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  2. How do I find my member number? Sorry I'm new lol either way can I reserve #98?
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  4. Wayne C 5994 Renewed #3
  5. Ben Vander Zaag, Member #5953 Claiming #3 Please.
  6. Still available ?
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  8. Renewed Renewed Renewed Renewed Renewed Renewed Renewed Numbers are being updated in MSR now, they don't get updated until number reservation is closed off. See above ALL UNRESERVED NUMBERS HAVE NOW BEEN RELEASED
  9. Similar issue, looks like my number (#39) hasn't been reserved
  10. Posting for Sarah... Home made unit. Used for a few seasons. 1 7/8" hitch. $300 obo (Rims/Tires NIC)
  11. @Nhil, On MotorsportReg the number list seems to be out of date (at least on Event #1 on Sunday). I just followed the instructions and chose a different number (19) on the registration, I assume that will be updated later? Just looking for clarification.
  12. Frankly, I think marshaling is to blame for this accident. Dead car on the track, basically on the racing line, and everyone is still going full-tilt around it. Why were there no yellow flags well in advance to slow down the traffic? Who's the hell was running that race?
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  14. I was thinking on the drive home last night... there have been quite a few open wheel fatalities the last few years... maybe I'm completely wrong on this.
  15. Shouldn't this be in For Sale?
  16. just to confirm, Time attack is Saturday only?
  17. Done by Vivek, a great guy from the Texas region who has created this informative site. Good read.
  18. I'm not convinced open wheel is what made this accident so bad... how many Moto racers have died in the last few years? Certainly more than open wheel racers (to the best of my knowledge anyway). A single seater open wheel car is capable of going very fast, and there just isn't a lot of space to put the crush structures on the cars. Add to the fact that this particular accident is about the worst case scenario (car going straight into the gearbox of a stopped car in front at high speed), the size of a crush structure that would have let him walk away would be huge. The FIA tests that the Mygale F4 car are tested to, include a 30mph front impact... double the speed will quadruple the energy to dissipate, and I'd bet he was going closer to 3 times 30mph. I'm not here to argue that an openwheel car is 'as safe' as something else, but to simply label them 'most dangerous' doesn't seem particularly helpful either. I feel much safer in my Reynard in T1 at Gimli that I do on Highway 1 in my Toyota most days... Gary
  19. it could but due to the gravel composition of where the awning ties out adjacent to the taxiway I don't think it would auger in. My vote is Corey's second suggestion and leave them in, although the priciest option of the three,43319,33282&ap=1
  20. For sale, 6x Falken Azenis RT615k 195/60R14, all used on a FV at Gimli. 2x great $60 each, 2x good $50 each, 2x well used $40 each. Or $290 for all. Call/text 204 509 7100
  21. Petsmart has 18" long dog leash screws that might work for about $6.00
  22. 2 ground anchor choices:,43319,33282&ap=1,43319,33282&ap=1
  23. Standard roof vent, standard size, I hope. Awning side clips - not too sure. I'm thinking there are some universal/adjustable ones but I really don't know. If we need to measure the arm size first, then I guess you'll find out when you send the order! Here's a photo of the general idea of what we need (see below). Awning tie downs - I have no idea what to look for here. Is there something premade for RVs that you can just buy, or do you have to rig up something? If we need to DIY, then I suggest a pair of tie down straps and pair of little corkscrew augers instead of tent pegs, and a couple of loose D-rings on the augers that can fold flap so we don't trip on them, so we can just leave them in the ground year.
  24. Zachary Clapa - 6533 #08 Please Thanks.
  25. Are there any specific sizes or anything I need to know? I will grab the list and send just after lunch Friday afternoon. If you need it done sooner, let me know.
  26. Bump. Freshly safetied as of this morning, new ignition coil and spark plug wires the week before!
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