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  3. That looks great! Can you send me contact info for who WSCC uses for posters please? I have a non-WSCC project for which I need posters.
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  6. when is the first autocross event?

    Interesting you guys are waring soo fast on those items. I was not holding back either as I was passing most guys in my run group in the school. I had a blast and want to do it again. My instructor had me learning to be smooth. The way you drive fast around the road course is not the same as a fast autocross run. If I drove like it was autocross I would have killed the tires and brakes in a few laps. on the straight I was hitting over a 100kmh and my impreza is not a turbo model but a 2.5ts wagon. There was another person who took the school and she corded her tires badly by the end of the event but she over drove her car all day. When I pushed the car beyond its limits and started sliding a lot more the tires started to get used up more. You can be smooth and fast out on the road course.
  7. 2010 EVO X MR FOR SALE

    1 of a kind! The car was purchased new from Stevens Creek Mitsubishi, California. It has never been Winter Driven. I am the second owner and imported it to Canada in 2011. You will not find a cleaner car. Interior is perfect and exterior is in exceptional condition with some signs of use and age, minor. 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X MR Touring 40000 ORIGINAL MILES WHITE Vin: JA32W5FV6AU004568 Original Specs and options include: Standard Traction Control Power Steering Dual Air Bags Stability Control Tilt Wheel Side Air Bags ABS (4-Wheel) AM/FM Stereo F&R Head Curtain Air Bags Keyless Entry Recaro Heated Seats Air Conditioning MP3 (Multi Disc) Leather Power Windows Rockford Fosgate HID Headlamps Power Door Locks Sirius Satellite Daytime Running Lights Cruise Control Bluetooth Wireless Rear Spoiler Optional Navigation System Sun Roof (Sliding) Premium Wheels 19"+ Enhancements added to car after initial purchase, well over $30000.00 include… Do Luck – Rear duckbill trunk (carbon fiber w/o keyhole) Do Luck – Front spoiler/splitter (carbon fiber) Rexpeed – Side gills (carbon fiber) Rexpeed – Hood scoop and grills (carbon fiber) Seibon – Rear lower diffuser (carbon fiber) C West Side Skirts Smoked Rear Tailights AMS Performance – Front mount intercooler AMS Performance – Upper Intercooler pipe/hot pipe AMS Performance – Widemouth downpipe w. turbo outlet Walbro – 255lph Fuel Pump ID1000 Fuel Injectors Girodisc Front Slotted Lightweight Rotors Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines AEM – Cold Air Intake, grey GrimmSpeed 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid Fujitsubo – Legalis R exhaust, stainless steel Exhaust Test Pipe with Resonator – Cat Delete Custom Transmission Cooler Spal Puller Fan Ducted Brake Cooling Advan Racing wheels – RZ 19x10” et25, Dark Gunmettalic Advan Racing wheels – Low type center cap, limited edition black Tires - Bridgestone S050A Pole position, 275/35/19 – new AST suspension systems - 5100 single adjustable struts and shocks, monotube AST suspension systems - GT spring package (400# front, 500# rear)(set of 4) AST suspension systems - tender springs, 60mm (set of 4) AST suspension systems - rear shock mounts (set of 2) Vorshlag Motorsports parts - front adjustable camber plates Eibach suspension – sway bar kit, front and rear Megan Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms AEM Boost Gauge- pillar mount AEM Wide Band Digital Air Fuel Gauge – pillar mount Perrin Performance – Shorty Antenna $32500.00 obo CALL DAN @ 204-294-8230 FOR MORE INFO. Only Serious Inquiries Please.
  8. Custom alignment shop thread?

    C.A.P.S. 688 Dufferin 204-582-9672 Tell them you are a member of The Winnipeg Sports CLUB
  9. There was a thread from last season somewhere about a shop that did custom alignments in the west end. Everyone seemed happy with the job they were doing. The thread seems to have disappeared? Does anyone remember the name of the shop or have a recommendation for a good shop to use? thanks
  10. 2018 Permanent Number List

    Hendrix Deleon 6548 #54
  11. Here you go! https://youtu.be/wDyrNrvYIuY
  12. You would have to register... somewhere, for that.
  13. 2018 Permanent Number List

    Lawrence Baltus 1429 keeping # 10
  14. Ugh... Now I have to read the whole thing? Aw man.... How about you do up a video of it? That would be much easier than reading. Thanks.
  15. when is the first autocross event?

    Might as well be honest up front. Even at the HPDE school with an instructor, I noticed significant tire/brake wear on my E46 M3. My almost new front right tire was almost corded by the end of the weekend. A friend with a brand new C43 AMG who took the school last summer (after I encouraged him to) had to replace 2 front tires after the 1 weekend of the school. He told me he enjoyed the experience, but wished he knew ahead of time how bad the wear was going to be so he could budget for it. Sure, you can let people try the track out and find out for themselves or posts like Brian's can warn them ahead of time so they know what to expect. Light-weight race cars are one thing, but given the heavy weight of modern cars these days, you don't need to "over-drive the hell" out of your car to experience significant tire/brake wear at Gimli.
  16. when is the first autocross event?

    My intention wasn't to discourage anybody. The comments above mine saying that 100km of lapping at Gimli with negligible wear & tear to show for it is UNrealistic, and I've responded based on experience from years of tracking. It's unlikely that anybody is going to want to come to a race track and roll around like it's a Sunday scenic drive with the family, causing no wear on tires and brakes. They're going to want to have fun with their cars, and people need a realistic expectation if they come to the track. So it's been said from one person that they had minimal wear, and from another who's had plenty of wear. Both sides have been told, so either way, people can make up their own minds, or come to the track and find out for themselves.
  17. Comments like this will only discourage people from participating. It’s the opposite of what our club needs. If you’re running a car on ANY race track you should expect significant wear on consumable items such as tires and brakes. If you over drive the hell out of your car and go diving in to corners plowing all over the place then yes you’re going to see massive wear. Hot Lapping at Gimli isn’t racing. It should be about learning how to drive smoothly and consistently. Upgrading the driver. Doing 100 laps on the limit should not be ones goal nor expectation. It’s up to the driver to decide if learning the line and practicing consistency is more important than beating the hell out of your equipment.
  18. when is the first autocross event?

    You must have been putt-putting around then. Gimli is an utter cheese grater on tires if you're giving it hell. Especially the right front. I've had chunk missing from tires many times from Solo Sprints. I even had cracked front brake rotors one year. I remember Nish missing chunks of rubber from his old M3 too. There's no way you did 100km on the track, lapping hard, and have minimal tire & brake wear.
  19. I think that generally YOY people just read the highlighted sections. I opted not to do this so that people aren’t encouraged to skim. I’ve removed tons of antiquated details from this document and added some. It’s worth reading in it’s entirety if you want to go racing at GMP. Most noteworthy points - Volunteer Jobs - 2 week MSR pre-registration - Black Flag / Contact
  20. Thanks Guys. I was able to get in touch with your help.
  21. Generally YOY changes are highlighted in BOLD, is the only change for this year the Entrance Fee? Thanks for this.
  22. Canadian Nationals 2018

    Is that a fly and drive offer? That would be seriously tempting.
  23. Chris Deacon - 1543 Keeping 42
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