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  2. We will be reviewing all self classing this year in the form of track inspections if this is what you mean by approved schedules.
  3. Well , it's been two years since this topic was last updated. I read through this thread and there is a lot of good information buried within but I think you can pretty much do one-stop-shopping by accessing the link Joe provided. Beyond Seat Time has developed exponentially over the last two years. You will find everything you need to know and more. I purchased "The Complete Autocrosser's Manual" and it is well worth the money. If you prefer something a little more basic, I've attached a Word file I found on the Internet. Hope this helps those who are getting their feet wet for the first time this season. Autocross Defined.docx
  4. We should look into having the schedules approved. I think we (WCMA or WSCC) can do this ourselves with access granted from ASN/OTA CCC.
  5. Just to clarify, you don't need a roll bar for the autox side tho!
  6. sorry, i couldn't get through the video....but Its best for F1 because its been working. It creates something to watch after the first lap, there have been way too many pass-less races in the past. Due to the disparity between 1st and last place, F1 can be boring to watch and has been no more than a procession on more times than i can mention. The DRS allows a marginally faster car to pass in a safer manor. This can be drawn out and disputed all day - and i wont do that, but the fact of the matter is that we have all watched a driver stuck behind a car and ultimately the DRS helps. The technical passing still takes place in the corners and/or by drivers who know how to set up a pass - IE Daniel Ricciardo. At the end of the day, the fast guys are the fast guys and the back-markers are Williams the back-markers - DRS doesn't change much, it adds to the entertainment value.
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  8. The following are the members of the 2019 Leadership team. If you are interested in assisting in any capacity please contact any one of us and we will help you learn any and all aspects of running these events. Since the people below likely cannot make all the events, please offer to assist in the area(s) that interest you the most. It is people helping people that allow us to have the fun that we do so please do chip in where you can or want to!.The more the merrier! Director Corey - @Corey Assistant Director Tim - @justkickin Chief of Course Design Curtis - @Curtis Chief of Registration Helix - @helix Chief of Safety Chris - @Magner Chief of Schools, Promotions and all things that make you fast! Rob - Chief of Timing and Scoring Matt - @babyfod Chief of Equipment #YourNameHere Looking forward to another awesome year of racing!
  9. Still looking for a Chief of Equipment. Events don't run without radios. Need someone to take on this important leadership role, even if you don't think you can make all the events. We have strategies for that. Looking forward to adding someone to the leadership team.
  10. FAQ about Formula 1: DRS (Drag Reduction System) During any Formula 1 Grand Prix race since 2011, DRS has been and is still used by the drivers during the race. But what is a DRS Zone for example? and why is DRS the best we have for racing?? This video below explains it all in 8 mins, enjoy
  11. Hey all! I've been in contact with asn about the rulebook for 2019 as they have still not released it yet. My last update yesterday was they needed more updating than originally updated but will hopefully have it be released soon. Once the 2019 regulations are released, it will be mandatory to reclass your car to the new rule set as many of the pips are changing. I'll update when the new regulations are published. Sorry about the long wait. Stay fast, Ian and brooke
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  13. Any chance to connect by phone? Or getting a copy of the notes afterwards...
  14. Thanks to all that came out and helped get the trailers sorted and inventoried. Great start to what should be a great year of racing! @BigKahuna Thanks for the offer. Are you with Ultra Tech fire and Safety? Asking because they are a club sponsor I hear and we would like to provide them first rights to supply as a thanks for the sponsorship. If so great! See you soon. If not, you are second in line once I find out about Ultra Tech. Just being fair to sponsors.
  15. Posting for @dino Stewarding conference will occur at 1 PM, Sunday, April 28 at Canada Inns Transcona. Open to all stewards, organizers, competitors and workers. Will be looking at incidents, attitudes, new rules for passing in dealing with competitor attitudes and interviewing techniques. Should take 3 to 4 hours.
  16. If ext are needed please give me a count and sizes needed
  17. BTW, Autoslalom only had 4 extinguishers to start with. Station 2, station 4, timing trailer and the paddock.
  18. Thank you for the info. Is the adhesive backed vinyl single use?
  19. Bomex did my numbers as well - and some other stuff, good products from them. I use adhesive backed vinyl, i'd be leary of static panels - i've had a couple before and they don't stay on. Magnetic panels can work but typically you're going to have to tape down the leading edge at minimum...then you're going to have be ultra careful with them because they scratch paint. taping them down minimize the paint scratching but does not eliminate it.
  20. You must be SPECIAL! I will edit. It’s yours.
  21. Do you tape your bomex numbers on? Or do they cling?
  22. Miguel Yetman #46 I had last year for is that why its not on the list?
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