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  2. Hmm, maybe. Not sure I'm ready at the moment. No trailer/space for a not street legal vehicle. Since the ice racing is all FWD how would my 05 Lancer Ralliart be as a dedicated ice racer? 162 hp/162 ft/lb torque, very slick 5 speed, responsive throttle, 2800 lbs. Fairly common for parts and shares many with the base Lancer. I did ice lapping in it last winter and was a blast. It's currently my daily driver but it's starting to rust out so thinking what to do when it's ready to retire.
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  4. As indicated in the COVID-19 Announcement that was posted to the forums, all WSCC Executive, Board and Club meetings are being held entirely by video and teleconference - until further notice. Members can attend this week's meeting by logging in on the ZOOM Meeting application from their computer, tablet or smart phone, or by calling in to the meeting on their telephone. There is no charge for members downloading and using the application to attend the meeting. Instructions on downloading the application can be found here: https://zoom.us/ An email invitation will be sent out to
  5. The rule book will be similar to the above with a specific set of Supplemental Regulations. Please keep in mind we are in the very early stages of planning and more specific info will be posted as soon as it’s available. We are all very excited for DirtX!
  6. Could you clarify the helmet requirement, will other helmet certification be allowed? Is there anything information available on which rule set this discipline will be following? WMCA does not list rally cross or dirt related solo events. However The only available resource appears to be the SCCA Rallycross rulebook found here: https://www.scca.com/downloads/53337-2021-scca-rally-cross-rules/download and the WCMA auto slalom rule book, found here is very similar: http://wcma.ca/new/soloregs/2020_Canadian_National_Autoslalom_Regulations.pdf Both of these resources provide a comprehen
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  8. Registration has only been open for 14 days, yet the HPDE is already more than half sold out! There are currently only 18 spots left. If you are still sitting on the fence, don't wait too long to make up your mind - sign up before you end up on the dreaded waiting list....
  9. The only thing better than a cool car being saved, is a cool car with a story. I look forward to seeing this little beast when it`s done.
  10. BAT also seems to create some bizarre bidding frenzy especially for the 240z. Case in point is the one that sold in January for $310,000!!!!
  11. There is a story behind this car... My brother had a 240z in highschool (I had a junker) and now that he's older he wanted another one to relive his youth. When he was turning 40, I thought it would be an excellent surprise to find one and build it the same as he had. He just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and the car is still not done after 10 years of this. Once this puppy is done, I'll kill him if he puts it on BAT.
  12. School is canceled and the first event is moved to February 13th....hopefully.
  13. Let us know when you have listed it on BAT I truthfully hope to see it around being used to do what it was meant to....
  14. Thanks for putting this together! I definitely enjoyed it
  15. This sucks, but it may be for the best. I heard on the radio this morning that they are warning people to stay off the ice still. We haven`t had cold enough weather, and people are breaking through all over the place.
  16. Here is the first Aficionado of 2021. Enjoy! WSCC Aficionado 2021-1 Jan 18.pdf
  17. DirtX will debut this year as a demonstrative discipline. The intention is to garner some interest while keeping the requirements and cost of participation to a minimum. We plan on holding one or two events between May and September. The DirtX concept is similar to Autoslalom. Envision 1km courses on various loose surfaces. This is a timed solo sport activity where drivers can expect to hit speeds of +\- 80 Kmph. Each event will feature multiple runs on more than one configuration. Cars will be classed only by AWD, FWD and RWD for this season. As long as your car is well maintained,
  18. Gotta love this forum. Good news, I got a Builder for the 240z. You can close this thread, thanks for looking. Thanks to Demchenko for the good lead.
  19. Just the school for now? The 30th 31st weekend is still a go for racing?
  20. I'm happy to say that all the tires are now shaved and the WSCC tire shaving machine has been put away till next winter. The production line for bolting the tires is in operation however is still operating at a covid reduced capacity. lol Here's hoping things improve in Feb/March and we will be able to put these babies to use!
  21. Weather dependent....this is our planned season ending event for our ice racing series and ice attack drifting action. Questions? ice@wscc.mb.ca
  22. Unfortunately with the ongoing forced cancellations of our racing plans due to covid restrictions we have decided to cancel plans for a ice racing school this year. If restrictions are softened to the point we are able to still race we are planning a hotlapping/test & tune day at the Winnipeg Ski Pond venue on Feb 13th and if any newcomers are looking for some complimentary coaching/feedback please feel free to reach out to any of the event coordinators and we will try to help coordinate some assistance for you.
  23. Yessum.... BAT is showing big dough for clean 240's.
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    Member meeting, instructions to follow.
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    Member meeting, instructions to follow.
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    WSCC Meeting

    Member meeting, instructions to follow.
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    WSCC Meeting

    Member meeting, instructions to follow.
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    WSCC Meeting

    Member meeting, instructions to follow.
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