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  2. Peter, I didn't do anything to help with this, you did it by yourself, well done. I am preparing a set of loose instructions on how to setup rFactor. It is an older game but the Gimli track rendition is awesome. I wish we could move this track to a newer platform, though for now rFactor is the only way to race at Gimli in a realistic way, and also for people who don't have computers fast enough to run newer games. We will most likely move to a more recent game once the Gimli track is ported over. To keep it simple for now, the rFactor server will only run the Gimli in one type of car (will most likely be an EF Honda Civic).
  3. I've setup a Discord server for text/voice chat. Below is the invite link. https://discord.gg/SbbzHFa
  4. So with help from JS, I have a rFactor 1 dedicated server running on Amazon AWS with the Gimli track. Unfortunately with rF1, everyone has to have the same identical car/track files for it to work properly. Server: WSCC rF1 Server Password: wscc
  5. That's a bit on the slow side. At minimum, you would need something like this. https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX80586
  6. I've enabled auto clutch. Let me know if you guys want to try a different track also.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SOryJvTAGs
  8. I was running without the clutch today and it seemed to work ok? I was paddle shifting mind you.
  9. any chance we can get assists unlocked? Im playing on a poverty setup with no clutch pedal and the auto clutch setting is locked
  10. Nvidia GeForce gt 320. Version 342.01 I'm hoping to use a 4K monitor. Probably not gonna work right.
  11. Played ac for the first time online today. Man, do i wish it had voice chat. Leaves alot to be desired and kinda gets lonely. Currently downloading iracing again to get back on that train
  12. Specs look good. Do you know what type of video card you have?
  13. Ok thanks for trying. I just dug up an old PC and I’ll try to get it up and running with my wheel. Would this system work for AC? Running Windows 10 Home. version 1703 Intel R core TM i7 CPU. 860 @2.80 GHz RAM 8.00 GB 64 bit operating system
  14. Ok, sounds like it'll only work for PC gamers then, which is unfortunate.
  15. I just looked for it on the server and it wasn’t there. Sunday 7:30 PM.
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  17. Thanks! I had it out for the final event last Fall, during that wicked storm and hard rain for two days. Ran awesome, and I was totally blown away that even the fridge worked, luckily that's where I put the whiskey anyway!! Only found a couple little quirks I need to take care of. But heck, half a tank of gas from La Salle to Gimli and back...that's better than the car I usually take! haha
  18. So there’s been people coming in and out of the Assetto Corsa server Peter setup, its been working great, but everybody has been on PCs. From what Spencer and Peter are saying it’s impossible to have both PCs and gaming consoles in the same server on Assetto Corsa. It kind of sucks as the idea was to use Assetto Corsa as a platform to get more people together.
  19. That is one sweet Toyotahome. Looks friggen minty. Not sure if you've used it yet, I bet you will have much more fun than you thought you would. That is a cool unit and much better then sleeping on the ground, especially when it is raining. Don't change the interior at all, it will come back in style in about 20 years. I love it.
  20. The BB sequence is a pretty common thing, real life racing or sim racing. I installed Asseto Corsa a couple of nights ago, I had only been on iRacing and rFactor up until now. AC has a better tire model and force feedback in my opinion than iRacing. The issue with iRacing is the cost, and also that some people are console only. I've got Discord voice enabled for the WSCC group.
  21. Okay, thank you. I'm not as use to the way these settings are set up. Iracing is where I go more. Also, I seen the message in game about voice chat in discord. I haven't seen like yet but is there one somewhere? FOUND IT
  22. We should really consider IRacing over Assetto Corsa. AC's driving mech is no where near as advanced as Iracing. I race both and AC is just cancer when comparing the two. Also, I think having a discord server would be very good so that we can have real time convos and if needed questions answered. I can help with the server no problem as I have my own right now. I also have oodles amount of time to iron out or help with that stuff. Would love to chat about what game to use.
  23. I'm all stock for now, the tire pressure seems ballpark. I adjust the brake bias though thorough the session. Start with the stock BB (which is 72% it seems) when the tires are cold, that'll give you confidence and stability while the tires warm up, move 2% to the rear once they're warm, to help with trail braking and turning in the car, and move back to the front as the rear tires wear. Or just go get another set of tires once the rears start to go.
  24. Have you found out best set-up settings for the car? Like tire pressure, what type. Gearing. ETC.. I also can't lock up the brakes. There is no abs on but the brake bias is off. Any idea?
  25. It's a little on the strict side at the moment for cutting the track. I can possibly look at easing off.
  26. I'm having issues with the game not counting lap times for having half the car to off track. Keeps saying "CUT DETECTED, LAP TIME WILL NOT COUNT" Anyone know if this is just AC programing?
  27. Just signed onto the server to check it out, here's a video on how to access it if anyone had questions. All under the "Drive" section on the left, press "online" at the top, search "Wscc" in the search bar, enter password "wscc" just under the map picture, select car, press "join".
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