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  2. Video: BMW M Day 2017

    Wish I went.
  3. Autocross age?

    Neil This is my understanding too. Shawn are you only referring to ride alongs portion of th rules when you talk about "only ride with a parent or guardian" . but he could still race his car if he brings the signed waiver by his parents and has his license that allows him to drive on his own? Or are you saying he can only ride with his parent and not race till he is 18?
  4. Really Joe?

    I thought only my wife and i had that rule.
  5. If anyone wanted to see the promo video that BMW did during their M Day a month ago, check it out here:
  6. Yesterday
  7. Autocross age?

    oh thats right, there was debate about getting karts included in Canada like the states does
  8. Autocross age?

    My understanding reading the above is if you can drive on the road alone, you can race. However if your license requires you to have a chaperone or whatever, no racing. Also, must be 18 to ride along with anyone other than a parent/guardian as mentioned above.
  9. Autocross age?

    No karts of any kinds are allowed in autocross under the Canadian ASN rules.
  10. Autocross age?

    in other words you have to have demonstrated to a government official that you can operate a motor vehicle safely to race. makes sense. karts must fall under a different rule set though, because don't children race karts at sanctioned events?
  11. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    There are a couple of issues we have to deal with. The first is that all access to our site is dictated by the racing going on and there could be significant delays for people getting across the track once they enter the gate. The second issue that our only access to the food vendor is during the 12-1 break. Last time we missed that window and we didn't get food because we tried to do our normal routine of racing heat 1, break for lunch then running heat 2. By the time we finished heat 1 it was almost 1pm and the food truck had already left. So this time we are going to ensure everyone can get food and then get back in time to get their cars warmed up and the marshals out to their stations. As this weekend is the Vintage weekend I have been told it is very busy and we are the group that is cut off from the pits during the racing so when the last road race of the morning finishes and we get the all clear to cross the track, we will be the last ones to get to the food truck. Not knowing now long everything will take and not wanting to be late on proposed times the above schedule is what I came up with. Maybe we will have everyone back and ready to race before 1:30. I apologize for the event timing and I will see how we can refine it in the coming season. It is hard to predict how much time we need to carry out each part of our day especially without knowing what sort of crowd we are going to get. Being out in Gimli it was suggested having the later start time. We also were trying to get the secondary entrance working but it is just too damaged from big equipment. Maybe next year it will be a viable option which would allow us to operate more independently.
  12. Gate will be open today at 5pm. Highway #8 from Clandeboye to north of Petersfield is under construction and resurfaced with gravel. You may want to avoid that section.
  13. Really Joe?

    Two strokes rule.
  14. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    So looking at the schedule on Motorsportsreg, this seems kind of whacked. Gate opens and check-in at 10am, then a break for lunch, and finally at 1:30 the runs begin? 3 and half hours after check-in? Seems like such a waste of time. If we're at the far end of the runway, what we do has no bearing on what the road racers do. Why such a massive delay? Gate opens 10:00 AM Check in and late registration 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Course open to walk 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Rookie meeting and course walk 11:15 AM – 11:45 AM Drivers meeting 11:45 AM – 12:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM First run group starts 1:30 PM Second run group starts 3:00 PM Wrap up meeting and teardown 4:30 – 5:00 PM
  15. Autocross age?

    'where the driver is authorized to drive without another licensed driver being present, are permitted.' I Don't think a learners cuts it. Graduated yes, learners no.
  16. Autocross age?

    I take the above as anyone with a graduated license can drive/race provided they meet the requirements of that license. But you must be 18 to RIDE with anyone other than your parent/guardian. So 15.5 (or whenever it is you can get your learner's permit) to drive, 18 to ride along. Seems wrong, but that's how I read it.
  17. Autocross age?

    If you read Shawn's response ... "So for now, in Manitoba, if you are not 18 years or older, you can only ride with a parent or guardian as the driver." Silly but it is a CYA thing with regards to our broad insurance policy. A 17 year old can throw around a 4000 lb weapon in heavy traffic with close proximity to other family loaded vans but they are not allowed to drive in a single vehicle race under controlled circumstances. I entirely missed seeing that bubble wrap ...
  18. what about utube and providing a link?
  19. If you have the file, can you upload it to drop box? @Mustang-sandy could upload it to our FB page.
  20. Last week
  21. Autocross age?

    So can he (my 17 year old friend) drive his own car at our events or is he only allowed to be a passenger with one of his parents and not drive till he turns 18? Do his parents have to physically be at the event to sign the waiver or can he bring a signed waiver and can I act as his guardian at the event? Do I have to ride in the car with him while he drives or can he drive on his own? I'm coming with my own car as well. He has his drivers license and can drive on his own. I'm getting together with him tonight to tech inspect and class his car so I need to know if he is allowed to drive his own vehicle or not.
  22. New Mylaps X2 transponder

    We have tested the latest transponders last year without issue. We are also running the latest X2 decoder boxes at T&S without issue. Please see us in the trailer with your new transponder #.
  23. Autocross age?

    That's too bad. The most entertaining passengers I've had have been young people. They are also usually the most appreciative of the experience!
  24. I finally processed a film clip that my father took back in 1973 of an Ice Race on the Red River south of Winnipeg. Near St. Adolphe or St. Agathe, not sure which. Impressive crowd on hand to watch that event. I remember seeing in the Tribune in the Sports section under Events a small three or four line description of this event. Since I was 15 and no license, I did alot of arm pulling and convinced my Dad to take me after church on sunday to the event. I remember all the cars parked near a bridge and we walked a far distance. I like the Can Am type wings on three of the cars back then. Impressive crowd watching! Hopefully a member or two will recognize a car. Unfortunately it is too large to download on this forum. If there is a way to post on the club's Facebook page let me know. Enjoy! Wayne
  25. New Mylaps X2 transponder

    Well it's over a year later and I had a brief scare a few days ago. lol All the lights on my transponder started flashing red. I unplugged and checked cable and plugged it in and it kept doing the same thing. Then I'm thinking wtf? So I surfed to their website and found the user manual to decode the lights, and it turns out it does that when it needs a major update. So I had to download the new file into the transponder thru it's USB cable from my PC. Then power down and back up again and we are back in business. Carburetors man, that's what life is all about.
  26. Autocross age?

    So can a 16 yr old with a beginners license co-drive with a driver who has their full license?
  27. Autocross age?

    I emailed Doug Campbell our WCMA National SoloSport Representative yesterday to get clarification because the information on the age and requirement that the parent be the driver is under a section called Underage Drivers. He did confirm that the section should actually be renamed Underage Participants and he will make the request to improve the wording. I have also requested that this restriction (can only drive with parent/guardian) be lifted entirely. If not entirely I want them to consider when we have a driver who is under the age of majority is entered in a school where they would be a passenger with an instructor (likely not a parent/guardian) as the driver. So for now, in Manitoba, if you are not 18 years or older, you can only ride with a parent or guardian as the driver. My understanding on the restriction has to do with our insurance. In Canada use 14 years as the minimum age and US uses 12 years...it's because of the increased potential of injury, particularly neck injuries, in younger (i.e. smaller) passengers wearing heavy helmets in cars making hard transitions. To keep our rates lower we have stricter regulations. I am not sure how the parent/guardian as the driver fits into this though. Unfortunately in the past we have been ignorant of the rules, which includes me as a guilty party too. So we are now all aware of what the rules are and we will uphold them.
  28. 2017 Co-drive(s)?

    Big thanks to Brian Wiebe for the co-drice in his RS! Will be hard to top a car with drift mode but people are welcome to try. And if anyone is wondering, yes Drift mode works! I will be camping in Riding Mountain this weekend so if anyone was thinking of offering, then save it for event 13. Just a note and not sure how much evidence it is of my help but both rookies I drove with this year dropped a couple seconds over the 4 runs.
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