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  2. Car is sold! Thank you.
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  4. Really Joe?

    It's too heavy and has two too many doors
  5. I have to go to a wedding at 4pm that day so I'll have to turn back early, but I'll be there. Fingers crossed for good weather!
  6. Really Joe?

    I'd be all over that but alas ... too many strokes.
  7. POT LUCK!

    Thanks again to everyone who took part in the potluck! Looking forward to the 3rd annual
  8. Yes, I've been meaning to post a date. It will be on Saturday Oct 7th at noon at our usual rendezvous..Canadinns on regent and plessis at 11 am. We will head out East on dugald rd towards the whiteshell. We can stop for a snack or ice cream in brereton and decide if we want to go to Ingolf and Westhawk. Back in the city before 5 pm.
  9. Thanks to Andy for all his help - and a sample of his apple juice. All times have been uploaded to SpeedHive. Championship points have been updated - except for PTE-CCC. I need feedback on the current list of competitors on the PTE--CCC championship for accuracy. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/82738/Championships As always - comments and concerns will be addressed ASAP.
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  11. Promoting autocross

    I don't think 25k will relocate the buildings they added within 40' of the "track". The manhole issues could eat up a lot of that budget alone as would the fill necessary for the dip
  12. Really Joe?

    Ring ding ding ding... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1964-saab-96-2/
  13. 2017 Fall Drive

    Always in.
  14. WSCC Tour 10 Annual-en.JPG

    Would anyone know the year of this event or maybe have the results?
  15. Promoting autocross

    I think his point is that we might be wasting time discussing all these other ideas when the primary focus should be trying to obtain a better venue. Without a better venue, all these other great ideas might be a waste of effort. "If you build it, they will come" I do like your idea of teaming up with UE and TTi - I follow both on instagram and not once have they posted anything about autocross. Asking them to post videos/pics of autocross will help generate exposure as they both have thousands of followers. Even just the gopro videos that we already have tons of would be sufficient, although a good edit/mash-up with music would be even better. *edit* I just noticed that Anthony T is the marketing director for TTi. Anthony, start posting some autocross videos on TTi's instagram!!!! Shawn, can we use the $25k for lot improvements at St. Andrews/Gimli for RRX instead? (Assuming we get a multi-year contract to use the lot so we're not wasting our money)
  16. Last week
  17. Promoting autocross

    Last event held there was already dicey. We deemed it pointless to try others as the risks outweighed the benefits. The rrx put a new surface lot in west of the site but it is gravel. If it was paved it could have lots of potential for us to use it. The best option still is/was the sludge lot but the city of winnipeg has shut us down after setting up the police driver training site there (like we shared with at rrx prior) Every lot built as of late has poles and structures put in places that make the sites unsafe or unsuitable. If only we could get st vital or polo park mall to stay closed Sundays/weekends. On a crazy note, is there a holiday the malls are forced to stay closed? Could we not hire security on one of those few days and hold an event on such a location? Something to ponder if the owners would allow it. Manitoba holidays: (ones potentially useable listed) Good FridayVictoria DayCanada DayLabour Day
  18. Promoting autocross

    I just checked out RRX area The parking lot south east of the Downs race track is large enough for an event but needs to be resurfaced. This would be an excellent autocross lot if 1. you could get it and 2. it was resurfaced Our old race area still looks the same, large bump between the east and north ends and large man hole protruding 2 inch's up at the same transition area. Also new buildings and access roads into the area. I would deem this area as borderline dangerous do to the proximity of the buildings and confinement of the area and I would not recommend it for autocross.
  19. So you want to race on ICE?

    try this: 2017 Sup Regs (Ice) I will need to update it with the 2018 regs once they are released.
  20. So you want to race on ICE?

    The supplemental regulations link is broken, I'd like to read it please
  21. Promoting autocross

    We tried a lot of things to get people to make the drive to Fort Macleod, including special events, and even free entry for first timers. There was (and is) only one thing that seemed to work for us -- a novice school at no extra charge (no timing and no marshalling by anyone). There were a large number of people that came for the school and were never seen again, but there have been a few that have become regular attendees.
  22. POT LUCK!

    Stu Mclachlan will bring cake
  23. Promoting autocross

    Agreed. And if I had a million dollars I'd be rich. I don't, and we don't have other venue options. That's why we're having this discussion. Thanks for trying.
  24. Promoting autocross

    Nobody is going to care about special events like "team battles" and other junk if you don't get people coming out in the first place. Things like that will only cater to an established crowd of participants. The number one thing is location. Location. Location. Back when we had the Ex grounds, we'd have 70+ competitors and the sidelines would be packed with people. It was close by, word got out, and people came to both race and watch. Nobody is going to drive out to a beat up airfield at St. Andrews for something they're unsure about. All this talk of special events is just pointless garnish without a proper venue to have them at. Get a new (and good) venue sorted out first, and the people will come.
  25. Promoting autocross

    So there are a TON of great ideas in this thread. But I feel like by the time I read the 7th good idea, the first 3 have already slipped out of my memory. I suggest we have an end-of-year meeting to discuss what we want to do next year and how to accompish it. Special events (team events, double headers, etc.) are great idea, but remember they take more work to pull off. E.g. a few years ago we had 1 charitable event with sponsors and a special team battle in between run groups (over lunch). We had a dedicated person organize that event and it took a lot of her time to organize everything. Lots of prep involved with pulling it off. If we start doing special events we either need to make them adaptable to our current system (i.e. works with our software) or have somone dedicated to each event, like a Chief of Event for that one day. We can't simply ask Shawn, Matt, Josh and the others to simply do more with less and not expect them to revolt at some point! RE: Event participation vs quantity of events - Like Rjames said, it's a bit of a catch 22, but there are some fixed costs to each event. In general, fewer but larger events are better for the club's sustainability. If we had e.g. only 10-12 "points" events plus maybe 4-5 fun / T&T / intro for rookies / special events, then that might keep things more interesting. I really like the idea of the "Intro to Autoslalom" fun event, similar to our T&T where Rob/Chris/whoever is a coach available for anyone who wants, but also with some fun ridealongs in cool cars as well. It would have to be a non-points event of course. And we could try the rookie taxi thing then, too. Awesome! RE: Food vendors - a bit off topic IMO. It's not our biggest problem. If we can get more attendees, then this is no longer a problem. Fewer events with more attendance also helps in this regard. As suggested, BYO lunch isn't terrible, and we can schedule a vendor for just a few select events next year to keep the costs down until attendance picks up again. RE: Brian's video ideas - I love them. Makes me think we could design and produce our own promo video. Can we pull this off? Seems like a lot of work, but maybe not if it's a very short video (30 sec?) and with a team of volunteers to help. I've seen 8 minute videos explaining what autocross is, we don't need that. We need something flashy and cool. For example, I really like the NOTT commercial that's still on TV (the one with the R8 and Milt Stegall). For those who don't know, our very own Joe did the stunt driving for that one. It's only 30 seconds long and total car footage is maybe 10-15 sec, but the whole thing is well produced with cool music and cool car clips. We could come up with a script just by using forum discussion and then we'd need to shoot some new footage. From what I understand the video footage was all shot in 1 day. Then someone would need to post process and edit it all together. Can we maybe ask the company who did the video production if they could assist us with a promo video?
  26. Promoting autocross

    Where was this sandbox thread mentioned? did I miss something or was something deleted that would have made sense of this?
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