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  2. Looking forward to your reveal Jim. Neon has still not fired with the new motor, I was able to determine with some diagnostic help from a good friend, my wiring and/or crank signal is correct but the Megasquirt box is not playing along... it will need further investigation so a 2017 season in the Neon is not likely. Plan on driving with Tim for most of the remainder of 2017 so that's one heck of a plan B! Cheers to Tim for the codrive!
  3. LOL. More like too much Winnipeg driving. Downside - brake pads, I ordered are the wrong ones Upside - my rims and tires are ready for pickup at Mike's tomorrow. At this rate next event will be in my WRX
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  5. Rally cross can do those sorts of things.
  6. Wow, even the spring caps (?) were cracked.
  7. I'll try to post up some videos over the weekend. Got home Monday night after 10PM, on a 9AM flight to Mississauga and just got home at 1AM no time to process my videos. Unfortunately I had a few camera glitches so I don't have all my best runs. I was reasonably happy with my runs although my overall RAW times were okay, my overall PAX times sucked. Did well in class as I was second both days. First day I lost pretty bad to 1st place (I think he was the only guy in our class that was on race tires) and on Sunday I missed 1st by under 2 tenths of a second. If they have a similar lot next year, I would consider going again assuming all other things work out.
  8. @themikewoo...just put it to the Mario Kart theme.
  9. @Magner 00:45 in your first video would of been a prime piece of montage material. Way to keep that booty in check pimp. @justkickin The double zoom reminded me on arcade video driving games lol.
  10. Finally found time to get videos and get something posted. Was a great weekend! Travelling with the WSCC members is always a good time. Our hosts in Calgary put on a really good show. I drove fairly well Saturday, enjoyed my Saturday night, drove really badly Sunday morning (possibly due to Saturday night) and then redeemed myself Sunday afternoon. Ended up top 10 PAX both days which was my goal. Sunday though I was out of the top 10 after the morning and had to put down a solid drive in the afternoon to get back in. I managed it, but didn't beat Chris by enough in the afternoon to take the win in the car both days. Chris's driving Sunday morning was awesome! The car felt really good all weekend. It did tighten up a little, which is probably a good thing considering it is a little loose locally. The Nexen's performed extremely well (when driven properly). We did have to start spraying them after second runs, but that wasn't a problem. If Calgary still has that lot next year I will likely head there again, all other variables permitting, it was that good. Saturday AM Saturday PM My camera settings aren't great for Sunday....I may have forgotten that Corey was going to narrow the field of view Saturday night and then I narrowed it again Sunday morning...ooppps. Sunday AM (watching this may cause your eyes to bleed it was that bad). Sunday PM Reijo's Fun Runs (He may have beaten me on his second run...but not by as much as I would have imagined he would...level 2 school here is on my radar for this year now so I can find that time).
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  12. Gate is expected to open at 6:00pm. Considering there has been events Monday - Thursday it has prevented access for lawn maintenance. Anyone arriving during Porche's event today or prior to the maintenance being completed PLEASE KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT ON THE PAVED SURFACE. Thank you
  13. Ahh! Wow, that must have been a shocking discovery. Glad your car survived mechanically and can still be raced without major repairs. Just add a little race tape like they do in Nascar and you'll be good to go! Might want to check the other sheliving and hanging structures in that trailer. Hope the wood isn't rotting on you. Maybe just one bad lag bolt?
  14. Even had some room in the budget for some "little" things. Actually quite little.
  15. At least some stuff was still intact. I find it really strange how some people put their life at risk and drive vehicles with soooo many broken parts. It's getting better tho. New lines and hoses so i can at least trust the ability to stop when I need to. And no, the rough edges on the cross member holes are not rust. Just the undercoating starting to separate. Surprisingly very little rust. Too bad it can't all separate completely and fall off before I bolt everything back on. It will just have to stay there for now. Next winter there will be time for stuff like that.
  16. It is not just the cost of things. Even when I pay good $$$ to reputable suppliers I get this ... It may be hard to tell in the pic but if you look closely you can see the bushing on the left, the hole is offset. Nope not an alignment helper, more like a hangover Monday by the machinist.
  17. No. More like a slo molass(es). Just my unfortunate choice of machine shops.
  18. FYI - CAPS uses degrees to measure toe, so if you are old school and still think of toe in inches do the conversion to degrees ahead of time. FWIW on a 22" tire 1/16" of toe equals 0.16 degrees or 0 degrees and 9 minutes. Hope that helps.
  19. Wow what a great event! Can we all agree to cut Saskatchewan out of Canada and stitch the AB and MB borders together? Really wish it wasn't so far, I'd be back for more.The site was fantastic, the entire 400x900 feet lot was usable with additional space behind for paddock AND grid. Since we are in Calgary the site is not 100% flat, the back was much lower and with the right site also slightly lower, this gave us really interesting camber/banking situations, going uphill or turning with the banking gave more grip and vise versa. Really fun to include that in the approach to a run. The lot Grip was much higher than St Andrews since it was CLEAN, unbroken concrete, this was also a pain since everyone's car from Winnipeg tended to understeer a lot more than at St Andrews (Although the Vette was awesome if not better at this site) The Calgary site could easily hold an SCCA national tour event with 200+ drivers if needed. From comparison sake the lot in Winnipeg we have been lusting after for years is only about 500x1000 total and doesn't have additional space for grid or paddock. The recommended Hampton Inn across from the site was a great choice based on the view alone! Saturday, Street and Mod classes (Curtis, Shaun, Tim and me) got a chance to work first and have a look at the course. Rob, Corey and Tom in the GTR killed it out on course and gave us a good idea of what was needed to do well. I came out of the gate hard and leveled off on my later runs but Tim just got better and better and pulled ahead from me on both session Saturday. We didn't have enough the catch Ryan in The Cayman or Cam in the other identical Z06 (2 of their best drivers). The morning course felt really tight with a few decreasing radius turns but still a tone of fun, (a bad sweeper is better than no sweepers IMO). We were all pretty happy to see everyone from Winnipeg made it into either the top 11 Raw or top 10 Pax, Well done everyone! Tim has the better in car video, I will let him post those. Here are my runs with the outside camera. Saturday AM (things get dicey at the end) Saturday afternoon, second set driving the course backwards. Sunday: Since our Street group ran first Sunday, I wanted to make sure I had the course down and really focused on my course walks (huge thanks to Rob for dissecting it with me). Felt like I drove well in the AM, although I had more time in it. After my runs I made the mistake of checking scoring and found myself 3rd overall in RAW time, behind Ryan and under 0.2 behind Cam in the other Z06. Since I've never finished anywhere near the top 3 in larger event like this or come close to guys of that caliber my nerves got the better of me and I had a pretty bad afternoon session, drove off line and bellow the limit, I was just barely able to hold off Tim overall for the day score so that made it sting less lol.That being said I think we need to run 2 day combined events to mimic the pressure of national events locally. Sunday AM: Sunday PM: Here's the Sunday AM course for reference (reversed for afternoon): Sorry to hear about your rack Corey, guessing it almost made it, looked fine in Brandon.
  20. Superior brake usually did mine for $40. That's what the mr2 one cost last fall. Most I've ever paid was $60 Is it a dual mass flywheel? the rear suspension looks great!
  21. The costs are mounting like one ...
  22. Here's a good hint ...
  23. Actually you're not far off both! Kinda looks like a Yugo but some people treat it like it's a Ferrari.
  24. I'll be there tomorrow evening around 8 - single car, single car trailer. We'd like to pit the two FC's side by side, if possible. Thanks, Gary
  25. Jim, is it a Yugo? Ferrari? Can't really tell.
  26. One of two broken springs I found ...
  27. Yes I did have it resurfaced. Thought it would have been cheaper. I think it was almost half way to the cost of a lightened flywheel. But this being a budget build ....
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