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  2. I was pretty happy to see how it all came together so smoothly. Thanks for hooking me up with the trans. Eventually Brummmmmmmm - click -click- wRRR - "Pawssssst" - brummmmmm . I was going to take it for a spin down the back lane. The motor was running awesome, Ran it through the gears on the stand, every thing worked well shifted gears nicely. Then before the drive I decided to put the long tube header on it and it would not run right, I think there was a big vacuum leak somewhere . I played with it for a while with no luck, then decided what is the point of getting it to run nice as I am changing the whole intake and exhaust any ways when I turbo the motor. The long tube header was just for its flange to build a turbo manifold but when I bolted it up I realized the design was too poorly made the exhaust ports did not line up very well probably also caused the vacuum leak since it shares mounting bolts with the intake manifold.
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  4. What's your racing goal? Assuming STR S2000 at autocross: If you want to place higher locally (and at other bigger events), you need 255/40R17 Bridgestone RE71R tires. The BFG Rival S in the same size is a good second choice, but it doesn't do as well on the cool days we often get. The RE71R likes tidy driving, the Rival prefers higher slip angles. Wider tires aren't allowed in STR, and a 275 Azenis or 888R still aren't as fast as a 255 RE71R. Sad but harsh truth. Compound beats width, proven by lots of people that have tried. 255s fit an S2000 with the correct offset wheel with no changes, though rolling the front fender lips is strongly recommended to avoid catching and pulling the fender while countersteering in an oversteer moment. If just having fun, get the tires you find in the best condition/price or the ones you like the best. All cars look better with wider tires, within reason.
  5. Shawn

    2018 Awards

    On Saturday Jared Halpin took top honours for knocking down cones and in the cooling temps destroying at least 5 cones. That said, it was great seeing him in the rally car doing lap after lap.
  6. Now he can make some "click - click- wRRRR" sounds to go along with the "brummm - brummm" sounds
  7. The newer Falken Azenis 615k comes in both 265 and 275 in a 200 thread wear tire. Also upgraded to a 17x10 wheel and 265 would be perfect imo.
  8. Nice to see you are using the trans (and blanket)!
  9. nishanna

    Winter Storage Options?

    I believe Don Ewasko has some storage in Selkirk I think. Send him a message on Facebook.
  10. 275/40/17 Toyo RR are available new from Braiden Tire in Toronto and Montreal, they are great to deal with and ship here quite reasonably. They have the 888R as well which i think is close to TW200, the RR is not
  11. Weebly

    2018 Awards

    If I can't get the Cone Killer award, can I at least get "A" for effort? Based on the number of mutilated cones I saw last Saturday, I think there may be others who are challenging me for this award. Good luck with that.
  12. klasseng

    Sports car recommendations

    Thank you white cross! I’m scratching the cash together and will probably be in a position to buy in late winter/ early spring.
  13. Last week
  14. supra w58 5 speed swap is done: also took some torch flame to brand new chrome parts :
  15. white_cross

    Sports car recommendations

    I am a bit late here but I vote miata. I love mine and drive it daily in summer. Handling is awesome. I have a 1991 miata. You can't beat the cheap = fun factor. I have had expensive cars and this car. This car is way more fun with less worries. My friend had a newer non pop up light model with the sport package. That car was a little go kart. I would look at something like the sport package. It out performed my earlier miata. if your budget is 15k my miata has about $6k in it (including purchase price) and his sport sold for $7k. On a $15k budget that should leave you some extra to buy a roll bar to run HPDE events/school. I recommend getting a nice set of 200 tread ware trires. some day I would love to put a ls motor in my miata. Side note I would love a Honda s600 the grand dad of the s2000. Maybe some day I would trade the miata for one if the right one came along.
  16. Hi everyone, Despite the results being posted at wsccautoslalom.com I thought I should post a thread here as encouragement for the winners to come collect their trophies at the banquet on Saturday October 27. Due to the low numbers of competitors that completed a full season, we are only awarding 1st and 2nd place trophies this year. Novice Division 1st - Roberto Ercole 2nd - Jason Tran Street Division 1st - Curtis Janzen 2nd - Chris Magne Mixed Division 1st - Corey Dyck 2nd - Allan Ball Modified Division 1st - Benjamin Vander Zaag 2nd - Shawn Clarke Cone Killer and Volunteer of the Year will be kept a highly guarded secret until the awards are presented at the banquet. Hope to see you all there.
  17. Currently no competitive extreme performance summer tires (200TW) come in a 17" wider than 255 width. If you need a 265 or 275 for looks, there's a few options available but they will not not be a direct competitor with the lastest 200TW tires. That being said, if ultimate grip is the goal, always pick a compound over a size.
  18. nopistons

    looking for a set of 255-40-17 200 thread wear tires

    Hmmm if you still need the size from January in a 200TW, i have some BFG Rivals.
  19. also looking for 265-40-17 and 275-40-17, thanks
  20. Can whoever is organising this order me a Gluten Free meal please, and let me know? Thank youuuu! See you all in a couple of weeks!
  21. I think the lesson here is to document what you do. Bring a notebook and write it all down. Don’t make it complicated, just date, weather, tire pressures and session notes.
  22. Hey Steve I'm just setting up at the track so I will be brief. The 70km wind forecast has been lifted and there is little to no wind here currently. Temperature is mild with a light drizzle. We will take all precautions to protect our marshals. We all understand the risks and we intend to cover these in our drivers meeting today. As marshals we monitor all drivers and address potential unsafe behaviour. After all we also offer these type of events at -30 on ice. See you later today!
  23. Darin, I think I can speak for everyone out there that we really appreciate the time you put into providing your experienced insight into "preparing your car and how to drive to conditions". I'm sure there are a few inexperienced drivers that might be a little apprehensive about driving tomorrow's event in cold/wet conditions, but after reading all the comments in this post, I'm sure they'll see it as a great learning experience with a ton of fun thrown in to boot!
  24. Hey Corey, Great comments, especially the part about how there is no consensus amongst experienced drivers. I think you nailed it with your reference to the placebo effect. If someone says "this is what will happen if you make this adjustment" then you are already predisposed to make the same conclusion without any substantiating evidence. Sometimes better to leave things as they are and compensate with driving adjustments rather than try and make an adjustment to the car, but not really knowing if you're going in the right direction. I think this post is working as intended and is providing some sage advice with the additional benefit of dispelling some myths. Thank-you Matt, Darin, and Corey. Ever since I took the HPDE and decided to give open lapping and Time Attack a shot, I've been scouring the WSCC website looking for videos that can be used as a learning tool. To date, the best one I found was on the Time Attack webpage showing Darin navigating the track in a Toyota Matrix. To me this was much more to the point and demonstrated how to drive the proper lines rather than watching other videos of crazy fast cars generating some unreal speeds, braking points, and corner exits, etc. Having watched your video clip over and over again, I think this would also qualify as a great learning tool for anyone new to the sport and not familiar with the proper driving lines for GMP. The fact that it was run under wet conditions shouldn't really matter. Assuming others agree, can we add this video to our webpage alongside Darin's video?
  25. Looking forward to tomorrow, but also a little concerned about the weather forecast, especially for the marshals/volunteers freezing in the 50-70km/hr wind/rain! Well, if you believe the forecast. Maybe its just because I am getting older, or maybe because I am not sure if I will need to run winter tires or not... But, yes, also because over the years time has shown its one thing for experienced drivers, handling familiar cars, in adverse conditions and another to have a training or school event which could include inexperienced drivers, who may not know their car, in adverse conditions. The risks are understood by all ahead of time, but hind sight is where many questions could get asked about the recipe that lead to an unfortunate situation. I know I could be being "that" guy, so I apologize if I am, but yes, looking forward to it... cautiously... Steve
  26. Amen to that! I got very comfortable with a sliding car and slide recovery by getting it wrong a few hundred times on the ice.
  27. One entirely separate comment from above... If you want to become a better driver in all conditions...go to MPI/kijiji/FB-MP or wherever, buy a inexpensive, mechanically sound, manual trans lump (for enviro reasons) and partake in ice racing hot laps this winter! This might even include the winter beater you already have! I can't stress enough how much you will learn. Or how much fun you will have doing it.
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