any documents, just select time attack and your number. We have decided to make numbers mandatory for 2018. They can be permanent decals, magnetic stick ons, painters tape, window markers, spaghetti super glued, pretty much any method as long as it's visible to workers. If you plan on doing permanent or magnetic decals we strongly encourage following wcma specs for sizes. These rules can be found in the "beginners guide to time attack" forum. Ps. we are still finalizing the details but it's looking like we found a pretty sweet company out of the states to offer contingency sponsorships to the time attackers. And let's just say it's a pretty big deal. Fingers crossed!
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  7. Licensing

    Not sure how many fall into this category however, if you have taken an HPDE in recent past but perhaps it has expired (more than two years), there is an avenue to be approved for time attack competition. If anyone is interested in learning about this easy process, please don't hesitate to email me at hpde@wscc.mb.ca
  8. Licensing

    Friday lapping need a full membership and a valid driver license.
  9. Licensing

    Is there any license fee, requirement for HPDE or membership requirement for Friday lapping?
  10. FIA OMP Professional 6 Point 3" Harness. In good to very good condition with no signs of damage. Bought new in 2006 and they expired in 2011 but are still perfect for anyone competing with an organisation which does mandate replacement of harnesses every 5-years. Part# DA40161/Red or DA/401 or DA401 We have a total of (2) sets available and are asking $125 each.
  11. Hello Ice Racing boys and girls, Remember when your kids were/are in sports and you had to sell XXX amount of tickets or calendars or whatever for the sport otherwise you cut a cheque yourself? We’re doing the exact same thing although it isn't calendars, this is something you can use: The Prize: SAR Is putting up a race car wrap or decaling package valued at $1500 and we’re going to raffle it off. The Lucky Winner will get: - A custom race car wrap installed and doesn’t have to be Ice Racer OR - You can use for decaling your race trailer OR - You can use for your buddy’s Mud Racer OR - You can use to get that larger banner you wanted to put on your neighbor’s lawn saying his dog craps in your yard OR - You can use to decal your daily driver OR - You can use to decal for your work vehicles OR - For signage OR - Split with a buddy to decal his bike and put some work signs on your truck OR - Mix and match what you would like to use the decals for ** Basically you get a budget of $1500 to spend at SAR in their decaling/sign division Partial wrap your work vehicle (background) or decal your daily driver: Decal your bike or UTV with full graphics: Tickets are $50 each - Each 2018 Ice Racing participant must sell three tickets. Read that part again: Each 2018 Ice Racing participant must sell three tickets. Each racer is responsible for the $150 revenue needed (3 x $50 tickets) per racer. - The Ice Racing Participant is responsible for topping up the missing tickets personally if they cannot sell them. - Anyone can purchase tickets online, they don’t have to hunt down an Ice Racing participant Prize Terms: - Draw will be made March 7th by Randy at SAR and will be video'd and posted on our forums - Last ticket sold is March 6th and topped up by racers who are short - No Cash value - For use in SAR Sign/Decal division only (Wraps, decals, banners); not to be claimed in their power sports division. Although you are more than welcome to check them out. - The recipient must make arrangements to claim prize by Nov 2018 - The Winner will provide us with a photo of whatever they decal. How do you buy/sell a ticket? Here is the link to buy a ticket (thank you Darin W): https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-ice-race-grand-prize-raffle-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-162797 and make sure whoever is buying the ticket notes who the Ice Racer is so we can apply to their three ticket quota. NOTE: If you are reading this and want to buy a ticket and you are not an ice racer then go ahead, you don't need to wait for one of them to ask you. When can you start selling tickets? Right now!!! I bought one under Bill L and so did Clint S while we were testing the MSR. To each racer that plans on racing on ice, I would start right now and even look to other verticals like road racers, dirt track racers, go carts, whatever. Don’t wait until the last second. Thanks.
  12. As with any public debate, if you want something passed...make it about safety. Regardless if it’s a solution in search of a problem...
  13. Ive also heard it on the flipside, many cars pre 95 didn't have airbags standard, and personal injury payouts are higher on those cars. Also 95 is the implementation point of OBD so emissions improved (theoretically) from that point forth. If MPI really wanted to be asses, they could just change it to a rolling 15/20 year rule, anything older production would be deemed irreparable. I'm not against all of this, but against the disregard for classics and sports cars that are not the main issue. That mustang would net them a ton more cash if left salvageable, as im sure it would sell for 3-5 times as much (if not more) as it will as a "parts only" car.
  14. Let's see what MPIC is throwing away this week.

    In this sense I was using the term pollitics as from the original greek. I.E. the process of making decisions that affect members of a group. In this province we have given political power to an insurance company.
  15. One of the “big name” car dealers is on the board for MPI. That’s where the 95-older “rule” came from. Looking out for their own wallet.
  16. Licensing

    Ice race license is good for time attack. Must still attend the hpde
  17. I think, in their own twisted way, that is exactly what they think they are trying to do. Believe me more than anyone I am NOT a fan of government run private business. When "Autopac" first opened it's doors the promise was to never try to "make" money and to never open sales locations to "sell" insurance in direct competition with private insurance sellers. Well both those went out the window now didn't they?
  18. Licensing

    Sorry Jim, just came across this now! According to Al, a time attack lisence is also good for time attack!
  19. https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4142&itemnm=142 https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4142&itemnm=235
  20. Let's see what MPIC is throwing away this week.

    ^ Makes me hate MPI more and more. An insurer should be there to cover a risk, not implements its own political agenda. Stupid socialist province.
  21. HPDE Requirements

    Weblink for PDF list: FIA Acceptable Helmet List and Expiration Dates FIA Website: https://www.fia.com/technical-list-ndeg25-recognised-standards-helmets L25_standards_for_helmets.pdf
  22. HPDE Requirements

    It might be useful to some of the current acceptable helmets were listed here or a link to the regs that define it. I'll try to find and post later once I'm back at a real machine...assuming someone doesn't beat me to it.
  23. This one time....at Gimli...he tried to run me over with a dragster.
  24. R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    Ya, I'd stay far away from that guy. Don't make eye contact.
  25. He’s just a wanna-bully His partner is the REAL bully
  26. R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    My Buddy, your Bully.
  27. Don’t make fun of my buddy
  28. Our 2018 Title Sponsor announcement

    Excellent! I shot them an email, thanks for arranging this Jordan
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