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  2. 2018 Road Race Championship Poster

    Nice Poster!!!
  3. The Manitoba Karting Association (https://www.manitobakarting.ca) is actively seeking a Race Director for the 2018 Race season. It is a paid position with a per diem of $150 per race day with 11 races in 2018. Please see the attached for more details. If interested please contact: MKA Steward Doug Despins dougdespins@gmail.com Race Director.pdf
  4. Canadian Nationals 2018

    hmmm.... 2h40m drive for me. If some of you guys came down, I think I might join you.
  5. Another airport, only about twice as far as Lincoln. The ON folks can put on a good show. Some interesting course design options aailable depending on how good all those pieces of asphalt are.
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  7. 2018 Permanent Number List

    Wayne Chin - 5994 Keeping 99 thanks
  8. when is the first autocross event?

    When I did the HPDE last spring My Impreza had hardly any tire ware and I did about 100km (not holding back either) of laps on the second day alone (at least that is what my odometer was saying). My brake pads and rotors showed minimal ware too. So if you respect your car and don't overdrive it you will have a blast.
  9. Jeff Janzen 1664 Renew #90
  10. SWEEET!! Just signed up for the season pass - awesome deal! Hope we can get together as a group for some hot lapping at Gimli. I would prefer August or September but will change my plans and book a Friday off work if we decide May or June would be better. Let me know and I'll adjust my plans. A big thanks to Shawn, Josh, and members of the executive for putting this together! Looking forward to another great season with you guys.
  11. Last week
  12. RX7 1st Gen PTE for sale

    Race Prepped 1st Gen for IT2 or PTE -Engine: balanced, mild porting, modified Nikki carb, Mazdaspeed hi volume oil pump, custom header, 2-2nd gen oil coolers, aftermarket aluminum rad, electric fan, cool air intake and custom KN filter housing. -Four puck competition clutch -LSD diff -Eight point roll cage -ATL fuel cell, Summit fuel pump and filter, all steel braided fuel (and oil) lines -Ten Diamond wheels with enough rubber to get started this season. Fully race prepped, lots of spares and data/setup sheets etc. Hole in header needs welding, front brake rebuild (rotors $40 each, lots of spare pads), harness and ready to go. Also complete donor car with 120k drivetrain. Raced annually for 10 years till 2017. Very reliable and balanced to drive. Willing to take offers or part out if no buyers for complete car. Not able to attach pics so contact me if interested.
  13. Pyrotect driving shoes

    Used 2 seasons. To small for me. $20.
  14. Levi Jones would like #84 if I could thanks.
  15. Hey everyone, New for the 2018 season are the Season and Championship passes! An excellent way to make autoslalom more convenient while saving you some money and getting free stuff! We are offering 2 different event passes for use with regular autoslalom race events (not applicable to Fun Run Days, Test & Tune Days, Club Days or Schools). Both packages will allow you to pay up front and receive discounted admission along with some free loot! Season Pass - $325 - Available until April 28, 2018 One of the great benefits of the season pass is automatic registration for the entire season of autoslalom. No need to register in MSR, you are already registered. Just show up and race! This package also includes: One Autoslalom T-shirt One Autoslalom Sticker One session of Friday hot lapping at Gimli Total savings of approximately $165 Championship Pass - $175 - Available until July 1, 2018 Registration for 8 events of your choosing. After purchase you will receive a specialized discount code for your use (and your use only) and will allow you 8 free autoslalom entries. This package also includes: One Autoslalom T-shirt One Autoslalom Sticker Total savings of approximately $65 Note that a valid WSCC membership is required prior to purchasing. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-autoslalom-season-championship-pass-st-andrews-airport-winnipeg-466405
  16. 2018 Permanent Number List

    I will not be renewing, #49.
  17. Permanent numbers

    Great ideas. Was planning the class as well and the full 114, then I just cross the first '1' out when the tire warmer (likely me) is driving. Do we have any WSCC decals anywhere? Would Robbie have them? I have the WAS decal on a c-pillar, but nothing explicitly WSCC. Oh and thanks for the pic @cboettch, stole a copy.
  18. Daiten Lowkie- 6721 Taking- #21
  19. Renewed Renewed Renewed Renewed Renewed
  20. Permanent numbers

    Unit numbers adorn all kinds of vehicles INCLUDING cruisers.
  21. Permanent numbers

    I see no reason why a door number would be any different than a bumper sticker (as far as the law goes). It's not like they are obstructing your view. Similar to a work truck with a decal, IMO. On the other hand it might attract some unwanted attention. I imagine if you were pulled over for even a minor infraction, those numbers are not going to help you plead your innocence. Suggestion - if you're going to leave them on all year including street driving, maybe add your class (req'd for nats anyway) and maybe our club logo and/or website? That way it looks more like a promo than just a door number. And you never know, you might inspire some kid who loves corvettes to look up wscc.mb.ca and come try the sport. Double check the rulebook regarding what's allowed right above/below/near the numbers and class.
  22. Yes. Gas station is only 5 min away as well!
  23. Okay.. thanks.... Arrive with full fuel tank! GOT IT
  24. Permanent numbers

    They lasted almost 2 full seasons. The corners started coming up though, and I had to remember detailing spray and microfibre to remove dust. Not an easy feat at my age. That, and when it rained I couldn't get numbers on. Hmmm...vinyls would take away one fair weather racer excuse...maybe I should rethink this. lol
  25. Permanent numbers

    They were, and from Solo Performance as well. They are done now, and I either need more or get some semi-permanent vinyls done. The last few events I had to use blue painters tape on the edges to keep them on. I forgot your Malibu runs numbers, maybe my Cavalier can get away with it as well. Worst case I take them off and revert back to Solo Performance I guess.
  26. Allan Ball -1704. Keeping 71 please.
  27. Permanent numbers

    Were these restickies?
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