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  2. After COVID19 ruined our plans for a High Speed Driving Experience and Licensing School in May 2020, we are optimistically planning for a great 2021 season. Knowing how much people are looking forward to this event, we set the date for May 1st and 2nd of 2021. Expect to see some minor changes to the layout of the event, yet it will be again a highly anticipated weekend for participants and volunteers alike! Watch motorsportreg.com after New Year for the opportunity to sign up. The HPDE / Licensing School traditionally has sold out rather quickly.in the past few years - signing up early he
  3. It probably would be a good idea to either tell us what vehicles they are for, or give measurements...
  4. Excellent job!! This gets better and better every time. Thank you!
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  6. Hey! Along with previous years I'll be available to corner marshal/pit help during the race weekends. Let me know if you need any other help with setup or planning! Can't wait to get back on the ice, hope to see everyone soon
  7. Here's the latest Aficionado, enjoy! WSCC Aficionado 2020-4.pdf - Brad and Mia
  8. Hi, New Member Here. I'm potentially interested in casual Ice Racing, which would be the Hotlapping/Time Attack race, I guess. I have a couple of questions: A) I'm assuming a WSCC membership is required to take part? B ) Are helmets required for Time Attack/Hot Laps? C) Can the cars be 'Run what ya Brung'? I.E. Daily driver type vehicles? I have a high mileage Civic beater daily driver that is insured for the road. Would that be an acceptable car for this? I'm assuming this race mode is solo vehicle, in which case the potential for damage is low, and limited
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  10. As we all know, 2020 was a hugely challenging year. Due to the changing rules surrounding COVID, our volunteers and racers had no idea what to expect from week to week. In 2020, our initial meeting after group sizes were increased to 50 people occurred on a Sunday and the volunteer team committed to launching the season the next Saturday! This is unprecedented! It usually takes a month or more to plan, test and confirm all systems are good to go. The team this year did all of that preparation work in 6 days! I have no words for that other than WOW, and thank you! As the season progressed
  11. Undecided yet, but trophies will either be mailed/couriered or available for pickup at next year's events. Since 2020 was week-by-week, why should trophies be any different. Congrats to all the class victors this year! It was an odd season and you all prepared well in the face of unknown complexities.
  12. Real Penalty Client - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/real-penalty-client-app.34499/ Helicorsa - https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/helicorsa.5199/ Real Penalty Client - Tool to manage penalties, flags, and safety car Helicorsa - Radar for proximity of cars nearby
  13. @grailThanks for the explanation. Looks like it must be calculated on some kind of sliding scale. School was never one of my best subjects.
  14. I'm definitely going to have to attend more events and step up my game. Hopefully brand new tires will help... lol.
  15. Your PAX points will be based on how far back you are from the first place time. So if you are really close in 2nd, then you can receive 99 points. But if you are far off and still finish 2nd, then you can get 90 points.
  16. Sneak peak... Coming soon! RulebookQuick.pdf.docx
  17. Hi all, As the title states im looking for a working starter for a nissan 240sx. Can be either from an auto or 5 speed. Thanks
  18. I have two roll cages that I need to get rid of. Make me an offer. Gord
  19. @babyfodThanks for making the effort to revise the standings based on six events instead of eight. Congratulations to the new winners! I'm sure you'll get some complaints, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Looks like Modified was the only class unaffected. I think I understand the Class points system but have never been able to figure out the PAX points system. Looks like you get 100 points for finishing 1st in PAX and something like 94 points finishing 2nd? But after that, I'm lost as to how the points are assigned. Some of the better drivers were only getting 10 points or
  20. Thanks Matt! Wow that really shook things up. I didn’t expect to see so many leader changes
  21. Greetings all, here's an update on some of the key changes we are planning for this year's ice racing. Caged car class - due to the low number of caged cars running door to door we are proposing running a single "studded" class of cars. This class would be expected to run either Black Rocket tires or a new spec bolted tire design. So far it looks like about 7-9 cars are expected to compete in this class (with hopefully a couple more deciding to jump in as well). Hotlapping - we plan on running RTI cars and cageless cars in between the studded races similiar to how the Time Attack gr
  22. Standings have been posted with 6 event qualification.
  23. Are you still looking for seats? I have two Ractive seats available; however, I would have to measure how wide they are...I assume your 21" refer to the seating area width, not the shoulders?
  24. Has this car been sold or is it still up for sale? (Wondering for the "for sale" page in the aficionado)
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