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  2. Classic Motor Works Has donated to the silent auction. Thank you Dirk!
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  4. Speed Factor has made an donation. Shawn Wolk has made a donation Steinbach Credit Union has made a donation. Thank you all!
  5. Hmm, I was kind of wondering about the choice of words on the unedited version. Good catch! Not sure why they call it a "silent" auction. Obviously not the case last year when my better half was yelling at me as to which prize bags I should be putting my tickets into. Not sure why I need kitchenware or a visit to a Spa for a pedicure. Maybe I'm missing something? Seriously though, you're doing a great job organizing the banquet @cboettch
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  7. Thanks to those who have graciously donated for the silent auction. It's not too late, to donate! Cheers Chris
  8. Hi All! The 2019 WSCC Year end Awards Banquet, is less than two weeks away on October 26, at the Clarion Hotel, 1445 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg Cocktails at 6:00, Dinner at 7:00, Shenanigans to follow. For those who haven't, registration ends Wednesday October 23. http://msreg.com/wsccbanquet2019 Hope to see you there! Cheers Chris
  9. More bumps than a Winnipeg side street ... was this ever re-visited?
  10. There seems to be a line forming ....
  11. Always one or two copies on the parts counter. Great job Ken.
  12. Hello @Kevin , you and I need to swap jobs. Thank you.
  13. I do like reading these articles and once I got it in the mail. I left it in our coffee table in our customer lounge for months and it was always in people's hands.
  14. I know I have been pretty quiet on here, it has been a hectic summer with not much time off. Hopefully once the season winds down I can find time to provide some insight on how these teams function and what racing at this level is really like. My last race of the official 2019 season is this weekend at Road Atlanta and we are lucky enough to have our trailer parked beside Corvette's, who has the new C8R at the track this weekend for display and demo laps. The only technical details released so far is that it has a 5.5l flat-plane crank engine. It looks pretty tame from the outside, but if it is anything like the current C7.5R, it is an absolute spaceship beneath the skin.
  15. I’ll try to make that one. I’ve never made it to Minaki before. At least it was last weekend and not slated for this one....
  16. Ditto for me. Great job Ken! I know most people use social media for keeping up on social activities but I would highly recommend putting the Aficionado on your reading list. I enjoyed the article on Autocross Nationals. I love reading articles written with passion ... better than using a pen.
  17. Damn, good turnout. Can't wait for the spring drive now.
  18. $2700 2 day school and you provide the Camaro...$4000 if you use their’s. It almost seems like we already offer this program http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/10/area-27-motorsports-park-sees-success-with-camaro-driving-academy/
  19. Here's proof that at least one car made it to Minaki.
  20. Here's my small contribution with some shots: https://adobe.ly/30VupmL Fun drive by the way, hopefully we can do it more often!
  21. Hey Rob, Had lots of fun on the Fall Drive yesterday and got a chance to meet some new people. Perfect weather for ducks, so thanks for leading our group of ducklings safely throughout the drive. Looking forward to next year. It would be nice to get some photos that we could use for an upcoming article in the Aficionado.
  22. So how was the drive? I so badly wanted to go, but life/kids took priority in the end. Any photos?
  23. https://www.facebook.com/events/468993817027785/ Should be a very good fall drive with all the leaves just changing.
  24. Awesome. Nice to see it revived. Gonna try and make it... One last hurrah before the winters go on the car.
  25. Just a heads up here, the Fall Drive '19 is slated for this weekend, Oct. 6. Here's a link to some details! https://www.facebook.com/events/468993817027785/
  26. Great reading! I like to hear what is going on in the various segments of this great club!
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