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  2. Okay, might be a slight exaggeration. Phil showed me his in-car video (on the oval) and he might have you beat with number of turns on the wheel. You were riding in the car with him, so you probably know what I'm talking about. Actually the Civic that Phil was driving had an interesting setup with siped front tires and gripless rear tires. He said it had more oversteer than a RWD car. I think everyone had a great time and learned a lot. Darin was asking for some feedback and improvements that could be added for next year. I'm putting together my feedback and will submit shortly. Anyone thinking about going out to Lake Shirley for lapping on Feb 1st?
  3. GForce Sfi race belts made for Hans style device with narrow shoulder webbing. These belts are dated Dec 2021 so you will actually get 3 yrs from the belts $150 please pm all questions
  4. You counted 732 revolutions? You impress me everyday, sir lol!
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  6. If you are reading this, you are into motorsports. At least a little bit. Welcome, you are in the right place! Maybe you have been out to a race event at some point, even just to hang back and watch the action. In the summer, hearing the screaming engines and squealing tires, or maybe kicking up a cloud of dust. In the winter, watching the cars get sideways, fighting for traction, and throwing up massive rooster tails of snow. You have to wonder, how do people actually get into this adrenaline rush? Maybe you have a car, and maybe you are the next great racer waiting to get started. You can get through all of the proper channels and hop right into full out competition. Maybe you are already a racer, but you broke a part and you are done for the weekend, or you just want to take some time off from racing. But maybe, you just want to get a closer look at the action, and you don’t know where to start. We can help you with that too. We are officially one race weekend into the 2020 season. With the second Ice Racing weekend coming up soon, February 1st and 2nd at the Lake Shirley Ski Pond, to be exact. There are a couple of things that are always guaranteed. There will be action. There will be cars flying around a challenging track. There will be volunteers needed, and this is a major part of what keeps our club running smoothly at every event. So here is your chance to be part of our team. As a Volunteer Track Worker for the WSCC, the only major ask is that you are at least 16 years of age, and that you are willing to help out in any way needed, on any days that work best for you to join us. This is a very unique opportunity to learn about how things work behind the scenes. There are lots of important skills to pick up, and you will receive “on the spot” training for any of the tasks involved. You could be stationed on a corner of the track, learning the radio or communicating flags to the drivers. You could be working the Gate, smiling and welcoming our traffic and spectators and signing some waivers. You could be on the Grid, helping get everybody set up where they are supposed to be, based on their race group. Last but not least, this is the closest you can get to the track, without being the actual race driver. And it is absolutely free. If that doesn’t sound interesting enough, let me mention some of the perks of being a Volunteer. If you are helping us out, we will cover your lunch for the day. There are opportunities for some free time on the track in your own car, usually at the end of a race event. You could even get enough time built up that you could have your club membership paid for the next year. And you will get to meet many awesome, experienced, helpful people and race drivers as well. This is a very positive environment, and as a Volunteer, you are offered the best seats in the house for the action on the track, nobody is closer to the action than we are. If you would like to help us out, please send me your info, and I will get you started. Consider me your guy, I will help you any way I can! See you at the track! Dason Wowk Volunteer Director 204-291-7728 justaviperguy@gmail.com
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  8. Pretty cool (or should I say "cold" as in -29°C) videos! I especially like the in-car "Figure 8" video - man, were you ever working the wheel! I played it back several times and counted 732 revolutions of the steering wheel during the figure 8 maneuver. If I were riding shotgun there would've been claw marks on the dash from me holding on so tight. Meanwhile, Steve is sitting there all relaxed like as if he was back home watching TV in his recliner. Seriously though, the instructors were awesome and helped us improve our technique (or lack thereof) by pointing out how we could better manage and coordinate steering and throttle inputs. All you have to do is watch any of these instructors on the ice performing their "ballet" and realize ... it ain't easy. A big thanks to everyone that helped organize the event and volunteered.
  9. Can't thank WSCC and the volunteers enough for making this happen. Here are a couple videos and onboards: Onboard of figure 8:
  10. Very nice job! Thanks
  11. Hey Volunteers, I just want to say thank you for coming and helping out in Beausejour this past weekend. We started the season out on a cold one, but I feel like everything went really smoothly, so great job everyone! That was a really neat setup, I had never actually been out there before this event. We get back to normal at the next event without all the nice heated facilities, but it will be a lot of excitement as always. I will post up again before the next one, just to help everyone stay up to date on information. And as a quick heads up, I will be looking for more volunteers next time around as there will be more stations to be filled. If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to reply, and I will throw my phone number at the bottom if you would rather text me. Thanks again for donating your time! See you on the ice, Dason Wowk Volunteer Director 204-291-7728
  12. Great job Mia, Brad and all the contributors! Thank you for collecting together the 2020 information and all the great stories. Well done!
  13. Here is our first Aficionado for the the new decade! Thank you Mia for pulling this all together! If you have story ideas, pictures or comments please send them our way so we can keep making it better. Aficionado 2020 1.pdf
  14. What great day we had yesterday in Beausejour! Thank you Darin and Mat, all the instructors and volunteers that came out on a cold day so we could have some fun on the ice (and learn few things too)! The venue was great with the figure-8, slalom course and of course the big wide oval (which I needed most of to get around the corners). I now have a much greater appreciation for the skill the ice racers have as they blast around a course at full speed. Thanks again and good luck to all the ice racer this season! Brad
  15. Pure gold! For those with a keen eye, you will notice the white lines painted across turn 9 - those are drag racing staging lanes from when the drag strip was at the south end of the runway and the kart track was at the North end....I raced on that many moons ago... thanks for getting that film converted! matt
  16. With big thanks to Wayne S. Both videos are now on YouTube. 1982 Canadian Road Race of Champions, Gimli Motorsport Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8zkE9LBlZk Or you can skip directly to the Full grid .mFormula Ford Race with this link.: https://youtu.be/O8zkE9LBlZk?t=1038 1982 National Autoslalom Day https://youtu.be/AEjhdKst8bM
  17. Multiple Championship winning Rubber to Ice car, including the last 3 seasons in a row. Low mileage JDM D16A6 engine, welded diff, caged with FIA bar. Ready to win another championship! Comes with a bunch of hand cut tires including last years set that will do another season competitively. Maintained and stored by Al Marcoux. $2000, no seat. Call Damon @ 204-471-4495 or email damon@nomaddigital.ca
  18. I’ll make you a crazy deal if you want to see it through. Otherwise supply me with room to store it, and I’ll hang onto it.
  19. From the George Chapman collection (Competition Press & Autoweek, Oct. 29/66)
  20. From the George Chapman collection (Competition Press & Autoweek, Oct. 22/66)
  21. From the George Chapman collection (Competition Press & Autoweek, Oct. 22/66)
  22. From the George Chapman collection (Competition Press & Autoweek, Sep. 24/66)
  23. From the George Chapman collection (Competition Press & Autoweek, Aug. 20/66)
  24. From the George Chapman collection
  25. Definitely programmed, but still impressive. Need to walk before you run. The future is coming... I'm torn as a lover of both driving and technology. The stability control in my race car is a throttle cable and manual steering. Works pretty well!
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