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  2. That looks like a great drive. If I can make it out then I would meet like Prawda. Unless I feel like doing almost 10hrs in the car that day
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  4. Is anyone considering racing "Essential service" Other then me and ^^ KMiller
  5. That looks like a fantastic route. Might as well do that one to change it up a bit. Tim, we can sneak into Ingolf.
  6. Just to be clear, not trying to piss off anyone or push the issue, only trying to get people thinking on how we can SAFELY get things rolling, that's it, plain and simple. I also understand the governments roll in all this. I am not a doctor so I have no patients. (patience). And racing is an essential service, other wise might just come unglued sitting here doing nothing. LOL And yes I sent my membership in to you guys last night.
  7. Just because some individuals are violating the public health order does not mean the WSCC will follow suit. The club will not put itself at risk of fines, penalties and bad publicity by violating the public health order. We want to spend that money in improving our facility, not paying fines. Until the public health order is lifted, this is the situation we find ourselves in and we will continue to structure our events in accordance with the provincial government's requirements.
  8. There are literally people all over the place in every province. People coming into Kenora and going to cabins and into town. Then go back to MB and work. Vice Versa, No isolation, No social distancing. Why would the decision be made to restrict the Open Track day, When all this other stuff is going on. Why complicate things further
  9. Phase 3 is, I believe, targeted for July 1. There is no mention of relaxing the out of province quarantine within phase 3.
  10. https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/soe.html This link will answer all your questions
  11. Hey Matt No volunteers needed at this time. We are keeping a strict limit to allow for more participants!
  12. David Klassen

    Open Track Weekend #1

    Quarantine Kicker Registration opens @ 12:00 PM CDT, June 5, 2020 https://wscc.motorsportreg.com/events/2020-wscc-opentrackday-1-quarantine-kicker-gimli-motorsports-park-518315
  13. Do you need volunteers ahead of the open track weekend?
  14. Is there hope or word that the Manitoba government "might be lightening" up out of province travel Mat?
  15. Frank, the Ingolf turn off is 312 just after Caddy Lake.
  16. If these load for you, this is a 4.5 hour Whiteshell cruise that runs thru Birds Hill Park and the entire Whiteshell Park. Note, the section of 301 to Falcon Lake is by far the best part, short, but still the best. https://goo.gl/maps/UmhXbaZD7bf6uhdj7 If the stars align, I would like to join in.
  17. Thanks Tim, if it wasn't for this Covid stuff I'd be throwing keys around for others to enjoy it too. Thanks I appreciate that! After not driving it for a few years it's apparent how low powered and unrefined it is compared to modern (FWD) cars but nothing modern compares to the responsiveness of inputs and eagerness to rotate.
  18. Last week
  19. I will have you guys know I went to auto x this weekend, which also uses PAX and I lost to pretty much everyone and every thing, I even lost to everyone and every thing without PAX too. Cars I lost to... a stock mazda 3 hatch, a neon, subarus, focus RS's, Bmw's and the list goes on and on. Anybody wanna tell me why I lost? I know the reason, just want to see if you guys do too.
  20. What is the best lap time for Al Marcoux in a T3 class car? Does the adjusted time match the MOD1 class?
  21. BTW Chris Magne, I was hugely impressed with your driving and your car. I used to sell cars and the first car I sold was a DOHC Neon and they were always fun on test drives but I didn't know how good they could be until I saw yours scoot around the course.
  22. Haha a Pete Special... Whenever Pete leads these spring/fall drives, he usually takes us on this route because it's fantastic. Tim, Ingolf is in ON... I don't really remember how to get there myself. If you want to lead the way after West Hawk, go for it.
  23. There are some embarrassing posts in this thread. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. We are limited to gatherings of 50 and that will not permit us to hold a competition event. Please stop speculating who will and will not be permitted to attend. I’m looking forward to our first competition event of 2020 having no provincial travel restrictions.
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